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[Dry Goods sharing]git simple understanding and basic Operation command

The front-end small white one, recently started using Git, so spent 2 days to see the Liaoche git tutorial (partial practice, for learning git basic operation is very helpful OH), also look at "Git version control" This book (partial theory, the

Recommend a smart Shell:oh-my-zsh

GitHub Address: Https:// for Linux and Mac.Install command: sh-c "$ (Curl-fssl"or Sh-c "$ (wget https://raw.githubusercontent.

Common git commands

Common git commands 1. Basic commandsGit branch view local branchesGit branch-r view remote branchGit checkout xxx switch BranchGit pull origin master // synchronize from remote to local, master or branch nameGit pull origin xxxGit checkout-B xxx:

Svn,git comparison and Common command on the article

Before customizing ROM, need to download Android source code, modify system application. Android source management use Repo+git, download fast scary. (direct download, the wall is of course slow, please ignore this factor). Feel git is better for

GitHub Detailed Tutorials

Tutorial Source: the 1.4~1.5 section of the tutorial, the commands are interspersed with other code, which is handy for later viewing. The rest of the original tutorial has been described in very clear

Java Experiment Three

Lab ReportStudy No.: 20135324Name: Yang ShuwenInstructor: Lou Jia PengExperiment Name: Java Agile Development and XP implementation (the picture shown in the code is for me to personally manipulate the experimental code)Experimental content :1. XP

Step-by-step tutorial on how to open your own project to GitHub, Mac machine sample

If you have a good project and want to share it with you, GitHub will be the right choice for you. How can you upload your project to GitHub? Next step, follow along.Resources to prepare:1. A Mac Machine2. Install the GIT client (:

Java Third Experiment

Experimental content 1. XP Foundation 2. XP Core Practice 3. Related toolsExperimental steps (i) Agile Development and XPSoftware engineering covers the following areas: Software requirements analysis, software design, software construction,

History of the most detailed version of Windows Build installation react native environment configuration reprint, than the official website of the pro-test available

The most detailed Windows version ever installed react native environment configuration2016/01/29 | React Native Technical Articles | Sky, Clear | 95 Reviews | 33530 viewsEditor's recommendation: Rare earth nuggets is a high-quality

How to patch the Linux kernel and download __linux for a specific version of the kernel

How to patch the Linux kernel -------------------- Author: Jesper juhl,2005 year August Date Last updated: 2006-01-05 Translator: Jeffshia, August 2006 Email: One of the frequently asked questions in the Linux kernel mailing list

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