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git authoritative guide (note)

git authoritative guideJump to: Navigation, search Directory 1 initial knowledge of Git 2 git installation 3 git initialization 4 git staging Area (stage) 5 git objects 6 git reset 7 git

Git common command set quick check table

You're free to collect some git commands from the Web, sort it out.1. Common git commands Command Brief Description Special Notes git add Add to Staging Area Git add–interactive

Git Command Quick Check table

Git Command Quick check table1. Common git commands Command Brief description git add Add to Staging Area Git add–interactive Interactive add git apply Apply Patches

The basic operation of git from VSS to SVN to git

Source code control has been an important part of the software development process, from the original pure file backup to the use of tools for management. The Source Code control tool does more than simply manage the same version. From the current

Use of Git

Prompt>Git initInitialized empty git repository in/path/to/repo/. Git/Prompt>... Create file (s) for first commit...Prompt>Git addPrompt>Git commit-m'initial import'Created initial commit bdebe5c: initial import. 1 files changed, 1 insertions (+), 0

Git basic commands

Git A beginner 's Notebook -  Instruction Operation TeachingGit is a decentralized version control system, from the frame, easy to operate, set, this article is mainly to organize basic operations, remote operation and so on.Note: The range of Git

Common git usage

Address: Like SVN and CVS, git is a source code management system. Different from the latter two, it not only supports centralized management, but also works in a distributed manner, that is, all

Git Primary Basics

A. Getting Started with GitI started using git six months ago, and I've been working with SVN and CVS. Git commands are many and seem complicated, but it's enough to learn a few simple things at the very beginning. I believe that many people have

2015 28th Saturday svn and Git

SVN is an excellent source version of the management tool that can fit most projects. However, because of its centralized management, there is an unavoidable problem of local code backup and versioning. This means that for local code that has not

Git version control and GitHub use

Git is an open source distributed version control system for managing projects in an agile and efficient manner. The biggest feature of Svn,git is distributed, where everyone has a cloned repository, so committing code, viewing logs, creating

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