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What's Force touch?

 What is Force Touch Force touch also into pressure feeling control, force feeling control, there is no uniform name, is Apple for its products Apple Watch, new MacBook and a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, a touching sensing technology. Through the Force touch, the device can perceive the intensity difference between the light pressure and the pressure, and bring up different corresponding functions. Force touch differs from previous multi-touch multi-touch techniques. Compared to the physical butto

Acer C720 Reviews

keyboard configuration is not losing. Underneath the keyboard, a small trackpad is provided. The C720 touchpad is also plastic, not glass. Although it does not have the same luxury and high end as the Chromebook pixel or Apple MacBook Trackpad, with the finish and sensitivity of the trackpad, C720 is clearly ahead of

New MacBook Air Detailed test

worthwhile laptops to buy. New MacBook Air vs sony VAIO Pro 13 hardware configuration Design and performance While the shape has not changed, the new MacBook Air is still thinner than the latest generation of ultra-polar books, such as Sony's newly launched VAIO Pro 13. The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook have the same thickness, the thinnest 3mm, the thickest 17mm, the difference being that the 13-inch MacBook Air trackpad is bigger. Sony

You don't know about Apple's design.

Mouse or Magic Trackpad is made up of four to six perfect parts, will this dispel your doubts about their high prices? People who have used Magic Mouse know that The radian surface and glass texture make this unique Mouse look amazing, but like Magic Trackpad, they cannot reach the original design in production. Because of the

Samsung 15-inch Win 8 touch screen This evaluation

Book 6 is equipped with a 15-inch touchscreen, and its resolution is 1920x1080 pixels. At this resolution, the text appears very clear, the image and video also appear lifelike and very moving, I believe that the performance and clarity of the display screen is absolutely the most users of the important condition of the notebook. The notebook is equipped with a full-size Chiclet-style keyboard, and the right-hand side of the overall keyboard is a small keyboard that can be easily u

Eight brands of ultra-high-resolution notebooks

. But the naked eye is almost indistinguishable. In terms of hardware, Google Chromebook pixel 1.5 kg, measurements size is 297.7x224.6x16.2mm. The processor is a 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor and is equipped with HD 4000 core graphics. Equipped with 32GB SSD storage space and 4GB DDR3 memory. A mini DisplayPort video output interface with Apple is configured. The product lasts approximately 5 hours. Google Chromebook Pixel In addition, the hinge of Google Chromebook Pixel is very smoot

Use the desktop window manager to create aero glass Effects

[Switch] use the desktop window manager to create the aero glass Effect CodeDownload location: Dwm2007_04.exe (166kb) (to use this code properly, you should use Vista with Aero effect) DWM is a new interface used to manage how to merge various running and rendered windows to the Windows Vista desktop. WindowsPresentation Foundation (WPF) provides a more advanced layer that controls the presentation to the desktop layer. Windows display driver

Toshiba Kira Ultra-Extreme This evaluation

can be satisfactory, but to know that the price of Kira is as high as 14999 yuan, so the so-called one cent of the price of goods, I personally feel that 14999 yuan to buy the top edge of the notebook has a scraping hand problem, This is not to be forgiven. Of course, this may be a test prototype of the individual problems, I hope the official listing of the model does not exist such a problem. Screen effect leading display delicate Speaking of Toshiba Kira the biggest selling point in a

Lenovo G480 Contact Board failure How to solve the failure of touch control Board

Failure phenomenon: The appearance of the contact plate failure in the use of the model. The specific symptom is that when using the trackpad, the trackpad pointer cannot be moved, and the right border bar and the application bar appear on the screen. As shown in the following illustration: Reason analysis: The test found that the above phenomenon occurs when a WIN8 system is installed on a machine

PS teaches you to create super realistic metal texture hourglass

The tutorial is actually very simple, focus on the high light and shadow ~ or the details of the problem ~ Well, in fact, do a similar tutorial ~ to know that it is not very difficult ~ So what is it! Quickly open your Photoshop, make an hourglass!   Effect Chart:   Step 1 Create a new layer with the following parameters:   Step 2 Rectangular tool with a foreground color of #808080. A rectangle that 164 x 235 pixels. Rename the layer to "Glass

How about Apple iphone6s plus iphone6s plus worth buying?

Plus's brand new purchase requirement for consumers is the 3D touch screen What is 3D touch The 3D touch screen is actually the Force Touch pressure sensor screen that was previously on the new MacBook and Apple watch. Apple thinks the touch screen has gone from a single touch and multi-touch to a 3D touchscreen that can induce pressure. We also said that the new MacBook's trackpad and Apple Watch screen are all equipped with this feature, but t

Five strokes to make your Apple device smoother

 One, the mouse flash edge! Touch pad is better than you think. If you use an Apple pen series, such as a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, and so on, you will be amazed at the huge trackpad when you first open the box. But unfortunately, amazing often only to maintain the next, because the use of it does not seem like people say so good, in the end is how ~ what? It is undeniable that in the Mac's Highland Factory preset The

Super: Is it necessary for mobile phones to be coated with tempered glass? (8P)

believe that a lot of friends consider tempered glass film is because it propaganda anti-scratch and anti-falling, from the anti-fall, in fact, the screen is not broken, really look at the luck of the matter, tempered film known as anti-fall, that is, to reduce the probability of broken screen. And from scratch-resistant, tempered film is generally to promote the use of 9h surface hardness, the hardness of the standard and we often say MO-type hardnes

Top Ten hottest super-Ben who's better

to use the WIN8 operating system. 14-inch two-color alloy extraordinary visual experience Flying UI43B/R do has a steady and wise black, passion China red fashion double color colors. Using the monolithic alloy shell, the metal drawing process of a surface with a fine metallic luster. Days UI43 in the keyboard and trackpad design also spent a mind. The ultra-thin island-style chocolate keyboard makes the user's fingertip experience better and the i

Decorative Art glass everywhere--Longxiang Art Glass Training

Modern decorative effects exist in every corner of our lives, whether it is public buildings, home decoration or living utensils, small crafts, art glass can be used freely, the change of crystal clear, live color fragrance of the wonderful realm.Colorful color, shape of different shapes, good permeability and daylighting performance, decorative art glass with its rich and diverse architecture, modern decor

How to save energy in Windows

. At this time with what insulation profiles for window frames can not reach the energy-saving effect, it is said that whether aluminum alloy or plastic-made push-pull windows are not qualified to be called energy-saving windows.Casement window, sash and window frame generally normal with good rubber seal layering, after the casement closed, sealing rubber layering pressure is very tight, almost no gap, it is difficult to form convection. This window type of heat loss is mainly

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch Evaluation

highlighted. The actual test results show that basically the low light mode can be used, highlighting backlight too dazzling. Like other ThinkPad branded products, the X1 Carbon touch is also a tiny red-cap rocker with two eyes and a superb experience, which is a favorite element of many old ThinkPad users, and has continued in the ThinkPad series. Even for those who have never been in touch with a small red-cap rocker, they are able to quickly get started and enjoy the ability to easily contr

IPhone6 plus how to foil? IPhone6 Sticking film technique

As early as the iPhone5 era, tempered glass film began to hot up, on some of the characteristics of tempered glass film, please see the contact before the release of the "mobile phone glass film You do not know some things." At that time the mobile phone is basically still normal flat screen, of course, because of Apple's Halo shine, many screen very cha

Google Glasses car Use report

connected to Wi-Fi on the basic do not do anything serious. Now that I'm going to wear it and drive to see Sir Branson--I want to show it to him, I'm wearing the coolest, hottest new device I've ever had--I had to put my smartphone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot (which also consumes too much power) and paired it with Bluetooth. You also need to set something else, for example, if you don't use MyGlass, you can't connect your Google glasses to WiFi; If you want to call or text someone, you must f

Advantages and disadvantages of tempered glass

"Wang Steam Glass Net" tempered glass is attributed to safety glasses. Toughened glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass, for the strength of progressive glazing, usually the use of chemical or physical methods, in the glass surface to form a compressive stress,

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