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Use Heroku to create an app times wrong Heroku does not appear to be a git repository

When creating a Python app with the official tutorial on Heroku, this deploy-the-app error is reported when uploading the code to the Heroku git repository:A search on the Internet, the relevant answer incredibly few, the first page only appeared an article (fortunately this article inside the method to solve this problem), the method mentioned below:Execute firs

Git push Origin Master fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to being a git repository fatal:could not read

Push in Xcode hasn't reacted in a long time, and then it stopped. Son, I tried push in the terminal, and there was an error: Git push Origin Master Fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to be a git repository Fatal:could not read fro

Local git repository and remote repository creation and correlation and GitHub upload (git push) error:src Refspec master does not match any solution

, Git will associate the local master branch with the remote Master branch, and we will push no longer need to add parameters to our operations -u .If one day we have modified the mian.m fileModify the index file We can usegit statusView status Adding files to the

Git push origin master error, workaround

Today, an error occurred while using git to push local code to the remote server: whl@whl-desktop:/work2/recvdsrc$ git push Origin master ' s password:counting objects:44, done. Compressing objects:100% (24/24), done. Writing objects:100% (25/25), 13.10 KiB, d

Git push-u origin Master upload error issue

============================================Follow Liu Cofeng tutorial beginner git found a very strange problem, the back of the original found to be so, a little tease.============================================Http:// 0013752340242354807e192f02a44359908df8a5643103a000#0 step is an error.

Git push-u Origin master error

Error item: [Root@tyzz shell]# Git push-u Origin master Error:the requested URL returned error:403 Forbidden while accessing HT Tps:// Solution: Vim. Git/config will [remote "origin"] URL = Fet

Git with git push appears failed to push some refs to git ... The workaround

Error message:[Email protected]/k/cocos2d/yc (master)$ Git push-u Origin Masterto [email protected]:yangchao0718/cocos2d.git! [Rejected] master, master (Non-fast-forward)Error:failed to push some refs to ' [email protected]:yangch

Git's initial use & amp; Git common command query & amp; Git push & amp; Git pull

.) 1. Installation: $ sudo apt-get install git $ sudo apt-get install gitk # This is the official graphic interface for installation, do not install unnecessary. 2. Run cd to the Code to be managed, the first-level directory where the file is located. 3. initialize: $ git init 4. Add all content in the current directory: $ git add. 5. view the statu

[Git] [Resolved] When using Msysgit/git/tortoisegit on a Windows system to access the repository of the GIT protocol. Git push will get stuck and not respond.

Found in accordance with the git push stuck to Google, can search a lot of previous peer sent blog has mentioned, but seemingly no solution. This problem has been solved in the latest version of Msysgit, hoping the solution will spread out. Let more programs ape classmates see.=====================Ah ah ah, studied for two days, finally found solution. Go to the shouts for a while=====================The pr

Intellij idea using Git@osc to push local code to GIT

1. Install Git for Windows First install git for Windows recommended this: you can right-click a git command-line window with the corresponding path in any directory--git bash and start up faster settings--version Control--git--path to

Git push: Three modes of push local change to remote warehouse

Absrtact: As the No-fast-forward push is rejected during git push, how to solve the problem of git push failure. There are three ways to form the submission history of the merge form, the linear form of submission history, covering the original submission history. This arti

Five steps to master the basic development and usage commands of Git, and five steps to master git commands

Five steps to master the basic development and usage commands of Git, and five steps to master git commandsStep 1: set global variables: git config --global ""git config --global ""Ste

Create a remote git repository within the LAN and push the local warehouse push to the remote repository

Windows, such as d:/code/, the server SSH user is Admin,ip, then the command is git remote add Origin ssh://admin@ :/code/) If you are prompted to indicate that Origin already exists, that is, "fatal:remote origin already exists", use the GIT Remote RM Origin command to delete origin, delete and re-execute git remote add Origin to ass

How to solve the problem that occurs during git ==== push. Error: failed to push some refs

When we use git to push the file to the repository, the following problem occurs: ! [Rejected] Master-> master (fetch first)Error: failed to push some refs to '[email protected]: yaogengzhu/ajax. Git'Hint: updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you doHin

(turn) about git warehouse initialization and GIT push action

Git initialization 2010-08-26 16:53 **********************************************************Install a remote repository for git 2010-05-28 Linux View Comments Need to push code to a remote repository Initializing an empty warehouse on a remote server Mkdir/home/git/myapp.git Cd/home/

Git add, view, extract, push, delete remote repository (GitHub) tutorial, gitgithub

. md # Add the file $ git commit-m "to add README. md file "# submit and remarks [master (root-commit) 0205aab] add README. md file 1 file changed, 1 insertion (+) create mode 100644 README. md # submit to Github $ git remote add origin tianqixin/runoob-git-t

[Git] Git's origin and master analysis

cannot change its data locally. At the same time,Git builds a local master branch of your own , which points to a copy you've just uploaded from remote to your local server. As you continue to change files,git add, git commit,Master 's point will automatically move, you c

Git project cooperation (Remote pull push) Learning

: [root@li96-10 blog.git]# cd ..[root@li96-10 repository]# mkdir test.git[root@li96-10 repository]# cd test.git/[root@li96-10 test.git]# echo "some content" >> file[root@li96-10 test.git]# git add file fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git[root@li96-10 test.git]# git initInitialized empty

Git learning Notes (4)--Add remote repositories, clone remote libraries, and library push

command under the local learngit repository , as prompted by GitHub:git remote add origin [email protected]:michaelliao/learngit.git// [email Protected]:michaelliao/ is replaced with a copy of SSH, where the name of the remote library is the Origin // push local content to the remote repositorygit push-u Origin master //is actually pushing the curr

Git learning notes Create a warehouse in GitHub and push the local warehouse to the remote library

origin is known as the remote repository. "Push to Remote library" Pushing the contents of the local library to the remote, using the git push command, is actually pushing the current branch master to the remote. Since the remote library is empty, when we first push the

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