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Use Gmail to create the perfect personal Download station method provides application skills

Necessary software: 1.GMailStore 2.1 Download: Http:// 2.DSLite 2.07.45 Download: Http:// Gmailstore Advantages: Interface

Make the best use of your 1g mailbox

When Google published a message about Gmail in April 1 this year, many Internet users just used it as a joke of the fool's day. Who knows if you do not have your own 1g mailbox today, I am afraid it will be seen by others as a visitor in ancient

HR-Provided CV revision advice (back up, change your resume to see it again)

Turn from V2ex Forum, there are finishing and typesetting.Original address;Author @Sunyanzi—————————————————————— Split Line ——————————————————————————I have been in the management of the post for several years, and

Convert Yahoo Mail to an FTP server

Author: China Computer Education News DPP When you have a mailbox with such a huge capacity, do you consider making full use of the 1g mailbox function? Below, I will take Gmail and Yahoo's 1g mailbox as an example to describe: 1. Convert Yahoo Mail

Simple and Easy-to-use free email server hmailserver

Original blog address: The company purchased the enterprise Post Office to provide email services to its employees, so there is no problem in sending and receiving external emails, but there is a very bad place,

Hmailserver email system configuration

In addition, if you have some problems when using hmail, you can find or discuss more hmail problems in my blog. The company purchased the enterprise Post Office to provide email services to its employees, so there is no problem in sending and

Google adense account FAQs

Question: Can a person use several account IDs?A: Absolutely not. Question: A ggad account AdvertisementCodeCan I store many websites? Or blog? Will it be cheating?A: Not cheating. Q: I do not have a computer, and I do website advertising mostly

Win+r Adde Use Tutorial Tips Summary

1. The first time to start the program The first time you open Win+r Adde, you will see this interface, please click OK and let the program automatically complete initialization. It is also recommended that you exit all security and

Redis String Type and Hash type learning notes and summarizing _redis

Linux Version Information: Copy Code code as follows: Cat/etc/issue or Cat/etc/redhat-release (Linux view version of the current operating system release information) CentOS Release 6.6 (Final) (i) String type The

Productivity tips, tricks and hacks for academics (edition)

Productivity tips, tricks and hacks for Academics (edition) ContentsJump to: My philosophy:optimize transaction costs. Don ' t work from home. Eliminate temptation to waste time. Salvage dead time with technology. Get rid of

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