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"Autotools-gnu Autoconf, Automake and Libtool Practitioners ' Guide" chapter I <gnu autotools简要介绍=""></gnu>

Preface This article is based on the translation of the first chapter of Autotools-a Practioner's Guide to GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool, omitting some of the statements. Body As the preface says, the GNU Autotools is designed to make life easier for end users, not defenders. Even so, in the long run, using Autotools as a project manager will make your job easier, though it may not be the reason yo

The relationship between GNU, Linux, and Gnu/linux

From: What is Linux?2. What is GNU?3. What is Gnu/linux?what is LinuxIt is believed that people who know some it knowledge have heard the term Linux. The Linux entry on Wikipedia is the most classic and the most accurate description (Http://, which is applied directly, eliminating the suspicion of swim.Linux operating System (Linux), is

GNU and Linux give GNU parsers a history lesson

Article title: GNU and Linux give GNU split members a history lesson. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. In forums such as Slashdot, people often attack GNU. in my opinion, they have a lack of historical knowledge

GNU M4-gnu Project-free Software Foundation (FSF)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GNU M4 Introduction:The GNU M4 is an implementation of a traditional UNIX macro processor. It is primarily compatible with SVR4, although it has some extensions (for example, a macro that handles more than 9 positional parameters). The GNU M4 also has built-in functions to conta

Step-by-step building IoT system--gnu/linux powerful and free

Gnu/linux Powerful and freeWhat is LinuxLinux is a free and open source Unix-like operating system kernel. There are many different Linux distributions that can be installed on a wide variety of computer hardware devices, from phones, tablets, routers and video game consoles, to desktop computers, large computers and supercomputers. Linux is a leading operating system kernel, and the world's fastest 10 supercomputers run on Linux kernel-based operatin

What are x86, Linux, GNU, gnome?

-64" or "x86_64". Oracle and Microsoft call it "x64." The BSD family and other Linux distributions use "AMD64", the 32-bit version is called "i386" (or i486/586/686), and Arch Linux uses x86_64 to address this 64-bit architecture.Reference:Https://, what is LinuxLinux is a free and open source Unix-like operating system. Linux is strictly a single-finger kernel of the operating system, as the operating system contains many user

Using the GNU Global in Emacs

backgroundwhen I usually write C code with Emacs, I often need to jump the code, the main requirement is the function definition of the jump, aCall lookup for a body function, a definition jump for a struct, and a jump to a specific item in a struct, the GNU global canfully satisfied with my needs, so the people who are accustomed to Emacs can throw the source insight away. about GNU GlobalGNU Global is kno

Linux Lakes 08: Write 16-bit code that can run in x86 real mode using GCC and GNU binutils

books, or write articles on the Internet, once you need to write 16-bit real-mode code, all like to take nasm say things, a little disregard of the GNU as feeling. Of course, this is a historical reason, because Linux since its inception is the 32-bit, is a multi-user multitasking operating system, so the GCC and GNU as a migration to Linux is used to write 32-bit protection mode of code. Moreover, Elf exe

Developing debugging applications using GNU GCC and GDB

(static_main_var); info (main_function_var); info (main); info (local_function); return 0;}Compile the adjustable target file and run:[Email protected]:~/workspace/test$ gcc-o test test.c[email protected]:~/workspace/test$./test Static_local_ Function_var @ 0x60102c local_function_var @ 0x7fffc2487a3c global_var @ 0x601020 static_ Global_var @ 0x601024 static_main_var @ 0x601028 main_f

GNU Tool Set

GNU Assembler (gas) The GNU assembler (known as gas) is the most popular assembler in the UNIX environment. Unlike most other development packages, the GNU assembler is not published in a separate package. It is bundled with other development software in the GNU Binutils package. The following programs are included in

MIPS64EL-UNKNOWN-LINUX-GNU-GCC cross-compile ELF-64 program __linux

When you compile a t.c file with MIPS64EL-UNKNOWN-LINUX-GNU-GCC, The contents of t.c are as follows: #include int main () { return 0; } Mybox ~ # mips64el-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc-c T.CMybox ~ # Mips64el-unknown-linux-gnu-ld-o-M ELF64LTSMIP t T.OMips64el-unknown-linux-gnu-ld:cannot find elf64ltsmip:no such file or

Linux Lake 23: Managing C + + projects with Eclipse and GNU Autotools

In all the previous essays in my series, the software was installed and uninstalled using the Linux distribution's own package management tools (such as apt-get, yum, etc.), and never showed you how to use the source code to build the software yourself. But children's shoes, which have long been in the Unix/linux world, know that compiling and installing software from source code is not so difficult, generally three steps:Configure Make Make InstallThe ability to manage the source code is so s

Chinese Computer Culture of GNU and Its Operating Systems (III)

What is GNU? Reference from the official website ( Definition: GNU is a Unix-like operating system composed of free software. You can choose to install a Linux kernel-based GNU system completely composed of free software. The GNU project was founded in 1984 to develop a complete

KDE Plasma 5.11 for the Gnu/linux desktop environment is officially released

Tags: Linux The KDE team today formally announced the launch of the KDE Plasma 5.11 Desktop environment for the Gnu/linux release, focusing on some of the core components and introducing new features. The desktop environment version, which was developed over the months, provided a beta version in mid-September, allowing early adopters to be used. One of the most notable aspects of KDE Plasma 5.11 is the introduction of the F

Access to the Debian GNU Linux Service list, service shutdown/Open, service automatically running at startup/expiration

/********************************************************************* * Author:samson * date:03/19/2015 * Test PL Atform: * GCC (Ubuntu 4.8.2-19ubuntu1) 4.8.2 * GNU bash, 4.3.11 (1)-release (X86_64-PC-LINUX-GNU) * *******************************************************************/Debian system startup scriptThe Debian Gnu/linux uses the SYSV module as the syst

Using GNU's ls command in the MacBook Terminal

1, first, I use the Iterm2 terminal. The method is: After the download to, copy to the Applications folder, you can.2, second, the Mac LS is not GNU LS, the two are different, it seems that the open source world or Apple has a view of the OH.3. Once again, use brew to install GNU Coreutils Package, Brew installs coreutils4, note, after installation, if you want to use the

GNU cross tool chain (ARM-Linux-GCC 3.4.4)

Source: chinaunix blog Date: 2006.08.28 GNU cross tool chain (ARM-Linux-GCC 3.4.4)Modified by litroncn ( on Sunhe ( 1. Working users and environments in Linux1.1 Software EnvironmentLinux Ubuntu 6.06 ltsKernel version BRL. 15-23-686GCC version 4.0.3 (Ubuntu 4.0.3-1ubuntu5)GNU make 3.81Msgfmt (GNU gettext-tools) 0.14.5Makein

Description of So_rcvlowat and So_sndlowat in GNU Linux

/********************************************************************* * Author:samson * date:07/12/2015 * Test PL Atform: * GCC (Ubuntu 4.8.2-19ubuntu1) 4.8.2 * GNU bash, 4.3.11 (1)-release (X86_64-PC-LINUX-GNU) * Nginx Version: * Nginx 1.6.2 * nginx 1.8.0 * *******************************************************************/So_rcvlowat So_sndlowatEach set of interfaces has a rec

0-length array in GNU C standard C and C + +, arrays with a length of 0 are forbidden. However, in GNU C, there is a very strange usage, that is, an array of length 0, such as array[0]; many people may find it inconceivable that an array of length 0 is meaningless, but here, it represents a completely different layer of meaning, which is not portable, so If you are committed to writing portable, or slightly cross-plat

Ubuntu Linux---GNU libc library

In addition to the libc and LIBM libraries, there are no other standard naming conventions for UNIX system libraries. Some system libraries on Linux may be different from the names of Libraries on UNIX platforms, which requires knowledge of the features that are included and supported by the various libraries on Linux. Table 3-2 lists some of the Linux system libraries based on the features supported. The following is a list of the library files contained in the

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