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[Multi-Yuan-intelligence-Energy] theory iq eq aq inverse business FQ Financial Business HQ Health Business BQ commodity CQ creation business MQ de business DQ daring business MQ core business WQ zhishang sq lingshang

Multi-Yuan-intelligence-energy theory iq eq aq inverse business FQ Financial Business HQ Health Business BQ primary business CQ creation business mq d-Business qidr business MQ core

Ceph Related Blogs, websites (256 OpenStack blogs)

Official documents: CEPHFS file system)Ceph official Chinese Documentation: in OpenStack:, etc.: Architecture30

Using Python to back up Sina blogs and using python to back up Sina blogs

Using Python to back up Sina blogs and using python to back up Sina blogs This article describes how to back up Sina Blog using Python. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Python2.7.2 is implemented, and it is recommended to run in IDE. #-*-Coding: UTF-8-*-# ''' Created on 2011-12-18 @ author: ahan ''' import reimport sysimport osimport timeimport socketimport localei

Python implements batch download of Sina blogs, and python implements Sina blogs

Python implements batch download of Sina blogs, and python implements Sina blogs This example describes how to download Sina blogs in batches using python. Share it with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: # Coding = UTF-8 import urllib2import sys, osimport reimport stringfrom BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoupdef encode (s):

Write blogs-php & amp; MySQL practices, write blogs-php_PHP tutorials

Write blogs-php amp; MySQL practices, and write blogs-php. Squeeze time to write a blog-phpMySQL practice, write a blog-phphi should eat hot pot at night, squeeze time to write something, don't be discovered by the boss. 1. PHP and MySQL. 5. after the article is published, enter the blog-php MySQL practices, and write the blog-php. Hi If you want to eat hot pot at night, just take some time to write some

Blog beautification (3): mobile phones browse blogs perfectly, and mobile phones browse blogs.

Blog beautification (3): mobile phones browse blogs perfectly, and mobile phones browse blogs. This article is based on his blog The browsing effect of the blog garden on the mobile phone is not very good, so let's modify it in two steps. Step 1: Add js Code to the top html code 1 Step 2: Modify css code You can use Google's f12 browser to browse the Mobile Phone mode and then modify it. 1 @ media screen a

Sort out your blogs and blogs.

Sort out your blogs and blogs.Algorithm Entry to string hash Shocked! Vector two lines of code to reverse order, six lines of code through the normal balancing tree 8. Solution to digital Problems Discretization Template With the Modified Mo team Algorithm Analysis of stack in Tarjan and implementation of SLT StackNumber Theory Three methods of reverse element (with detailed proof) √ N evaluate the single-valued Euler's Function Matrix deriva

Link Exchange between recruitment blogs and headhunting blogs

June 22 Have you ever thought about exchanging links with "looking at the world? The opportunity is coming. From now on, anyone who intends to exchange links can leave a message or send an Email to dacare [at] "NOTE: add this blog link to the VIP homepage to show friendliness 』FAQWhy do we need to exchange links? Since this blog is not for yourself, it cannot be used by no audience. Swapping links can increase pagerank and search engine crawling rates. Bring new friends and g

47 Blog Tips for the best blogs in the world

, your diary should reflect it. In the end, you will find your own voice and style, and if you write something interesting or amusing, you will have more and more readers. You don't have to intentionally impress others. • Don't talk about work, avoid writing about people you just know. Otherwise you will eventually offend some people. • Blogs are like a series of tips for getting your own online stickers, a record of finding interesting things or doin

Thinking on Business operation mode of Business-to-business e-business

E-commerce business-to-business business model is not simply to run a network of supermarkets and logistics, not simply the enterprise itself in favor of marketing and open the Network window, but also not e-commerce operators for the promotion of enterprise goods opened an advertising company (advertising is only a variety of operations service providers in the

A full introduction to blogs and RSS

  What is a Blog? "Blog" is the short name of Web log (translator Note: That is, blog (also known as the Chinese mainland blogs)). It is an intermediary that the author interacts with the reader in the journal style. In the software community, it is becoming more and more popular to share ideas and ideas in the form of blog. For example: Http:// is a blogging on MSDN.   What's the easiest way to create a blog? The easiest way to build yo

Search engines like but don't necessarily prefer blogs

get feedback. We note that the rankings of major websites are rising due to excellent links from blogs. This is exciting, but it does not produce significant, shocking figures. In retrospect, blogs played an unexpected role. First, with more than 400 articles, blog to become an excellent knowledge base, we can choose potential customers. If we can determine a random technical problem for a website, at leas

On the current situation and development of Chinese blogs

positioning, netizens just a participant, the article published and comment back, are the rules, there is a certain audit mechanism, there is a person (moderator, network management, editing, etc.) in the management. In comparison, blog more emphasis on personality. In essence, a blog is actually a ready-made page template, you can publish articles and comments, and can be indexed by the calendar of personal sites. It's relatively simple in form, and managers and publishers are usually one pers

Best C # blogs (highly recommended)

needed a way to keep track of software development over time-whatever I am thinking about or working on. I can research things I find interesting, document my research in public with a blog post, then easily find and refer to these blog posts later. "(recent post: HashTables, pigeonholes, And birthdays) Joel on Software By Joel Spolsky, a software developer in New York City. since 2000, Joel has been writing about software development, management, business

47 Blog Tips for the world's top blogs

a series of tips for getting your own online stickers, a record of finding interesting things or doing stupid stuff. If someone builds a blog tomorrow to record the childhood life of a kitten that is extremely full of photographic cells, I am absolutely sure there will be huge traffic. Glenn Reynolds ( Publish your diary regularly, find topics you're interested in, keep track of, and write seriously (I hate blogs full of spelling and

7 Tips for structuring corporate Blogs

. Remember Kiss's law? Keep it short and stupid. Customers are always stupid, you are too long, people can not fully absorb, as simple, let your message spread away easily. 5. The right content Although the blog's personal style is relatively strong, but its content must also be relevant to the theme. The Content is King. Only good content can attract readers. Only the right and relevant content can turn readers into customers. If your blog post is only Shing month, no matter how excit

Blogs should not cater to readers to write

Who does a person's blog write for? Written for himself, or for the reader? Should blogs cater to their readers and write about what their readers like? This is probably a problem that puzzles many bloggers. Today I will discuss the problem in detail.   A spoiled reader. Blog early is another form of diary, with strong personalization, the reader is initially attracted by the author's personality, and subscribe to or read the blog for a long time. How

Top 50 computer science blogs

ArticleDirectory Computer Science Computational Complexity and Theory The juncture of physics and Computer Science In 2007, computer science lecturer Neil McBride argued that computer science was going the way of Latin ages... That a variety of factors might contribute to the death of this field, including robots, lack of interest and progress in computing itself. three years later, computer science seems to be holding its own and expanding into fields such as physics and g

The top ten it blogs worth reading

Business 2.0 magazine (Ommalik). Before resigning alone, Aum was already a well-known figure in the blogosphere. He has been in the "Forbes", "Red herring" and other media to serve, and has a brief career in the VC, wrote a lot of telecommunications/broadband areas of comments and in-depth articles. In June 2006, he decided to formally set up a company to run his blog, and invited a number of senior editors and authors to make the blog's focus area w

Quality Blogs from Java developers

This list collects to quality blogs from Java developers to the world. Some of these blogs May is written by Java developers, but at least Java developers should find it useful or interesti Ng. Reading Those blogs should is fun and often bring some fresh ideas.Google ranks large websites higher. That's not so fair for small high-quality

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