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GlassFish Osgi-javaee (i) GlassFish and enterprise-level OSGi development

Welcome to GlassFish OSGI-JAVAEE Special topic! Since the beginning of GlassFish v3, a new feature has been added to the GlassFish, which is GlassFish Osgi-javaee. This topic will be divided into nine sections to introduce GlassFish Osgi-java

) Replace Tomcat 5.x with glassfish v2

Replace Tomcat 5.x with glassfish v2 1. Background   After using Tomcat for many years, no matter whether it is a development environment or a production environment, we should say that everyone is basically satisfied with it.However, there is

Install and use glassfish

Install and use glassfish Glassfish is an open source supported by Sun MicrosystemCommunityIt refers to open-source communities such as Apache and eclipse and implements all the functions of Java ee 5 through opensource. Sun's Java System

Practical application of deploying web on glassfish

From:    This article describes how to deploy a web application on glassfish. The configurations used in this tutorial are netbeans5.5.1 and glassfish V2. This article describes how to deploy

Java EE 7 Tutorial Part I Introduction to Chapter 1th Overview section 1.9 GlassFish Server Tools

Original: Shi Zholin [email protected]1.9 GlassFish Server ToolsGlassFish Server is a compliant implementation of the Java EE 7 platform. In addition to supporting all the APIs

Tomcat Jboss Glassfish Three common web container comparisons Jboss Glassfish Three common web container comparison First, Reason:The new company platform is pure Java architecture, useful to Java Web (JSP), Java Business (EJB), Nginx, Websphere MQ,

Build JAX-WS 2.0 services using NetBeans 5.0 and GlassFish

The first section describes how to set up the NetBeans IDE and create a GlassFish library. The second section contains information about creating a Web service project and the sample code that is used. The last section describes the techniques for

How to deploy Web applications on GlassFish

This article describes how to deploy a Web application on GlassFish. First, the choice of development tools Java EE, or JSF application development, NetBeans and GlassFish are the best choice, and the former has very good support for the latter.

Several scenarios for EJB invocation in GlassFish

The most commonly used invocation of EJBS deployed on a server is in a servlet or JSP in the same application. But there are other scenarios, such as EJB clients that run separately, and calls across application servers, and so on. In the

Glassfish V3 optimization experience

 Configure JVMParameters (include 64-bit JVM) will bring different performance experiences when running glassfish. Setting JVM parameters in glassfish only optimizes Part INext, let's talk about which JVM in glassfish can improve the

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