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Cross-Site gmail Using flash

Source: Gmail uses a Flash movie, named uploaderapi2.swf, for file upload operations. A short investigation revealed that it used two user-input parameters ('apiinit 'and 'apiid') as parameters to ExternalInterface. call (), a

Summary of the most popular email encryption systems

E-mails have become an important tool for people to interact with each other on the Internet. According to statistics, although less than 30% of Internet users browsed web page information on a daily basis, more than 70% of Internet users are using

12 The best experience you can get from Web browsing Chrome extensions

Original address: article tags: Chrome extended web browsing experience engine Word translation tool Chrome browserI believe many friends and I, every install new operating system, will use safari/ie download

I think APT Attack and Defense (2): APT attack case

CEO of FlashSky hanhaiyuan Hanhaiyuan: strives to make security a basic attribute of the IT system. It helps customers improve their system security and detect and defend against APT attacks.   At present, the details of APT attacks are published in

Talking about the security of cloud database

A cloud database is a database that is optimized or deployed to a virtual computing environment. The benefits of pay-as-you-demand, on-demand scaling, high availability, and storage consolidation can be achieved. erp data, CRM data, oa data, HR

Five trends of domestic Internet account development

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: account number is a prerequisite for you to use the service, account numbers (user number) is more than traffic can measure a site impact indicators, so account resources have been a large number of

Disadvantages of Ajax-Review

Disadvantages of AJAX Author: Anonymous Source: Unknown Release Date: 15:15:11 Decrease font to increase font size This link was found interesting when you visited a website. You can also check it out, whether you agree or not, looking at other

K-means clustering algorithm introduction and python-based sample code, k-meanspython

K-means clustering algorithm introduction and python-based sample code, k-meanspython Clustering Today we will talk about K-means clustering algorithms, but we must first understand the differences between clustering and classification. Many

Mailbox Interaction Design

Today, the free mailbox on the Internet has become one of the necessary tools for users. Each user has one or two favorite free mailboxes. At the same time as the product designer of the mailbox, they will also according to their own user's custom

Reprinted: Working with command lines completely-4: script-based on the Apple graphic interface

The following content is reproduced. The original author is Xu Yu, a computer Major Ph. D. Student. The original address for the reproduced here for exchange and sharing.Fully working

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