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Git's learning Notes (i)--initial knowledge of git and repository management

" Downloads ", select" Command line Tools "and click" Install "to complete the installation. 3. Installation under Window platform When you want to use a lot of Linux/unix tools under Windows, you need to cygwin such a simulation environment, GIT is the same. Cygwin installation and configuration are more complex, I also have a wooden configuration. The use of c

Git Study Notes <remote repository and tag Management> (4)

What is a remote repository? As described in chapter 1, remote warehouses can store all source code and resource files you have written. It can even be used as a network disk, but of course there are many features that fit the GIT management text. The following describes how to use GitHub as an example remote repository

Version management tools git usage Summary

: Mkdir-p git_test/Initializing the directory: Git init git_testAdd file to local repository: git add hello.cSubmit file to local repository: Git commit-m "This is a git test file"View warehouse status:

Project management tools in git

result, we can see three working areas for file transfer during git Project Management: git working directory, temporary storage area, and local repository. The basic Git workflow is as follows: Modify some files in the working directory. Take a snapshot of the modifie

Git local project uploads, version management tools and GitHub's simple combination

, we'll pull it from git. Git pull Origin Master This process may allow you to enter GitHub's account name and password (note: Password input is not displayed), the following will appear when the input is completedThis is the VI compiler window, do not need us to do the operation, the direct exit can be,Click ESC, type: WQ, enter6. Push local project to remote

Basic methods of using GIT distributed version management tools

file multiple times and making add and commit operations, you can view the change history through git log.Git log shows all logged operations that commit to a git repositorygit log--pretty=oneline Each modification is displayed as a lineWith git log, you can view all the versions that were submitted in the past, so you can specify a fallback version based on thi

Git local Repository (Repository) Details

configuration details Git and GitHub Summary Note: In this tutorial, you can only use Git to work. As for Git, if you want to learn more about Git or want to become an expert in the Git field, I would like to say that this is just a start-up. Also, I would like to say tha

Homebrew New generation OS X Suite management tools to quickly install Git

Installing some open source programs on your Mac, in addition to downloading and compiling it yourself (./configure make make install), the most convenient option is to use suite management tools to handle installation, upgrade, and removal.Before Homebrew, the most common is macports and Fink, for MacPorts, it has a nasty feature is that it does not rely on the system has been installed in the package, c

Git Step by step– (6) Git remote repository

use a git diff-generated patch to be accepted by another version control system. Patch Merge Tip: for "git diff" patches, you can use Git apply--check to see if patches can be applied cleanly and smoothly to the current branch, and if "git format-patch" generates patches that don't hit the current branch,

Local git repository and remote repository creation and correlation and GitHub upload (git push) error:src Refspec master does not match any solution

GitHub Upload Project Method:Install Git on your computerGit Bash HereThe general process for creating and correlating local git repositories and remote repositories is:1. Initialize this local folder as a Git manageable repositoryGit initNote: Git will automatically create a unique branch for US masterWe can find a di

How does GIT merge files from another remote Git repository to a specified subfolder in the local repository without losing remote commit records?

Issue background:recently in the reorganization of the hands of a project, currently the project is divided into PC projects, mobile projects, a third-party interface projects, third-party interface services projects and mobile projectsbecause of the previous planning reasons, the original four projects are managed by two solutionsPC Solutions:#PC解决方案, 2015 total three projects migrated from VSS to git #f:\www\\wwwflight.slnflight.suoweb #PC项目Qr

Git usage instructions for project management tools

1. Download the GIT client tool, Installation MsysgitNextAgree to the GNU agreementSelect Installation LocationSelect TrueType Front, NextDo not create a startup folderDefault Git Bash, it's ready.Select the default checkout StyleThe installation is complete.3. Configure local GitAfter installing the Msysgit, you can start to configure the development environment, create a new fo

Using GIT version management tools

git Add commit fileGit commit-m "Submit explanation"Git push origin master commits to the main branch2. Generate Ssh-key and add Ssh-keySsh-keygen-t rsa-c "[Email protected]"Ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsaGitHub and Git tool bindingsssh-t [email protected]3. Set to avoid submitting input user name and passwordThe. SSH sibling directory generates touch.

[Git] [Resolved] When using Msysgit/git/tortoisegit on a Windows system to access the repository of the GIT protocol. Git push will get stuck and not respond.

objects:20, done.Compressing objects:100% (12/12), done.Writing objects:100% (18/18)The card is not moving, and the change is not in the push .... Can't get in ... Not going to ... To...I thought it was the wrong way to open, various retries, retry, retry, change posture, try again ... The result, Google Bar (by the way despise Baidu, Mao also can't search out), turn over the internet finally wait until you ~ Fortunately I did not give up.Windows git

"Git" (1)---workspace, staging area, repository, remote repository

Workspaces, staging area, repository, remote repositoriesfirst, the concept1, four working areasGit has four workspaces locally: working directory (working directory), staging area (Stage/index), repository (repository or Git Directory), and git

Create a Git repository under the Windows git Bash command line and update it to github, gitgithub

Create a Git repository under the Windows git Bash command line and update it to github, gitgithub When I was in my sophomore year, I heard the teacher say that there was a version management tool called git. At that time, I only listened to the teacher and didn't use it be

How to use Git (vii) remote repository

Previous operations We just took git as a repository, a local version management, which is overkill for Git. Git as a distributed version control system, distribution is its characteristics, how to distribute it. Must have a machine to act as the original

Git push Origin Master fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to being a git repository fatal:could not read

the project is built, you will see this information in the right sidebar stating that the source Control is enabled If you are not using source Control, this is the case: Now that we have the source control enabled in the project, we can use Git to manage the engineering version. But what if we want to add GIT functionality to a project that does not have git

Build Gitolite on Linux servers to implement permissions control on Git server's repository

Tags: building gitoliteFirst, the environment introduction:1.1Git Account Management Machine Manageip:[[emailprotected] ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS release 6.7 (Final)[[emailprotected] ~]# hostnamemanage[[emailprotected] ~]# tail -2 /etc/hosts10.0.0.56 manage10.0.0.11 git-server1.2.git Remote Repository

Git remote repository details

library of each client will be the same. Therefore, a Git server is required for developers. In this way, other people can clone a copy from the Git server to their own computer, or submit their own code to the version library of the remote server, you can also pull Code submitted by others. Is it convenient? Hey, hey! Some bloggers will say that we have no more computers to build

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