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The risk analysis of the domain name registration of GoDaddy

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported that the domestic well-known movie Database website time Network was closed the reason finally has the answer, time network closure is said to be related to the yellow, million network staff said,

Configure Apache Virtual Hosts-centos 7

Difficulty: 2Time: minutesWant to host websites on your server? Using Apache? Great. This article would show you what to do exactly that using Apache's "virtual hosts."In Apache, you can use virtual hosts to direct http traffic-a given domain name

HOWTO: configure the name server locally and enable DNSSEC

Note: If you have any questions about the content described in this article, contact Jimmy Xu. DNSSEC has been released for a short time, and the root server has been supported. The. org domain and some ccTLD have been fully deployed. However, it is

Site build from scratch (ii) Server space

The original published self-built website, welcome everyone to visit, reproduced please retain this paragraph or note the original first part of the domain name related knowledge, the introduction of the

tutorial on enabling HTTP Public key fixed extensions on the server _linux

Public key pinning is a certificate chain must contain a public key in a whitelist, which means that only the certificate issuing authority (CA) that is listed on the whitelist can issue a certificate for a domain *, not any CA stored in

Build a website from scratch (iii) DNS

The first part of the site to build the two main elements: domain name and server, this time to say is the domain name resolution, that is, the domain name and server binding process.When we visit the network, the URL is sent to DNSServer, which is

Truly permanent use of e-mail

China's Yahoo Mail stop service to many Yahoo Mail users feel disappointed and dissatisfied, for these users, the bad future may just begin. In 2007, Yahoo China announced the launch of "Unlimited capacity" free "lifetime Mailbox", the "Lifetime

Apache rewrite implements URL jump and domain jump

1, Rewirte main function is to implement the URL of the jump, its regular expression is based on the Perl language. Can be based on both server-level (httpd.conf) and directory-level (. htaccess) methods. If you want to use the rewrite module, you

Apache rewrite implements URL jump and domain jump

The main function of Rewirte is to implement a URL jump, and its regular expression is based on the Perl language. Can be based on both server-level (httpd.conf) and directory-level (. htaccess) methods. If you want to use the rewrite module, you

Personal website Development process

A formal website development, theoretically need a team of cooperation, each play their strengths, the site needs analysis, prototype design,, transduction, foreground art, backstage code, algorithm design, database design, server configuration and

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