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Create a Git repository under the Windows git Bash command line and update it to github, gitgithub

Create a Git repository under the Windows git Bash command line and update it to github, gitgithub When I was in my sophomore year, I heard the teacher say that there was a version management tool called git. At that time, I only listened to the teacher and didn't use it be

GIT Branch Update Code command

Step one: view state git statusStep two: Add all git adds--allStep Three: Check the status of Git againFourth step: Commit git commit-m ' notes 'Fifth step: Pull the Repository code git pulls to view the status of Git statusSixth

Update project from GitHub remote warehouse using Git command __git

If other developers have modified the code for the GitHub project, and I'm going to continue to develop on their hunger basis, how do I sync the GitHub code, and notice that it's not a time to git init again. Create a new warehouse on this machine. In fact at this time the code warehouse and remote server has maintained a connection, we just have to pull the code down on it. This will continue to be demonstrated on the basis of my previous blog, "Usi

Git command for obtaining and creating projects, git command for obtaining Projects

made after the last update commit or the changes you made to the write cache, while git diff displays the changes one by one. Next, let's check the execution result of git diff -- cached: D:\test>git add hello.cppD:\test>git status -sA READMEA hello.cppD:\test>

Git's initial use & amp; Git common command query & amp; Git push & amp; Git pull

Git's first use Git common command query Git push Git pull before introducing installation and simple use, let's take a look at The introduction in Baidu Encyclopedia: ---------------------------------- Git --- The stupid content tracker, dummies content tracker. In Linux

Git common command set quick check table

Brief Description Special Notes Git commit-tree Create a submission from a tree object Git hash-object Computes a hash value or creates an object from a standard input or file Git ls-files Show workspaces and staging area files

Git Command Quick Check table

and staging area files git ls-tree display a file containing a tree object git mktag Read standard input Create a milestone object git mktree Read standard input Create a tree object git read-tree Read tree

GIT command usage notes, git command notes

GIT command usage notes, git command notes Git init Initialization Git add Add to temporary storage Zone . Add all / Add folder

Use of GIT command line, use of GIT command line

Use of GIT command line, use of GIT command line If you know something wrong, give me some advice. First, I want to know what GIT is. GIT is an open-source distributed version control tool. Among all the distributed version contro

Git client command summary under Linux

If not specified, ' $ ' means execution under the Linux terminal command lineOne. Install gitLinux Fedora Series installation command: $ sudo yum install gitLinux Debian Series installation command: $ sudo apt-get install gitTwo. Configure GitAssuming you have Git installed at this point, you'll configure

Git basic command line operations

remote host. $ Git remote rename Iii. Git fetch Once the version library of the remote host has been updated (git is called commit), you need to retrieve these updates locally and then use the git fetch Command. $ Git fetch

GIT update remote repository code to local method git fetch

Convenient for future reference. Thank the original blogger for sharing. When we develop a project on more than one computer, we need to constantly modify the submission and update the latest remote code on another computer, see how to get updates from the remote code warehouse to the local, summed up the article on the Internet, using the following way is relatively simple. Viewing remote branches Use the following

git command practice, git command _php tutorial

git command practice, git commands One, the order git checkout-b branch name//Create branch and switch to that branch Git checkout branch name//switch to this branch Git merge branch name//merge branch into current branch

Git command practice, git command

Git command practice, git command I. Commands Git checkout-B branch name // create a branch and switch to the Branch Git checkout branch name // switch to this branch Git merge branch n

"Reprint" Git common Command collation

Git Common Command CollationBlog Category: Ubuntu/mac/github/aptana/nginx/shell/linux Initializing configuration C code #配置使用git仓库的人员姓名 git config--global "Your name Comes here" #配置使用git仓库的人员email git

git command Daquan (full version)

[name] -m [message] # 创建带注释的tagGit submodule (submodule) Related Operations commands$ git submodule add [url] [path] # 添加子模块$ git submodule init # 初始化子模块,只在首次检出仓库时运行一次就行$ git submodule update # 更新子模块 每次更新或切换分支后都需要运行一下删除子模块:分4步1) $

Git Common Command Collation

remote repository update and merge to local Git pull--no-ff # Crawl all branches of remote repository update and merge to local, do not fast-forward merge Git fetch origin # crawl Remote repository update git merge Origin/m

Git command usage experience and git usage experience

Git command usage experience and git usage experience I recently learned about git commands to operate on the database and found that although there are not many git commands (of course not few), they are very powerful in combination, more importantly, many commands have di

Git-series git command learning

of each other. When we create a warehouse, we create a master branch by default, and we can do it on other branches To be developed and then merged into one branch after completion. First we can create a branch feature git checkout-b feature And then we'll cut back to the main branch git checkout Master Then remove the new branch from Git branch-d feature (7) Up

git command Summary

executing the command, otherwise it will be forced to delete the clean without regret)$git symbolic-ref Head Refs/heads/[name]$rm. Git/index$git CLEAN-FDX3) version (tag) operation related commandView version: $ git tagCreate version: $

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