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Git usage notes-transferred from Liao's predecessor's website

-------git installation-------1.linux Installing Gitsudo apt-get install git older: sudo apt-get install Git-core 2.maxOS Installing GitBrew Install Git Installing GitMsysgit is a Windows version of Git, downloaded from

Centos: the error message "Permission denied publickey" is displayed during git clone. centospublickey

Centos: the error message "Permission denied publickey" is displayed during git clone. centospublickey Problem: Initialized empty Git repository in/data1/mouxuan/fastsocket-private/. git/Permission denied (publickey ).Fatal: The remote end hung up

Installation and use of Git under Linux (GO)

Transferred from: feels good to be using GitHub recently. Under Windows, you can use the Windows Client ( provided by GitHub. Very stupid, very convenient.

git installation, use tutorials, problems encountered, and basic common command collection

In the last few days after installing Git but encountered many problems after a lot of search, found a few really practical ways to share here: 1.Git Use Tutorial A little more, see this link: git using tutorials and basic common commands 2. The

Git push is reported permission denied (PublicKey) error resolution

Today dizzy for a long time, got a git project to GitHub, thought is very simple, because before also got, that know to make the most of the day are not good, has been reported the following errorD:\javawork\ee-0.0.1-snapshot>git Push-u Origin

Install git server on centos

1. Yum install lrzsz wget git 2. Install gitosis: gitosis is a git user permission management system. It manages user permissions by managing the/home/git/. Ssh/authorized_key file on the server. It is a python module package. # Yum install

Create a git server "go" on Linux

Transferred from: you have fewer people using git, you can use the following steps to quickly deploy a GIT server environment.1. The client generates an SSH public key for server-side

Common git operations and common errors

Original link: If you enter Git remote add Origin (GitHub account name)/gitdemo (project name). Git Tip error Message: Fatal:remote origin already exists. The

Permission denied (PublicKey) appears under Windows GitHub. Workaround

Today in the study of GitHub encountered some problems, and then climbed for a while, found a solution to record, in case forget, of course, can help others the best!GitHub Textbook Portal:

How to configure the git server + tortisegit client using copssh in Windows (XP)

How to configure the git server + tortisegit client using copssh in Windows (XP) (Note that you cannot use the puttygen function to save the public key. You must manually copy the public key. Otherwise, the public key cannot be connected)(Note that

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