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Transfer of com domain names to Godaddy in China

Transfer Confirmation (Domain name Transfer successful), indicating that the Domain name has been successfully transferred to Godaddy, and then you can log on to Godaddy to manage the Domain name. check the WHOIS status again. The Registrar is already Godaddy:Domain Name: WWW. WZLM123.COMRegistrar: GODADDY. COM, INC.W

Every good seoer should be an excellent customer service first.

website is also able to save a lot of customer service time, is completely a winning situation. So that these sites are in a competitive position for a long time, because this is true from the user experience. So I suggest seoer more understanding of product knowledge, at least understand the product to be able to do a customer

Detailed description of the development instance of the WeChat public account customer service interface and the instance details

Detailed description of the development instance of the Public Account customer service interface, and detailed description of the Instance After the platform was updated, we found that the customer service interface was good. I will share my research with you. According to the official documentation, you can send the

Socket programming Multi-customer service (simple version)

Tags: Accept service com customer side ROC customer Shadow while DalService side:#!/usr/bin/env python# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-import socketimport syssk=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM)sk.bind((‘‘,8080))sk.listen(5)while True: #

Song Gang hongxing website customer service Training

the product, do Sales Customer service template, telephone communication script e-commerce company basic design, customer basic problems, can also be prepared in advance, do not need tension. Through the continuous practice of all the solutions and methods, you can be harvested through the job.650) this.width=650;" src=" Https://

Recently made a short URL service

recently made a short web site service: di81.comThere is a demand in the project, the long web site needs to be shortened to short URLs, the results by SMS, and other channels to push to the customer. Just started to use the online ready-made services directly, and then on a weekend suddenly preface want to achieve a unique long URL (text) shortened service.As a result of the socket

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