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Actual combat MVC5+EF6+MYSQL Enterprise Network Disk Combat (11)--New Folder 2

'); $('#lnkSave'). Unbind ('Click'); $('#lnkSave'). Bind ('Click', function () {$.post ('CreateFolder', {folderName: $ ('#txtFileName'). Val (), FolderPath: $ ('#hdFilePath'). Val ()}, function (data) {data=json.parse (data); varfolder =Data.folder; if(Data.code = = $) { $(''+ folder. Id +'"onclick=" Clickfolder (sp-'+ folder. Id +') ">'+ folder. FileName +''+ curenttime () +''). InsertBefore ($ ('#fileList tbody')); }; //Restore PopOver Title$('#alertTitlte')

Top 11 Open Source security tools on GitHub

Malware analysis, penetration testing, and computer forensics--github hosts a range of compelling security tools to meet the real needs of computing environments of all sizes.As the cornerstone of open source development, "all loopholes are superficial" has become a famous principle or even creed. As a well-known Linus Law, when discussing the security advantages of open source mode, the theory that open code can improve the efficiency of vulnerabilit

Install Oracle 11.2 on SUSE Enterprise Linux 11 Enterprise Edition

I installed Oracle 11g on SUSE Enterprise Linux 11 Enterprise Edition. This is already very rare. I remember that 10 years ago, if you could install Oracle on Linux, it would be awesome. Now it is much simpler to install Oracle in linux than before, and the documentation is also very complete. Record the entire process. If someone makes a script, that would be aw

Enterprise app Deployment on IOS 7.1 by GitHub

When you distribute enterprise apps over iOS7.1 by URL, you need to use SSL to distribute the plist. If you use HTTP, you will be quoted as "Unable to install the application because the" "certificate is invalid. "The right way is to use HTTPS, which is Next, it's clear that SSL is enabled for the "" site (how to enable, ask Niang). However, when enabled, HTTPS is also used. Perhaps the system will still report "Connotconnect to

Github open-source enterprise application framework: CIIP and githubciip

Github open-source enterprise application framework: CIIP and githubciipIntroduction CIIP is an open-source information system framework developed based on XAF. After four months of development, CIIP can finally be developed. The most common application scenarios of CIIP are database-based enterprise-level applications, such as supply chain systems, ERP systems,

GitHub Project Parsing (11)--a simple, powerful custom ad campaign pop-up window

analysis of interested students can refer to my:GitHub Project Resolution (i) –> upload Android project to GitHubGitHub Project Resolution (ii) –> to publish Android projects to the Jcenter code baseGitHub Project Resolution (III) –>android memory leak monitoring leakcanaryGitHub Project Resolution (iv) –> dynamically change the font size of TextViewGitHub Project Parsing (v) –>android log FrameworkGitHub Project Resolution (VI) –> custom implementation Butterknife FrameworkGitHub Project Parsi

MyBatis know how (11) Enterprise database

databases in a single transaction. In addition, MyBatis is useful not only for online transaction systems, but also for reporting systems and integrated systems.Series Articles:MyBatis know how much (1)MyBatis know how much (2)MyBatis know how much (3)MyBatis know how (4) The advantages of MyBatisMyBatis know how much (5) Business object modelMyBatis know how (6) presentation layer and business logic layerMyBatis know how much (7) persistence layerMy

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 graphic installation tutorials

I. Description:Operating System: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1: Http:// must register to downloadIi. Install the system After the boot disk is successfully booted, the following interface appears: The following page is displayed by default. Installation Interface Description: 1. Boot from Hard Disk # Start from Hard Disk

Use pathogen to manage the Vim plug-in and host the GitHub reference article "1" "2" to create vim as a python development environment. The article uses pathogen + git to manage the Vim plug-in. For this __python

no longer a hidden file, we remove the front point (.) "11". MV ~/.VIMRC ~/.VIM/VIMRCMV ~/.GVIMRC ~/.VIM/GVIMRC When you start Vim, you will still try to find the. vimrc file below, so we create a symbolic link. Link the ~/.VIM/VIMRC file to the ~/.VIMRC file. Ln-s ~/.VIM/VIMRC ~/.vimrcln-s ~/.VIM/GVIMRC ~/.GVIMRC Commit the above modifications to GitHub. 5. How to sync the Vim plug-in to another machine

Big Enterprise recruit Java engineer 丨 Java software engineer 丨 Java development Engineer Most likes to ask 11 kinds of questions!

case of database development.7Web Technology(1) Learn how Ajax works.(2) Be familiar with at least one JS framework (such as jquery).8 Design Patterns(1) familiar with the common design patterns.(2) The design pattern theory is applied to the actual development.9Linux(1) Skilled use of common Linux commands.(2) familiar with the basic concepts and characteristic

Microsoft Azure Cloud Enterprise Exchange 2016 Deployment 11-Certificate Configuration

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Configuration of oracle11g and Tomcat on the SUSE Enterprise Linux 11 boot from

Tags: jdk ini port should file listen Evel list RmanI. Oracle 11g R2 self-booting 1. Modify the/etc/sysconfig/oracle file: Oracle_base=/oracle//Here instead of the Oracle directory you installed Start_oracle_db= "No" to "no" instead of "yes" Start_oracle_db_listener= "No" to "no" instead of "yes" 2. Modify the/etc/oratab file: Ora11gr2:/oracle/11gr2:n N Change to Y Second, Tomcat self-booting Modify the/etc/init.d/boot.local and add the following two

Github (2)

If you have nothing to worry about in the evening, continue to toss github. This time, we will mainly talk about how to create a local git repository and synchronize the remote git repository and git branch. First, create a project. Before creating a project, we need to do two things: Create a repository on GitHub. you can log on to or complete the repository on

Learn github-2 from scratch, what git can do for us

; "src=" Http:// "title=" screen shot 2016-04-11 15.36.03.png "alt=" Wkiol1clvkvsqbluaafuzhg_pnc426.png "/>9, the work progress of the preservationWhen a job is not completed, but has to start a new job:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" screen shot 2016-04-11

Direct3D Tutorial 2:rendering a Triangle_direct3d 11 tutorial 2: Rendering a triangle

ProfileIn the previous tutorial, we built a minimal Direct3D 11 application that was used to output a single color on a window. In this tutorial, we will extend the application to render a single-color triangle on the screen. We'll associate the triangle with the process of setting up the data mechanism.The output of this tutorial is to render a triangle in the center of the window.Resource Directory(SDK root) \samples\c++\direct3d11\tutorials\tutoria

Actual combat MVC5+EF6+MYSQL Enterprise Network Disk Combat (17)--Thinking 2

Write in frontCome back for dinner today, suddenly have a better idea, here to do a record.Series Articles[Ef]vs15+ef6+mysql Code First modeActual combat MVC5+EF6+MYSQL Enterprise Network Disk Combat (1)Actual combat MVC5+EF6+MYSQL Enterprise Network Disk Combat (2)--User RegistrationActual combat MVC5+EF6+MYSQL Enterprise

Actual combat MVC5+EF6+MYSQL Enterprise Network Disk Combat (15)--Logical refactoring 2

Combat (9)--Edit file name Actual combat MVC5+EF6+MYSQL Enterprise Network Disk Combat (10)--New Folder Actual combat MVC5+EF6+MYSQL Enterprise Network Disk Combat (11)--New Folder 2 Actual combat MVC5+EF6+MYSQL Enterprise Network Disk Combat (12)--new folder and upload fil

[Entlib] Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 learning path-Step 5: Introduce entlib. validation module information, implementation level of the validators, and use of various built-in validators-Part 2

user-defined validators only for feature verification, or for the configurator verification or for both? 2. Start Encoding After confirming the verification method, you can start to write a specific validator, let's take a look at how to compile the validators that implement different authentication methods (I will directly reference the three examples in the hol provided by the Microsoft Enterprise Lib

Linux Enterprise-mysql read/write separation, group replication group-based Replication (2)

"style=" float : none; "title=" screenshot from 2017-10-01 16-19-01.png "alt=" Wkiom1nq-plqslhcaabfx2dgitc690.png "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "style=" float : none; "title=" screenshot from 2017-10-01 16-19-06.png "alt=" Wkiol1nq-k3bj5tyaabc9gsbpa4454.png "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "style=" float : none; "title=" screenshot from 2017-10-01 16-1

Start a series of 2 more than 11 lessons per week Ikcamp | Build node. JS Combat Project based on KOA2 (with video) | Introduction of course Outline

named with numbers, and the sequence number is our development order and the order of instruction.Note: The directory in the branch code/ is the complete code after the section course.???? Download the full project code The full code of the tutorial is in the trunk master , please check it yourself?? ?? FAQ Exchange ZoneQuestions about the course can be asked at any time on GitHub or QQ Group (661407609), Ikcamp will focus on answering

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