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Photoshop to create a cool new Year rabbit-shaped gold three-dimensional word

Create a cool New Year rabbit-shaped gold three-dimensional word The focus of the tutorial is the text part of the creative, need to play according to the outline of the rabbit, 2011 to make similar rabbit-shaped text. And then three-dimensional. Use more layers, make the time to be careful.Final effect1, a new 800 *

Photoshop makes gorgeous New Year gold three-dimensional words

New Year's Day, the New year is coming, all members of the PS union wish everyone: triumphant Gao See welcome, lofty sentiments full of welcome New year. Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download | Photoshop free Downl

Game gold coin version 2.0 new bomb function new game countdown function new victory failure detection function using the rupeng game engine to create a form one-dimensional array set gold coins,

Game gold coin version 2.0 new bomb function new game countdown function new victory failure detection function using the rupeng game engine to create a form one-dimensional array set gold coins, The game code is as follows: Package com. swift; import java. awt. color; impor

[Chinese New Year Notes] New Year's Day

Temple of the city has been around for many times. This time, MM came to look at the ring. Shanghai old temple gold and Donghua meijing are actually those familiar. "Two people in the world platinum wedding ring"The advertisement will only be known after I have spent several stores with MM. Mm was found to have been "Predicate". When she arrived at the store, she directly asked the clerk about the ad's ring counter. MM thinks the real effect is not a

Dog year New Year couplets

can be converted into gold. Quit old spirit, gegeri;Welcome to the neighborhood news. The rooster returns to the Golden step;The yellow dog jumps to Yujie in spring. Shu liuming Ying qianggu Jing;A village of chinanetcenter. Spring Flowers filled with flowers;Cheng Ming from all over the world. Shu Jian-yu, Jinji, aged six years old;Shouhuamen, a dog of the new spring festival. Rich harvest in

Gold Map App--Interact with cloud background

result) {Mpoitextview.settext (result);Dissmissprogressdialog ();if (Result.equals ("true")) {Toast.maketext (CX, "Your information has been successfully submitted", Toast.length_long). Show ();}else if (Result.equals ("false")) {Toast.maketext (CX, "Your information submission failed because you have submitted the information. ",Toast.length_long). Show ();}else if (result.equals ("error")) {Toast.maketext (CX, "your message submission failed because it could be a network problem,"Toast.length

An error occurred during SAP-fi-afab-asset depreciation. "after the previous year's settlement, you can only charge for the New Year"

provisions. The reference is as follows: HandlingDepreciation posting program error for first period depreciationPosting ErrorMessage: "aa687-you can only post in New Year after closingPrevious Year" Background: InScenario where asset accounting has been implemented first time forCompany Code WithThe following confi

Wang xiao'er is not as good as a year for the Chinese New Year. As long as he persists, there will always be a time of development.

Wang xiao'er's "Fish Head tofu" said that during the Qing Dynasty emperor Qianlong's parade in Hangzhou, one day served to visit Wushan, because tiangong was not beautiful, and was drenched as a chicken, but helpless to help the mountain Wang Xiaojia. Although the Wang xiao'er family is poor, he generously used the only tofu, fish heads and spinach in the family to make spinach, tofu and fish-headed tofu to entertain uninvited guests. After eating Qianlong, he felt delicious and abnormal. He ret

2008 New Year's Day Greetings Collection _ Classic Net Pick

Festival To, I put blessing to wish, good luck every day, life step by step high, lottery biennium, play cards win, taste good, if you dare to forget me, beware of sticks! 034 I wish a happy new Year, a bright future, best luck, good fortune, happy family, prosperity, many happy returns, returns, Happy, Gunton Henton, Dream repeatedly! New Year's Day SMS encyclo

New Town Holdings: The into gold of refining numbers under billions of targets

all in here, after filling out, once applied can not be modified. And the point we use is the soft strength of the sails.In addition to this and also to talk about the role of sail soft in operation management, they gave us a new operation management system, eliminating the past site to write word report evaluation of the tedious. After discussion, we also added approval flow, now there is an approval flow and our nesting, there is also a quality sec

Teach you to build PHP development "Gold free new partner"

development environment components⑥ input Start your RK Project entry file index.phpConclusion: the so-called "Gold free new partner" means the integration of the essence of the current PHP integrated development tools, absorbing the vast number of open people's valuable experience, it is really tall, heavy taste, phpre development platform freely with PHP version and best fit WordPress,

The origins of New Year's Day and a beautiful myth

New Year's legends"Ah --"There was a sudden scream, followed by a few miserable noises. I saw Jin Wu spin body, fly up and fly, the back of the wings has been oblique cut off half, gold as the rain from the wound splash, falling instantly become a melting sea of fire. When I look at it, I say, "Where are the obstacles going?", and I am eager to leave it empty. Which of the following is Jin Wu's fierce and s

2008 New Year's Day Blessing SMS Encyclopedia Top 1th/3 Page _ Classic net Pick

through each time, may peace with you passes each point, may happy and you pass every second! Wish you have a good mood every day in the New Year! Some things will not fade because of the passage of time, some people will not because of the uncommon face and forget, in my heart you are my forever friend. On the arrival of the new

How to make a New Year's calendar with Word 2010

accurate, the date, week, lunar calendar, festival, solar terms of the corresponding relationship will not have any problems, but the appearance is too "popular", the lack of personalized elements, it is difficult to meet personalized needs, we can change the font, size, color, Add background, etc. to the automatically generated calendar post-processing, so that the New

Photoshop Create New Year atmosphere Fireworks list

To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis of the creation of New Year atmosphere fireworks light Point Word Tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, a new 1000 * 600 pixels, resolution of 72 of the canvas, the background with the paint bucket tool filled with black, the effect of the following f

Happy New Year! This is a collection of key points of AI and deep learning in 2017, and ai in 2017

Happy New Year! This is a collection of key points of AI and deep learning in 2017, and ai in 2017RuO puxia Yi compiled from WILDMLProduced by QbitAI | public account QbitAI 2017 has officially left us. In the past year, there have been many records worth sorting out. The author of the blog WILDML, Denny Britz, who once worked on Google Brain for a

PS Make New Year greeting card

The tutorial uses the Photoshop design to make a new year greeting card, wishes the net friends Happy New Year! Among the tools used are gradient tools, layer styles, text tools and so on, netizens extrapolate, their own design to create a greeting card to friends and relatives ~ ~ The final effect as shown in Figure 0

Photoshop creates super cool New Year stereo words

Cool New Year three-dimensional word The tutorial has a more visual impact on the font effect. The fabrication method is not too complex, the emphasis is to set the high light and dark tone according to the reasonable light source direction. The perspective part of the text can be set and adjusted according to the actual text.Final effect1, create a new 1024 * 7

Celebrate the 2015 New Year: Tank Wars (Robocode) game Programming Competition Graphic Summary

calculation, finally reached the final ranking.The award ceremony was held on February 2 in the lobby of the company's first floor.The organizing committee is specially awarded for the contestants, non-developers, the special prize, the reward testers and the technical service, sales and other outstanding players.The Immaculate Silver Group Awards.Brilliant Gold Group awards.The strongest Platinum group awards.Championship Award.The Organizing commit

Welcome to the new year of 2015: graphic summary of the Robocode game programming competition, robocode 2015

Welcome to the new year of 2015: graphic summary of the Robocode game programming competition, robocode 2015 Before the Spring Festival of 2015, grape city software engineers welcomed the New Year in a unique way-2015 New Year pro

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