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[MySQL5.6 new feature] global transaction identifier (GTID)

Original address:, excerpt, MemoThe Gtid is called the global transaction identifier, and can be translated as a Globals transaction identifier, and Gtid is created when the transaction commits on the original master.

[MySQL5.6 new feature] global transaction identifier (GTID)

The Gtid is called the global transaction identifier, and can be translated as a Globals transaction identifier, and Gtid is created when the transaction commits on the original master. Gtid needs to remain unique in the global primary-standby

Spring global transaction-based weblogicjtatransactionmanager

A global transaction involves several Transaction participants. These transaction participants can be common database operations, message (MQ) operations, and so on. if you perform the following operations at the same time, for example, the

WebLogic DataSource Configuration Considerations

This article transferred from: Transaction options Enable support for global transactions by using non-XA JDBC drivers Understanding record Previous Resource

Distributed transaction and its implementation in OFBiz

1. Concepts related to distributed transactions Distributed transaction processing (distributed Transaction PROCESSING,DTP) refers to the possibility that a transaction may involve multiple database operations, and the key to distributed transaction

JPA Object Relational Mapping Summary (i)---persistence.xml file configuration essentials

1. The function represented here is: auto Create | update | Validate database table structure. If this is not the requirement, set value= "None" is recommended. There are several parameters that can be set:Validate: Each time hibernate is loaded,

XA transaction Specification

Before talking about the Xa specification, you must first understand the concept of Distributed Transaction Processing (DTP. Transaction, or transaction, refers to a set of processes for executing certain functions in one or more resources, such as

Transactions in Java--Global transactions vs. local transactions

As mentioned in the previous article, there are three types of Java transactions: JDBC Transaction, JTA (Java Transaction API) transaction, container transaction.This is differentiated from the perspective of the implementation of the transaction,

MySQL gtids (Global transaction identifiers)

1. How to define and generate GtidsUniqueness: In all master and slave libraries are unique, consisting of two tuples? GTID = source_id:transaction_id SOURCE_ID mark the main library1.1 Server_uuidHow to get Server_uuidA,

Transactions-local and global transactions

Global transactions: Resource Manager manages and coordinates transactions that can span multiple databases and processes. The resource manager typically interacts with an enterprise information System (EIS) or database using the XA two phase commit

XA transaction processing

Xa interface detailedThe X/open XA interface is a two-way system interface that forms a communication bridge between the transaction manager (Transaction Manager) and one or more resource managers (Resource Manager). The transaction manager controls

Distributed transaction solutions and implementations under. Net Core (above)

Data consistency is an important issue to be considered in building business systems, in the past we rely on databases to ensure data consistency. However, it is a very challenging problem to achieve data consistency in the MicroServices

MySQL transaction learning-distributed transactions

The Innodb Storage engine supports XA transactions and distributed transactions. Distributed transactions refer to multiple independent transaction resources (transactionalres ). The Innodb Storage engine supports XA transactions and distributed

Introduction to JPA and distributed transactions

1. Transaction is divided into two types, Local Transaction and Global Transaction.   involves a connection commit, called the local Transaction.   involves multiple connection commits, called Global Transaction.   The landlord mentioned is,

JTA Deep Adventures-Principles and implementation

In the Java EE application, transactions are an indispensable component model that guarantees the ACID (i.e. atomic, consistent, isolated, persistent) properties of user operations. For applications that operate only a single data source,

JTA and two phase commits, handling global transactions

1. Transaction is divided into two types, local Transaction and Global Transaction. Involves a connection commit, called the local Transaction. A commit that involves multiple connection, called the global Transaction. The landlord mentioned is that

Overview of the internal mechanisms of SQL Server in-memory OLTP (ii)

----------------------------I'm a split line-------------------------------This article is translated from the Microsoft white Paper SQL Server in-memory OLTP Internals Overview:

Workflow transaction model Overview

I. workflow transactions Most workflow processes are a long-lived process. It is normal to encounter various faults and exceptions during execution. Therefore, a transaction processing mechanism should be introduced. The classic transaction model

MySQL transaction Learning -- & gt; Distributed Transaction

Distributed transactions The Innodb Storage engine supports XA transactions and distributed transactions. Distributed Transactions allow multiple independent transaction resources to participate in a global transaction. Transaction resources are

Distributed consistency Algorithm (vii) Implementation scheme of distributed transaction: TCC

Reprint: A talk about the distributed transaction TCC transaction Reproduced: Reprint: First, the meaning of TCC The TCC corresponds to try, Confirm, and Cancel three operations, the business meaning of these three operations is as follows: Try:

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