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GNU tool set

GNU assembler (gas) GNU assembler (called gas) is the most popular assembler in UNIX environments. Unlike most other development software packages, the GNU assembler is not released in a separate package. It is bundled with other development

GNU Tool Set

GNU Assembler (gas) The GNU assembler (known as gas) is the most popular assembler in the UNIX environment. Unlike most other development packages, the GNU assembler is not published in a separate package. It is bundled with other development

Android exception tracking debugging

Reprinted to describe the source.     1. Exception debugging information The following information is the information generated when an exception occurs in an Android Application Based on the MIPs processor:   Signal 8 (sigfpe), fault ADDR

MIPs compilation tips

Instruction length and number of registersAll MIPS commands are 32-bit, and the Instruction format is simple. Unlike x86, The x86 instruction length is not fixed. Take 80386 as an example,The instruction length can be 1 byte (for example, push) to 17

Greenplum Database Upgrade Practice (top)

Any system upgrade has a quantitative change to a qualitative transition: when the version is small, it is usually very simple, the version is a big difference, is a nightmare. But when the version is small, we tend to be complacent. This article

MIPS General Purpose Register + instruction

Reprinted from MIPS Universal Register MIPS has 32 general-purpose registers ($0-$31), the functions of each register and the use of the assembly procedures are as follows: The following table

BadIRET vulnerability Exploitation

BadIRET vulnerability Exploitation The Linux kernel code file arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S versions earlier than 3.17.5 did not correctly handle errors related to the SS (stack) segment register, this allows the local user to initiate an IRET command

MIPs register Introduction

MIPs has 32 General registers ($0-$31). The functions of each register and the usage conventions in assembler are as follows: The following table describes the aliases and usage of 32 general-purpose registers. ; Register Name Usage

Linux Command Collection

Command summary:mkdir Create directory make Directorys (full name)-P (Recursive)Ls-l (Long) d (dieectory) displays the directory or file name list. -A (can show hidden files)Ls-f=ls-p (to view the file with different symbols at the end of the

One Linux command per day: sed command __linux

Sed's handling of the text is powerful, and the SED is very small, with fewer parameters and easier to master, and his way of doing it is a bit like awk. Sed reads files sequentially line by row. It then performs all the actions specified for the

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