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How to create a mysql database godaddy database in godaddy space

1. After we login space can, click the Launch button behind the web host 2. Then enter and then click the Mangel button, as shown in the following figure 3. Into the Mangel interface we find the following database, is the data base here is a detail is not to click phpMyAdmin, because this and domestic a little different, can not create a database can only query data operations, we click on the back of MySQL Database Open 4. Then fill in the Create New database, click on can be created, bu

Some problems after the website is uploaded to the Godaddy space

after I upload the web. config page: Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80040e09' Cannot update. Database or object is read-only. D: \ HOSTING \ 9418427 \ HTML \ CN \ ../inc/news2_inc.asp, line 13 This is very intuitive. the error is caused by the failure to update the database or the object attribute is "read-only ". This error indicates that we probably have nothing to do with root permissions, at least not directly. What if I set the attribute of the database file to read and write? It tur

Telecom shielding GoDaddy part of the DNS service

Starting from July 16, some local users (mainly in XI ' an telecom and some of the local unicom users) to me, unable to visit my blog, after my test to find out, the reason is that some areas of telecommunications operators blocked my blog DNS Resolution service provider GoDaddy DNS services, Xi ' an telecom's DNS server has some of the DNS shield of GoDaddy, so that those who use

The risk analysis of the domain name registration of GoDaddy

, the number of GoDaddy DNS server is very large, if shielding DNS server, will inevitably have a slip through, a DNS server is blocked, can be replaced by another DNS server, or even, we can set up the use of Third-party DNS servers, For example, Zoneedit, dnspod, etc., unless you can use a means to screen all foreign DNS servers, the DNS server shielding is basically not feasible. So is it feasible to block all offshore servers? If so, basically all

GoDaddy space independent IP can improve access speed

For the GoDaddy space, the purchase of independent IP has many reasons, such as, can prevent the site by the wall, can avoid being "bad neighbour" implicated, or, in the IPV4 address gradually depleted today, the purchase of an independent IP is also considered a fashion investment, but you may not think, for a webmaster, The most practical benefit is that the purchase of independent IP can significantly im

Godaddy's ASP space can publish ms SQL database through DPW

I purchased Godaddy's deluxe some time ago. Plan host, large and small websites are all put up at once, nearly 10, running for nearly a month, not bad, so far no downtime has been found, and the shared IP address is always positive. Often, not blocked. In addition, there is good news that Godaddy has comprehensively upgraded the Host Program Plan's storage space is upgraded from 150 GB to 1500 GB, and the t

Transfer of com domain names to Godaddy in China

1. The domestic network environment is not good for domain name protection. It is still not protected as a virtual property. Recently, it has been suspended by domestic domain name service providers. Although my domain name is not named, it is not worth any money. After all, this domain name is my painstaking efforts. At present, the domain name service in China feels like it takes care of a child to be put into the care of others. It is always insecure and insecure.2. Inconvenient management, t

How to import a MSSQL database to a Godaddy host

These days, when a user asked me about the import of the ms SQL database, I found that the MSSQL database of Godaddy cannot be released through remote control or be directly restored by backing up the Bak, you must convert it to CSV to import the database. It is very troublesome, and the chances of successful operations are not high for various reasons. Finally, you can purchase the ms SQL database from another service provider and store the web page

Godaddy domain name instructions

Godaddy domain name instructions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Related content Godaddy host purchase graphic tutorial Godaddy domain name and virtual host introduction Godaddy host VPs solution introduction

GoDaddy Registration Course

Use GoDaddy people know, in GoDaddy buy products If you do not have an account, then in the process of purchase also need to enter the registration account information, the steps are very cumbersome. Conversely, if you already have a GoDaddy account, then you directly enter account username and password login account, and then operation will be very convenient.

GoDaddy integrated Google Webmaster Tools

According to Mashable reports, as one of the world's largest domain registrars, GoDaddy is currently trying a new service so that its host users can know how Google views their site. This small experiment is in GoDaddy site editor Seamless integration of Google Webmaster Tools (Google Webmaster tools). Such integration allows GoDaddy host users to see the site's

GoDaddy can not visit from China

GoDaddy is the world's largest domain name registrars and top-notch host service providers, but also ICANN (Internet name and digital address distribution agency), the top Domain name Agent service provider, the provision of domain name products prices are relatively low, currently registered a COM domain name in the domestic million net needs 139 yuan per year, And in the price of GoDaddy for 9.99 U.S. dol

Ms SQL Server database import to Godaddy space database strategy

I have bought a Godaddy deluxe Plan (Windows) host. I have read about how to upload the local MSSQL database to the Godaddy server, however, I have tested that the Godaddy host fully supports uploading local data through the SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Maybe I have not read it comprehensively, and some other people may have posted relevant posts, however, I 'd

Host setup-one of Godaddy host usage instructions

Host setup-Godaddy host usage instructions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Related content Godaddy host purchase graphic tutorial Godaddy domain name and virtual host introduction Godaddy Domain Name Space purchase C

Apply for free Godaddy space and DNS settings

I just purchased the domain name in Godaddy .... $0.99 a year. really cheap. I heard that all domain names purchased in Godaddy can apply for a free space with ads. as a result, Google searched for the application method, although I applied for it. unfortunately, IP addresses are blocked for G/F/w... nnd ~~ Below isSilent StreetApplication Method: First, log onto

How to quickly upload a local MSSQL database to a Godaddy Server

I have read about how to upload a local MSSQL database to a Godaddy server because I purchased a Godaddy deluxe Plan (Windows) host, however, I have tested that the Godaddy host fully supports uploading local data through the SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Maybe I have not read it comprehensively, and some other people may have posted relevant posts, however, I '

How can I protect my Godaddy account against theft?

Where is the safety hazard of GoDaddy? Only need GoDaddy login account and password can manipulate all of your account, including the modification of passwords, mailboxes, domain name transfer, etc. and all this just need to log in to the account and password can, it sounds a little weird? Back to the beginning of the 2011 that incident, it is not difficult to imagine a lot of people "the same password t

How to transfer a registered domain name from Godaddy to HiChina

Please be sure to pay attention to two points before applying for transfer out: 1, before the purchase of domain name applications for private registration (private registration), be sure to turn this feature off, otherwise it will cause the domain name can not be transferred.2, the state of the domain name is locked (lock), must turn the state into unlocked, this will be introduced in the rear. If it is a lock state, the domain name cannot be transferred successfully.3, the domain name Admini

GoDaddy suspend China domain name registration business

According to overseas media reports, the world's largest domain name service provider in the United States and another U.S. company to provide similar services network Solutions LLC3 Month announced 25th, stop the CN domain name registration business. At present, GoDaddy has deleted a. cn Domain name Registration link in its official website, but other business in China has not been affected. GoDaddy by Chi

Common GoDaddy account security protection measures

1. Password settings are more complex What kind of password is called complex, generally the maximum length, password types include numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase and special characters even more complex passwords. For example, we use GoDaddy host to create an FTP account when there is a random password generation function, you can generate the complex password you want. Many people set a relatively simple password because such a pa

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