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Solve the problem that the Godaddy host cannot upload files

Godaddy's Windows host,'s trust mode is medium. If it is a file operation on the new station's sub-station, there will be an error of being unable to call the assembly! I believe many of my friends have tried many ways, but the results are

How to register in a foreign domain?

Webmaster Station Editor Press: domestic registered domain name Total has 3,000 worry silk, cut constantly turn out, reason also disorderly transfer, even have "rice mouth" disappearance case, the rice worm and individual stationmaster also have

Build a website from scratch (iii) DNS

The first part of the site to build the two main elements: domain name and server, this time to say is the domain name resolution, that is, the domain name and server binding process.When we visit the network, the URL is sent to DNSServer, which is

How to bind an MX record to 163 enterprise mail by Hostgator

Recently, we helped the customer move the host from Godaddy to Hostgator. The domain name is still on godaddy, but the NameSever (NS) is changed to Hostgator, so that the domain name can be managed in the hostgator background, you do not have to

SEO is important, but not to the SEO betting

This is the age that robs people of their eyeballs, there are too many products need to promote publicity, there are too many businesses to carry out a variety of promotions, the Internet is no exception, a variety of cases, emerging, SEO also came

Grasp the particularity of English websites and promote them overseas through SEO

When it comes to overseas promotions, you may not be unfamiliar. Here, there are also many friends who are doing foreign trade and English sites. In general, overseas promotions mainly include B2B platforms, email marketing, international

About the script home is mirrored statement _ this site announcement

The site was privately made mirror, in addition to the domain name of the other copy.Through technical means to find the domain name registration location, especially foreign registered domain name, can with the registrar email information, on a

Microsoft removed the Public Site function from SharePoint Online, using pointsite

Microsoft removed the Public Site function from SharePoint Online, using pointsite In the previous SharePoint Online version, you can create a unique public site, and then external users can access it anonymously. This is more practical for the

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