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Ultra-strong, ultra-detailed Redis database Getting Started tutorial _redis

"This Tutorial directory" What's 1.redis?The author of 2.redis, who also3. Who is using Redis4. Learn to install Redis5. Learn to start Redis6. Using the Redis Client7.REDIS Data Structure-Introduction8.REDIS Data Structure –strings9.REDIS Data

How to partition redis)

I have been studying the use of redis recently, including redis application scenarios, performance optimization, and feasibility. This is a link on the official redis website. It mainly explains redis Data Partitioning. Since it is officially

About Redis & the difference from Memcache

Redis is a high-performance, memory-based Key-value database.Features of ReidsRedis is essentially a key-value type of in-memory database, much like memcached, where the entire database is loaded in memory for operation, and the database data is

Redis cluster set-up and testing course

Please note that this tutorial is used for Redis3.0 (including 3.0) versions above Redis Cluster Introduction The Redis cluster is an assembly that provides data sharing between nodes across multiple Redis . The Redis cluster does not support

Redis Common cluster Scheme (RPM)

Some time ago interviewed Alibaba, the interviewer asked me in addition to Redis 3.0 development of the official Redis cluster mode (, What other Redis cluster scenarios do you know? After the

Redis beginners (1) -- Understanding Redis and redis beginners

Redis beginners (1) -- Understanding Redis and redis beginners The official Redis website defines Redis as "Redis is an open source, BSD licensed, advanced key-value cache and store". We can see that Redis is a key-value system, it can be used to

Redis Learning (iii) REDIS server cluster, client shard

The following is a description from the great God, the personal feel very clear, the collection.Why cluster?In general, in order to improve the responsiveness of the website, the hotspot data is always kept in memory instead of being read directly

15 minute introduction to REDIS data structures

Below is a translation of the Redis Official document "A fifteen minute introduction to Redis data Types", as its title suggests, The purpose of this article is to allow a beginner to understand the data structure of Redis with a simple 15-minute

About Redis Cluster scenarios

Recently in the study of Redis cluster solution, see a friend wrote a good point of view, it was first collected. See the original: cluster?In general, in order to improve the responsiveness of the website,

The third step of Redis practice how to install Redis on a Windows system

Original: Redis Advanced Practice How to install Redis on a Windows systemI. Introduction to RedisRedis is a key-value storage system. Similar to memcached, it supports storing more value types, including string (string), list (linked list), set

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