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Coding style--linux kernel developed coding style

Summarize the Linux kernel development coding style, easy to write code later reference.Here are just a list of some rules, specific instructions can be consulted: kernel source (Documentation/codingstyle)01-IndentIndent tab, and tab width is 8 charactersSwich and case alignment without indentationswitch (suffix) {Case ' G ':Case ' G ':Mem BreakCase ' M ':Case ' m ':Mem BreakCase ' K ':Case ' K ':Mem /* Fal

Why does Google not have a Java Style Guide (coding style guide)

Java is Google's coding style guide... this is awesome. We will provide you with a pdf version of the first version. If you have money, please buy the second version of the genuine version. There are also several Java-related coding styles that actually come from Google for reference:The encoding style recommended by

Linux Kernel Coding Style

Tags: a test tin ant hang bracket grep use RanchLinux Kernel Coding Style | Linux kernel coding StyleThis was a short document describing the preferred coding style for the Linux kernel. Coding

The high-speed landing practice of Python Coding style guide

The high-speed landing practice of Python Coding style guide Machine and human strengths, such as coding style Check this can be self-active work should be handed over to the machine, so this article helps you in a few minutes to achieve the coding

NIM Coding Style

IntroducedThe Nim language does not restrict which specific coding style the developer uses,But for the sake of community development, we should follow a unified coding style when writing some standard libraries.This article will list a series of coding

Learn the coding style of Linux

For coding, each yard may have its own set of styles, many people may not care about the coding style at all, because the final compiler compiled by the target code will not be affected. But in the development of a large project, the most time-consuming cost is always the communication between the developers. Keeping your cod

Recommended C Style and coding standards Chinese translation 1th/3 page _c language

0. The summary This article is translated from "recommended C Style and coding standards". Author Information: L.W Cannon (Bell Labs)R.A Elliott (Bell Labs)L.W Kirchhoff (Bell Labs)J.H Miller (Bell Labs)J.M Milner (Bell Labs)R.W Mitze (Bell Labs)E.P Schan (Bell Labs)N.O Whittington (Bell Labs)Henry Spencer (Zoology Computer Systems, University of Toronto)David Keppel (EECS, UC Berkeley, Cse, University o

Sinsing on the confusing coding style of PHP

As we all know, various programming languages have their own style, even if it is like C and C + + Same strain language (C + + is intended to be fully compatible with C syntax), there are some differences in programming style, such as a typical C + + style of single-line comments and C-style multiline comments.While Ja

JavaScript Coding style Guide (Chinese edition) _javascript tips

Objective: The coding style of the programming language is important for a long term maintenance software, especially in team collaboration. If a team uses a uniform coding style, it can improve the team's level of collaboration and productivity. The core of the programming style

Step-by-step Python (1) Basic logic Control examples and coding style specifications

(1) Basic logic Control Example and coding style specification1.while dead Loop2.for Cycle3.if,elif,else Branch Judgment4. Coding style (official recommendation)Version: Python3.41.while dead LoopImport time >>> i = 0 while 1: ... + = 1 ... Print (i) ... Time.sleep (3123^ctraceback (most recent) :" " in k

Google objective-c Coding style (2) naming

Naming rules are important for easily maintainable code. Objective-c's method names are often very long, but blocks of code read like prose, and do not require too much code comments.When writing pure Objective-c code, we basically adhere to the standard objective-c naming rules, which may be quite different from the C + + style guide. For example, Google's C + + style Guide recommends using underscore-deli

Pear installing php_codesniffer and phpstorm setting a unified coding style

Details by referenceHttp://www.cnblogs.com/huangbx/p/php_codesniffer.htmlPearHttp://pear.php.net/go-pearPHP go-pear.pharpear Install php_codesniffer error no releases available for package "Pear.php.net/php_codesniffer" Install failed execute pear clear-cachepear install Php_codesnifferNote: Cmd.exe is open with administrator status.Phpstorm settings: A picture wins thousands of words, directPear installing

The style of coding and how to set up debugging code

Coding style is not a rule, each person may have their own coding style and system of organizational style. But a good coding style is very important to remember that any code is read m

Google C + + Coding Style: Reference parameters

Google C + + Coding style definitionThe input parameter is passed in as a value or a const reference, and the output parameter uses a pointer. All input parameters in the form of a reference must be const, which is the form of the const t.such as the following form:void Foo(conststring instring *out);In the following cases, you can use the form of the const t*:* The need for pointers to be empty (i.e. null

Google C + + Coding Style: rvalue reference (Rvalue Reference)

string:Instance Ddeconstructor was called. Free allocatedstring: Instance Ddeconstructor was called.============ Constructor with string:Instance Efree Allocatedstring: Instance Edeconstructor was called.However, considering that reference folding in rvalue references (reference collapsing) introduces some complexity (conversion rules for left and right values), resulting in an understanding problem, the application scope of the Rvalue reference is defined as the opening point.In practice, an

JavaScript coding Style

Recently looking at the front-end Daniel Nicbolas C.zakas, "Write maintainable JavaScript code" book. Feel that a lot of knowledge points are written very well, so, write a blog post, summed up it! Coding specifications are important for programming, because if the coding style is inconsistent, the code looks messy and difficult to maintain. Of course, different

Linux OS kernel coding style

This short article describes the coding style preferred by the Linux kernel. Coding style is a very personal thing, I will not impose my opinion on anyone. However, the Linux kernel code is after all I have to be able to maintain, so I would rather its coding

"Go" python--coding specification

From the Woodpecker community Python Coding Rule ---hoxide first translation dreamingk proofreading release 040724 ---xyb re-typesetting 040915 ---zoomquiet moinmoin landscaping 050610 Coding style conventions when developing with PythonSource:PEP 008 Style Guide for Python codeDownlo

Code style tool Spec-coding styles __

different, is not conducive to collaborative programming, the code is also more confusing. But with the code style gadget, it can have a certain binding effect. function is important, code style and later maintainability are also important. Find some code style related articles on the Internet, such as saving Java Code style

Writing maintainable JavaScript reading notes (appendix A): JavaScript Coding style Guide (1) original value

NewPerson ("Nicholas"); } Else { return NULL; } }//good wording.varperson =getperosn ();if(Person!==NULL) {dosomething (); }//bad notation: compare to an uninitialized variablevarPerson ;if(Person! =NULL) {dosomething (); }//bad writing: test to determine whether a parameter is passedfunctiondosomething (arg1, arg2, Arg3, Arg4) {if(Arg4! =NULL) {dosomethingelse (); }}Avoid using special value undefined. Determine if a variable should be defined using the TypeOf operator.// good wordin

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