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GlassFish Osgi-javaee (i) GlassFish and enterprise-level OSGi development

Welcome to GlassFish OSGI-JAVAEE Special topic! Since the beginning of GlassFish v3, a new feature has been added to the GlassFish, which is GlassFish Osgi-javaee. This topic will be divided into nine sections to introduce GlassFish Osgi-java EE-related knowledge: Part1: A

"Getting Started with GlassFish" using GlassFish

############################################################Compiling GlassFish (MAVEN project)############################################################"Configure Maven"Configuring Maven Settings.xml"Configuring the compilation Environment"To set the memory size:Set maven_opts=-xmx1024mCompilerCD \main\nucleusMVN install-dskiptestsCD \main\appserverMVN install-dskiptests-dskiptests means skipping the test session.Product: \main\appserver\distributi

Create a data source (Create a database connection pool) and a glassfish connection pool in glassfish

Create a data source (Create a database connection pool) and a glassfish connection pool in glassfish 1. Enter http: // localhost: 4848 in the browser to log on to the glassfish Domain Management Console. The default username and password are amin and adminadmin. (You can also right-click the NetBeans service tab -- server -- GlassFishServer -- to view the Domai

Change the Glassfish default password and allow remote logon. glassfish remote Logon

Change the Glassfish default password and allow remote logon. glassfish remote Logon Change default password 1. Open the Command Prompt window and enter the glassfish/bin directory; 2. Enter the command Asadmin Enter the management mode: Enter: Change-admin-password Note that the default password is blank. Press enter when entering the password. Allo

) Replace Tomcat 5.x with glassfish v2

environment described below.(1) JDK 1.5 or 1.6(2) Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers ( M20071023-1652)(3) Use the com. sysdeo. Eclipse. atat_3.2.1 plug-in If you are not using eclipse Java EE, but are using another version, it does not affect all the operations and effects described in this article, but you cannot start or stop glassfish V2 with eclipse, you can only perform operations by yourself through the command line. Fo

Install and use glassfish

Install and use glassfish Glassfish is an open source supported by Sun MicrosystemCommunityIt refers to open-source communities such as Apache and eclipse and implements all the functions of Java ee 5 through opensource. Sun's Java System Application PE 9 and Java ee 5 sdks are based on glassfish. For more functions of glass

Practical application of deploying web on glassfish

From: This article describes how to deploy a web application on glassfish. The configurations used in this tutorial are netbeans5.5.1 and glassfish V2. This article describes how to deploy practical Web applications on glassfish. The configuration applied in that tutorial is netbeans5.5.1 and

Build JAX-WS 2.0 services using NetBeans 5.0 and GlassFish

development environment, wizards and guides on the site can help you build your environment and run it. To get the GlassFish application server, visit the GlassFish website and click the Download Now button. Install a GlassFish binary package according to the instructions, using either build B28 or an updated version

Eclipse GlassFish Server Configuration

First, download GlassFish Server Download the appropriate version from the following address:Http://, Eclipse install GlassFish Server pluginOn the main menu bar of Eclipse--window--

How to deploy Web applications on GlassFish

This article describes how to deploy a Web application on GlassFish. First, the choice of development tools Java EE, or JSF application development, NetBeans and GlassFish are the best choice, and the former has very good support for the latter. But pay attention to the version of NetBeans, 5.5 is not support GlassFish v2. And NETBEANS6 is still very unstable,

Glassfish installation configuration and debugging detailed

I. Installation of GlassFish From the following address: Download Milestone binary builds Linux version: B32g-glassfish-linux.jar size 77M Before installing GlassFish, you should install the following settings in advance/etc/profile #config Java System need

Install and deploy glassfish in Windows XP]

From: 1. Download and decompress glassfish1 .:Https:// 2. Unzip glassfish:Java-xmx256m-jar glassfish-installer-v2.1-b57-windows.jar (can be executed as long as the Java environment is configured)Note: You must drag the Protocol scroll bar from top to bottom and click the accept button.There will be a

Practice: Configure multiple domain (multiple domains) under GlassFish

ports, because there is already a domain in existence, if you have not modified the configuration, Two domain started together, there may be problems with port conflicts. This article resolves, no free port problem: no free port free port within Rvices.impl.serviceinitializerhandler@69ed60dd. This article resolves: server up issue: is the server up? Remote server does not listen to requests on [localhost:4848]. Is the server up?

Replace Tomcat 5.x with GlassFish v2

described below. (1) JDK 1.5 or 1.6 (2) Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers ( m20071023-1652) (3) Using com.sysdeo.eclipse.tomcat_3.2.1 plugin If you are not using the Eclipse Java EE version, you are using a different version, and you do not affect all the actions and effects described in this article, but you cannot start and stop GlassFish v2 with Eclipse, you can only operate from the command line. For detailed instructions on

Install glassfish V2.1

To install and configure glassfish, you need to installJDK 5 orJDK 6. The configuration process is executed by ANT (1.6.5. Ant is included in the software package and can be used to assist Java ee 5 applications.ProgramDevelopment. Download any software package to the disk and set the java_home system variable in the system. Run:% Java-xmx256m-jarFilename. JarThis command will decompress the

Java EE 7 Tutorial Part I Introduction to Chapter 1th Overview section 1.9 GlassFish Server Tools

Original: Shi Zholin [email protected]1.9 GlassFish Server ToolsGlassFish Server is a compliant implementation of the Java EE 7 platform. In addition to supporting all the APIs described in the previous sections, GlassFish Server includes a number of Java EE t Ools that is not part of the Java EE 7 platform but is provided as a conveni

Jforum Forum installation and deployment under GlassFish

Software version Glassfish:v2 jforum:2.1.8 mysql:5.0.18 1. To the download forum installation files, and to MySQL, its installation process is relatively simple, here is not redundant. 2. Extract the Jforum files and put them under Glassfish/domains/domain1/applications/j2ee-modules. 3. Configure the database type for the forum, open web-inf/config/ The syst

The difference between xfire and JAX-WS glassfish is an open source implementation of Java ee 5 which includes JAX-WS

profile 1.1, ssbp 1.0, AP 1.0 etc. Its worth mentioning that the entire jaxws stack and WS-* features are regularly tested for interoperability with. Net 3.0. You may like to try jaxws 2.1 From to see for yourself. Thanks, -Vivek. ---------------------------- Glassfish is an open source implementation of Java ee 5 which includes JAX-WS Http:// Welcome to th

Tomcat Jboss Glassfish Three common web container comparisons Jboss Glassfish Three common web container comparison First, Reason:The new company platform is pure Java architecture, useful to Java Web (JSP), Java Business (EJB), Nginx, Websphere MQ, MySQL. You know that Java is running in a container,The GlassFish container is used for the operation of the EJB.What is EJB? EJB is a server-side component model t

Eclipse 3.3 + glassfish + Java ee 5 Integration

(This article is translated by download eclipse 3.3, eclipse 3.3 Jee Http:// After installing the IDE, start it. Go to open perspective, select javaee,There are shortcut keys in the upper right corner of eclipse In the servers section, create a server Click Downlo

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