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A concise tutorial on Git merge conflict Resolution

A concise tutorial on Git merge conflict Resolution Directory 1. Overview 1 2. Start –beyond Compare 1 from the Git Difftool Mergetool tool 2.1. Download and install beyond Compare 1 2.2. Create a startup beyond Compare script 1 2.2.1. Creating

How to merge the code from the GIT code library into your own git/GitHub learning notes to summarize your common git commands

GitHub for Windows usageArticleIt is good to take us to get started with GitHub and a gitshell. This tool can run all the commands of GitHub to do more things, for example, how to merge git is a task we want to complete today?CodeCode from the library to your own library. Windows powershellCopyright (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C: \ Users \ geffzhang \ Documents \ GitHub \ shar

Git merge considerations-If merge fails, it will lead to incomplete merge

When git merge is running, you must check the final output information. If the output information is a merge failure, it is best to check where the merge fails. Then (note that there is a last point): Git reset head. Git checkout

[git] git merge conflict resolution

Overview When using Git for source code maintenance, it is often possible to view the differences before each code version, such as Git diff before committing the change to see the source file code relative to the corresponding version or remote repository changes. If there is a conflict, you need to merge the changed code into the specified version (for example,

GIT Branch Management: Create and Merge branches, resolve merge conflicts

does not affect the work of others.Other version control systems such as SVN have branch management, but after use you will find that these version control system creation and switching branches than the snail is still slow, it is unbearable, the results branch function became a device, we do not use.But git's branches are different, and git can do it in 1 seconds, whether it's creating, switching, or deleting branches! Whether your repository is 1 f

Git adventures (5): branch and merge in Git (1)

BKJIA Editor's note: this is the fifth article in the "Git Adventures" series. The translator LIU Hui translates Git Community Book to explain the branches and mergers in Git and how to deal with conflicts. If you do not know about Git, see Git adventures (1):

git use manual/git Tutorial: Retrieve deleted version code/git Reflog and git log difference/Cancel registers file's staging __ Retrieve the deleted version code

: Git status View changes to files in the local workspace, registers For the use of Git diff and git add commands, please refer to the article: Git Usage manual: Git diff, git Add, git

Chat git merge and git rebase the difference

ObjectiveI believe most of the friends who use Git will meet the same question, and also search for a lot of information from the Internet. So, why do I have to write this article? Because I want to try to explain the problem from their own perspective, if you can give everyone a flash of inspiration, it is good. Estimated points in the friends also have a certain understanding of the merge and rebase, so I

git merge & git rebase

git merge and git rebase two are used to merge two branches, and in the process of use, these two concepts are easy to confuse.Here, the usage of these two git tricks is described in detail, hoping to help some git-loving friends.

Git Step by step– (8) git merge and rebase

As mentioned in the previous article, "Git pull" is equivalent to "git fetch" plus "git merge", and then mentions the pull command to support rebase mode, this article describes the difference between merge and rebase.Since we mainly want to see the difference between

Git pull gets the image of the remote repository and refreshes and merges the local data git fetch+get merge

Summary: When you use GIT for project development, you need to communicate with the remote server. One of the most frequently used places is getting stored objects from a remote repository. We know that git pull equals the result of git fetch and git merge. So where is the o

Git use-conflict resolution one (git merge conflict)

Git conflicts occur with multi-user collaboration, and in some cases git can automatically merge intelligently, but sometimes users need to merge manually. (This article links: one. Git Smart Auto Merge1. Multi-member

Git merge Merge Branch

Git merge is used for branching and merging content from other branches into the current branch. For example, the branching structure is as follows: Master /c0----C1----C2----C4 C3----C5 issuefixCurrent Branch is master$

Git merge's recursive strategy and Merge-base

There are 3 combinations of git strategies, one is Resovle, one is recursive, and the other is octopus. Where resolve and recursive apply to merging 2 Branch,octopus for merging 3 or more than 3 branch. For these 3 strategies, it is necessary to involve merge-base commit,ours commit and theirs commit, which is 3-way mege.3-way MergeAs shown, if you want to merge

How does GIT merge files from another remote Git repository to a specified subfolder in the local repository without losing remote commit records?

managementOther items if you want to change the generic file you must switch to the branch and then generate and then switch back to add a new DLL (to ensure common project file consistency) Incorporate projects from your mobile solution into your PC solution and then maintain them with the new branch mobile Problem 1 has been resolved, when I was inThis problem is encountered when merging mobile solution projects into a PC solution:How does GIT

The difference between git rebase and git merge

Original link: merge is used to merge two branches.# merge the B branches into the current branchgit merge Bgit cherry-pick can choose one or several

git merge Merge branch resolves conflicts

Question: # git Merge master//merge Master branch into current branch Auto-merging Src/caffe/test/test_eltwise_layer.cpp Auto-merging SRC/CAFFE/LAYERS/ELTWISE_LAYER.CU Auto-merging Src/caffe/layers/eltwise_layer.cpp Auto-merging docs/ CONFLICT (content): Merge CONFLICT in Docs/ Auto-merging docs/_layout

Convert subversion to git and merge git repositories

The company decided to switch to github, so the problem today is to merge the two subversion repositories into a github repository. Subversion is easy to convert to git. the svn2git script is recommended for github. On the official website, I wrote a detailed installation method as follows: $ sudo... the company decided to switch to github. so the problem today is to me

Git repository Merge (Add a new repository to the original git repository)

I often write essays. It is very convenient to participate in version control. Sometimes, due to various reasons (such as network failure), I cannot clone them to the local machine, and I want to write new essays, there will be a lot of submission history in the write process. When I merge it into the casual folder, I also want to submit the history. Now we can simulate this scenario: 1. Create the essays folder and add; 2. Create the TM

Use Git-am to merge a series of patches generated by git format-patch.

Git-Am, you must first use git am-Abort once to discard the previous am information so that you can perform a new AM.Otherwise, you will encounter such an error..git/rebase-apply still exists but mbox given.Git-am can merge a file at a time, all the patches in a directory, or patches in your mailbox directory.The foll

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