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The risk analysis of the domain name registration of GoDaddy

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported that the domestic well-known movie Database website time Network was closed the reason finally has the answer, time network closure is said to be related to the yellow, million network staff said,

As mentioned above, the promotion from Access to MSSQL

Run environment overview of the autumn Garden: the database is Access in a subdirectory of a foreign godaddy VM. Access paging: 1: topmax (id) is used as the paging mode when the CYQ. Data framework supports Access. In the absence of many articles

Deploying PHP on IIS 7 "follow one"

Prior to the successful deployment of PHP in the Windows 2008+IIS7 environment, on the basis of today, the previous Hang Q site transferred to this server.After the file is copied to the server, the problem continues to occur.1The first problem that

Truly permanent use of e-mail

China's Yahoo Mail stop service to many Yahoo Mail users feel disappointed and dissatisfied, for these users, the bad future may just begin. In 2007, Yahoo China announced the launch of "Unlimited capacity" free "lifetime Mailbox", the "Lifetime

As mentioned above, the promotion from Access to MSSQL

  Running environment overview of the autumn Garden:Currently, the database is Access in a sub-directory of a foreign godaddy VM.   Access pagination:   1: top max (id) When the CYQ. Data framework supports Access, top max (id) is used as the paging

Independent Blog Building Tutorials

Blogs, also translated into blog posts, blogs or tribal pavilions, are Web sites that are usually managed by individuals and are not regularly posted on new articles. Articles on blogs are usually arranged in reverse order from new to old according

A summary of the personal understanding of the "Baidu Search engine Optimization Guide"

"Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guide") released for some time, but I was the first time to seriously read. To do Baidu SEO, this optimization guide is like the Bible generally. Although only a few pages,

On the influence of different domain names on the weight of Baidu

With the increase of domain name registered users, the. com suffix of the short good memory of the domain name resources near exhaustion, and the second choice of net/.cn/.org and other domain names to do the portal site is also a thing that

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