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Android Audio recording Mediarecorder simple recording software implementation code _android

Steps to use Mediarecorder:1. Create Mediarecorder objects2, call the Medirecorder object's Setaudiosource () method to set the source of the sound, general incoming mediarecorder.mic3, call the Mediarecorder object's Setoutputformat () to set the format of the recorded audio file4, invoke the Mediarecorder object's Setaudiorncoder (), setaudioencodingbitrate (int bitrate), setaudiosamlingrate (int SamplingRate) Set the recorded encoding format, codin

Released a software for recording and broadcasting light videos, recording audio and video with h264/AAc, saving FLV, and supporting rtmp live broadcast.

You have uploaded the file to csdn at This program can record the camera video and microphone audio as FLV files. Video Compression uses H.264 encoding, and audio compression uses AAC encoding. rtmp live video can be synchronized (the server end must be FMS/wowza/red5 ). Information such as bit rate, resolution, frame rate, and key frame interval can be s

VEGAS 5.0 Audio Novice--recording software operation example

The software operation example of recording in Lesson four Recording on the system configuration and operating system basic requirements: support Win98 above all operating systems, DX8.1, recommended dx9.0b, memory of course, the larger the better, 128MB memory recommended use WIN98,256MB memory above recommended use WINXP,CPU of course, the sooner the better, Ha

Android audio recording and Android audio recording

Android audio recording and Android audio recordingMediaRecorder class detailsMobile phones generally have microphones and cameras, and Android systems can use these hardware to record audio and video.Android provides a MediaRecorder class to support audio and video

. Net simple recording and playback audio file code,. net recording audio code

. Net simple recording and playback audio file code,. net recording audio code Features of this Code: DirectX is not required and applicable to C/S and B/S. Method: [Csharp]View plaincopy // MciSendStrin. It is an API command used to play multimedia files. It can play MPEG, AVI, WAV, MP3, and so on. The following d

Recording audio in windows and recording audio in windows

Recording audio in windows and recording audio in windows Reference: 1: Open Source Code on github: Click to open the link. Because you need to write your own file header to store audio, the file storage function is used for reference here. 2: A very useful post code: Click

Recording audio simultaneously during Screen Recording in GNOME-Shell

During Screen Recording in GNOME-Shell, GNOME-Shell provides a screen recording function (press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + R to start or stop) first use the following command to enable GNOME-Shell to support audio recording: gsettingssetorg. gnome. shell .... during Screen R

Audio Capture recording and audiocapture recording

Audio Capture recording and audiocapture recording The Android multimedia framework provided des support for capturing and encoding a variety of common audio formats, so that you can easily integrate audio into your applications. You can record

Android audio processing through Audiorecord to save PCM files for recording, playback, stop, delete function _android

Short[buffersize]; Audiorecord.startrecording (); LOG.I (TAG, "Start recording"); IsRecording = true; while (isrecording) {int bufferreadresult = (buffer, 0, buffersize); for (int i = 0; i If you want to debug these PCM files to do audio testing, I recommend using audacity this software, you can see, I directly click on the upper left corner

Can litchi FM audio be exported? Litchi FM Recording Audio Export method

Litchi FM how to export audio 1, in the Litchi FM draft box can see their own recorded sound audio 2, we turn on the phone file management 3, and then find 183 folders in the phone 4, then open lizhifm_files in turn, then click Upload, Open this folder 5, this AAC file is the audio file that we just recorded 6, if we

Android-Frame layout, UI layout switching, recording, camera, audio/video player, and audio player

// No title bar RequestWindowFeature (Window. FEATURE_NO_TITLE ); // Full screen display (hide the status bar) // Call getWindow (). addFlages (WindowManager. LayoutParams. FLAG_FULLSCREEN) before setContentView ); Androied-programming UI/layout Switching LinearLayout linearLayout = new LinearLayout (this ); LayoutParams = new LinearLayout. LayoutParams (ViewGroup. LayoutParams. FILL_PARENT, ViewGroup. LayoutParams. FILL_PARENT ){ TextView = new TextView (this ); TextView. setText (R. string.

[Import] czonesoft audio and video online recording messages-upgraded to a multi-user Audio and Video Show Platform

Upgrade features: 1. added custom recording file names. 2. added the online recording preview and record features. 3. Most importantly, it is now available! It supports multiple users. Come and apply for your own multimedia space.. Address: http://Av.Toohi.Com------------------------------------------------------------------About Cooperation:If you need to develop an application for online

Detailed description of the audio recording and playing process for ALSA Conversion

. Perform analysis: Recording: the mic is sent to codec and converted to a digital signal through the ADC. It is stored in the first-in-first-out (FIFO) of the CPU through the ac97 interface in pending 2, and transferred to the memory through the DMA Interface in pending 1, the snd_pcm_readi interface in alsa_lib to be continued 3 is passed to the recording software

Audio playback and recording of iOS development

");}-(Ibaction) Pause: (ID) Sender {/** * pauses playback; sound remains ready to resume playback from where it is left off. */[_player pause];}/** * Specify the current playback time*/-(Ibaction) timechanged: (UISlider *) Sender {_player.currenttime=Sender.value;}/** * Change playback speed*/-(Ibaction) Ratechange: (UISlider *) Sender {_player.rate=Sender.value;}/** * Change the playback volume*/-(Ibaction) volunmchanged: (UISlider *) Sender {_player.volume=Sender.value;}RecordingThe Avfoundati

Two audio recording methods for Android

Two audio recording methods for Android In mobile APP development, every time an APP is designed for multimedia development, many programmers will suffer, and the project development progress will slow down And the APP testing will increase. Multimedia Development in Android includes audio playback, audio

Audio recording format for iOS and Android devices with instant voice connectivity

Before I developed my iphone, I knew very little about the sound format. I know some of the differences between "wav" and "MP3" sound formats, but I certainly can't tell you exactly what the "AAC", "CAF" sound file is, and how the best way to convert audio files on your Mac is not known.I know that if you want to be a qualified iphone developer, you have to have a basic understanding of sound file data format, conversion,

IPhone audio 101 (Part 2): conversion and recording

ArticleDirectory Afplay, afconvert, afinfo Recording audio files on Mac Next IPhone audio 101 (Part 2): conversion and recording Translator: Xia laiyou Disclaimer (read only !) : The original translations of all tutorials provided by this blog are from the Internet and are only for learning and

Android audio and video goes deep into an AudioRecord recording to generate pcm into wav (with source code download), androidaudiorecord

Android audio and video goes deep into an AudioRecord recording to generate pcm into wav (with source code download), androidaudiorecord This project address is named AudioRecord recording (can be paused, convert pch to wav ).Https:// is an official description

VEGAS 5.0 Audio Novice Starter--the hardware operation example of recording

Lesson three the hardware operation example of recording The following is mainly about the hardware use and operation of recording: 1. Handling the recording environment, to ensure quiet and sound insulation (preferably to do the sound absorption processing, but the amateur conditions are not good, this is a bit difficult, I can not do, hehe). 2. Fixed the mic

iOS audio Development (recording + play + clip + compositing + compression transcoding)

Recording://Audio sessionAvaudiosession *session = [Avaudiosession sharedinstance];Nserror*sessionerror;/*avaudiosessioncategoryplayandrecord: Recording and playback avaudiosessioncategoryambient: for non-voice-focused apps, mute with mute key and screen off. Avaudiosessioncategorysoloambient: Similar to the avaudiosessioncategoryambient difference is that it sto

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