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Git client command summary under Linux

If not specified, ' $ ' means execution under the Linux terminal command lineOne. Install gitLinux Fedora Series installation command: $ sudo yum install gitLinux Debian Series installation command: $ sudo apt-get install gitTwo. Configure

Git learn------> write 7 tips for git beginners _git Learning

PS: This article is reproduced in (, this article by Bole Online-Wu Pengyu translation. English origin: ( When I first started using Git's version control, I was not

7 Tips for Git Beginners

When I first started using Git version control, I wasn't sure if I'd pay that much time. Branch, Stage, Stash, these git nouns are very unfamiliar to me.And today I can't imagine what it would be like to live without git. Git not only provides the

The use of Git graphical interface

If you already know a lot about using Git command-line operations. You learned to operate local files, connect your warehouses over the Internet, and collaborate effectively with others. But the story does not end there; Git is usually just part of

Git Reset Introduction

This article edited from: A0464ffa6a8115d9b58f314d.html Git-reset.html First, the basic article

9.1 Git and other systems-git as a client

Reality is not always satisfactory. In general, you can't switch to Git for every item you touch immediately. Sometimes you get stuck in a project that uses other VCS, but you want to use Git. In the first part of this chapter we will learn how to

Git learning the initial chapter _git

git what is git Focus: Powerful distributed, efficient code management tools. Why use. Emphasis: The use of GitHub community is essential, and indeed convenient and efficient. Version control Subversion: Centralized version control system, with a

Talking about the principles of Maven and git and their use in the IDE

This article is reprinted blog, original address: Resources:1.Maven Official Document Http:// Official Document

How git submits processing in various situations

Self-Summary: 01. If there is a conflict in the commit process, after resolving the conflict, git Add. git rebase-continuegit push for 02.git rebase vs git mergegit rebase b (Merge branch B) resolve the conflict Git rebase-continuegit

Use of Git Gui

Use of Git GuiGuideIf you have learned a lot about using Git command line operations. You have learned to operate on local files, connect to your repository through the network, and cooperate efficiently with others. But the story is not over yet;

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