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GitLab Server tutorial in Ubuntu 16.04, 16.04 gitlab

GitLab Server tutorial in Ubuntu 16.04, 16.04 gitlab I. Members of the "git" Family First, I solve a problem that is easy to confuse, and I often confuse it: Git is a version control system, a command, and a tool. Gitlib is a development library used to implement git functions. Github is an online code hosting repository based on git. It contains a website inter

Gitlab _ Server Installation configuration and gitlab installation Configuration

Gitlab _ Server Installation configuration and gitlab installation Configuration 1. Open the firewall port 1.Sudo yum install curl openssh-server openssh-clients postfix cronie-y 2.AddGitLabRepository and install it on the server 3.It may take a long time to start

Build Gitlab server in Ubuntu and gitlab in ubuntu

Build Gitlab server in Ubuntu and gitlab in ubuntu Think of Gitlab, you will surely think of SVN, because both of them are code management systems. As developers, they are used to the SVN graphical interface and SVN code update and submission methods, It may be difficult to use git. In fact, git is easy to use and has

Gitlab Server Installation

1. Sample Host information:Hostname:vm0.lansgg.comip: 6.5 x64Gitlab version: gitlab-ce-8.7.0-ce.0.el6.x86_64.rpmPs: Close Iptables SELinux2, the system relies on software installation[email protected] ~]# Yum Install Curl Openssh-server openssh-clients cronie–y3, Installation Gitlab[[Emailprotected]~]#rpm-vhigitlab-ce-8.7.0-ce.0.el6.x86_64.

Gitlab server Construction Under Fedora23

Gitlab server Construction Under Fedora23 1. Construct-serveropenssh-clientssudosystemctlenablesshdsudosystemctlstartsshd Fedora 23 Gitlab server construction 1. Install and configure the necessary dependencies sudo yum install curl policycoreutils openssh-server openssh-cli

Gitlab Server SETUP (For fedora23), gitlabfedora23

Gitlab Server SETUP (For fedora23), gitlabfedora23 1. Install and configure the necessary dependencies sudo yum install curl policycoreutils openssh-server openssh-clientssudo systemctl enable sshdsudo systemctl start sshdsudo yum install postfixsudo systemctl enable postfixsudo systemctl start postfixsudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=httpsudo systemctl

Git server-gitlab Build

notification email. If you want to send e-mail using a different solution, skip this step and configure the external SMTP server after you install Gitlab. sudo yum install Postfixsudo service postfix Startsudo chkconfig postfix on during postfix installation, the configuration screen may appear. Select Internet Site and press the ENTER key. Use the server's external DNS as the message name, and then press

Ubuntu Build Gitlab Server

The thought of Gitlab is bound to think of SVN, because both are code management systems, as developers, using the SVN graphical interface and SVN code update and submission methods,You might find it troublesome to use git, but git is very handy and has a lot of benefits, and git will be a fad and a trend behind it. So here's a brief introduction to Gitlab.Server building and some basic git operations to use.Advantages and disadvantages of git introdu

Building and using Git server Gitlab

Git servers are famous for gitosis and Gitolite, which are two manageable and slightly more complex to use, with no web pages, and Gitlab is a github-like tool that GitHub can't build for free, and for code security, So in the intranet installed a own laboratory of a GIT server, multi-party comparison, select Gitlab,gitlab

Ubuntu Gitlab Server Setup

Tags: code view HTTPS OTA com mail software latest executionGitlab Server Setup1. Installing dependent Packagessudo apt-get install curl openssh-server ca-certificates postfixWhen the execution is complete, the mail configuration appears, select the Internet item (without smarthost)2. Download the latest packageInstalling the GITLAB-CE PackageIn https://mirrors.t

Install gitlab code management server on centos7

1. Install Dependencies yum -y install policycoreutils openssh-server openssh-clients postfix2. Start Postfix and set auto-start upon startup systemctl enable postfix systemctl start postfix3. Download and install gitlab # Install wgetyum-y install wget # Install vimyum install vim-y # download the installation package wget

Gitlab Perfect Installation "CentOS6.5 installation gitlab-6.9.2"

Summary: After a few days of demolition, and finally found today the rapid installation of Gitlab method. CentOS6.5 installation gitlab-6.9.2Reference URL: version Gitlab: 6.9.2RPM Release

Linux under Gitlab Server Setup

System environmentOperating system: CentOS6.9Shutting down the firewallInstallation steps1. Installing Postfix2. Download the RPM package and install3. Configure GITLAB,VIM/ETC/GITLAB/GITLAB.RB, specify ip+ port number4. Perform the configuration and start.--gitlab-ctl Reconfigure--gitlab-ctl start5. Through Web Access

Gitlab-server Environment Construction

depends largely on the size of the GIT repository you will store. But according to rule of thumb ( rule of thumb) you should consider leaving more room to store backups of the Git repository.If you want to use elastic storage space, you can consider using the LVM architecture when allocating partitions, so that you can add more storage space by adding the hard disk when you need to empty it later.In addition, you can hang on to a sub-volume that supports NFS, such as Nas, SAN, AWS, EBS.If your

Hasura GRAPHQL Server Integration Gitlab

=-oauth_saml_external_groups=-oauth_saml_attribute_statements_email=-OAUTH_SAML_ATTRIBUTE_STAT Ements_name=-Oauth_saml_attribute_statements_first_name=-oauth_saml_attribute_statements_last_name=-OAUTH_C Rowd_server_url=-Oauth_crowd_app_name=-oauth_crowd_app_password=-oauth_auth0_client_id=-OAUTH_AUTH0_CL ient_secret=-oauth_auth0_domain=-oauth_azure_api_key=-oauth_azure_api_secret=-oauth_azure_tenant_id=Start test Start May need to be started multiple times, service dependent

Configuring a Gitlab hook on a CentOS server A series of issues raised

In order to set up the Gitlab environment on the company's server and configure the hooks (implement the server automatic git pull after the local git push), the whole long time, finally solved the problem, the following is a series of problems caused by recording the installation Gitlab:First build Gitlab is a referen

ubuntu14.04 Build Gitlab Server

One day, the job needs to build a version controller. View information, the current more popular has gitlab,svn. Because GitHub is commonly used, it is more inclined to Gitlab. The construction process is documented below.1. Install the plugin for mail support:sudo apt-get install curl openssh-server ca-certificates postfixThe interface that appears during instal

The repository cannot be found during GitLab server setup.

The repository cannot be found during GitLab server setup. A colleague builds a GitLab server over the past few days. After the GitLab server is built based on the tutorial on the official website, the repository cannot be found

Gitlab Mail Server Configuration

Environment Introduction:CentOS 6.7Gitlab : 6.3.1First, modify the global configuration file$git config--global "GitLab"$git config--global "[Email protected]"Second, Configure the SMTP service to send mail for Gitlab1). To Modify the gitlab/config/environments/production.rb configuration file:Config.action_mailer.delivery_method=:smtp2). To change the SMTP mail configuration file

Gitlab Server Enable HTTPS

One day, was infiltrated by the Intranet, and began to put the most valuable code server gitlab7.10.5 plus SSL, the following record flow.It was originally accessed by http:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 1.png " alt= "Wkiol1ht2uhicwokaabylqwnvfa313.png"/> 1. Modify the configuration file:sudo vim/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rbThe changes ar

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