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Mobile Base Station: Introduction of soft Base station

subways, basements, indoor, suburban, road, etc., is also a headache. Traditionally, due to the limitations of technology and equipment, operators and network design departments often use the common base station plus repeater to solve these problems. The disadvantage of this approach is that it will bring about increased interference, high drop rate, maintenance difficulties and so on. How to use a technic

High sampling rate ADC simplifies the radio design of Ultra-Wideband cellular base stations

Today's wireless users have no end-to-end requirements for higher capacity, faster access speeds, and higher data throughput capabilities, leading to the increasing radio signal bandwidth of cell base stations. As far as the network is concerned, brutal competition and declining profits have forced base station manufac

Base Station positioning principle

cell or region. Therefore, the application of the positioning accuracy requirements of the business, such as roaming user greeting service, remote design services, Ping An messenger and cargo tracking. At present, the domestic provinces and regions of the mobile company SMS Welcome system is the use of this technology. The 3.toa/tdoa positioning TOA (time of arrival, arrival times), TDOA (timing difference of arrival, the time difference of arrival) are based on the method of

Base station positioning

What is a base station? A base station (BS) is a high-power, multi-channel, bidirectional radio transmitter fixed in one place. A base station in the broad sense is short for the

5G Base Station: please call brother! __soc

Origin: 3G Base station called NodeB (NB), 4G base station called enb,5g Base Station what is called. 3GPP finally to the 5G base

Basic Principle of GSM cell base station positioning

, mobile companies in various provinces and regions in China use this technology in their text message welcome systems. 3. TOA/TDOA Location TOA (Time of Arrival, Arrival Time) and TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival, Arrival Time Difference) are all based on the Time of radio wave propagation. At the same time, it is also a three-base station positioning method. B

Base station positioning

What is a base station? A base station (BS) is a high-power, multi-channel, bidirectional radio transmitter fixed in one place. A base station in the broad sense is short for the

Windows Mobile obtains the base station information (LAC, cellid)

. There are two ways to obtain cellid and lac in Windows Mobile: sending AT commands via serial port or using RIL. RIL (radio interface layer) is a library developed by Microsoft. Its program has inherent characteristics. In obtaining cellid, it is actually an encapsulation of the first method, the two are essentially the same. Note that once the serial port is enabled, it is difficult to close it unless you restart the machine (which may involve unde

Location of LBS Base Station

LBS Base Station positioning (location Based service, lbs) is generally used in mobile phone users, it is based on the position of the service, through telecommunications, mobile operators of radio communication networks (such as GSM network, CDMA network) or external positioning methods (such as GPS) Get location information (geographic coordinates, or geodetic

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