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Design (23) 3D graphic software design of binary Functions

Design (23) Graphic software design for Binary Functions This software is designed to create black-and-white illustrations for papers or textbooks. It uses gridlines to represent the 2-element function z = f (x, y). [Note: Actually, it is y = f (x, z), x, z is the ind

2016.5.15 essay ———— Web graphic design software Illustrator (Ai) and Photoshop (Ps) Introduction

1. Vector Graphics and bitmapsVector diagram:A vector graph is mathematically defined as a series of points connected by lines.Vectors are drawn according to geometric features, and can only be generated by software (not present in reality).The file footprint is small because this type of file contains separate, detached images that can be freely and indefinitely re-assembled.Most importantly: the vector image is not distorted after amplification, whi

Free Open source 3D model design software Summary

intuitive, with chrome and other browser plug-ins.All models are available in the cloud, and the output file format is supported. Stl. DAE,. Obj. TinkercadTinkercad is a fully web-based 3D modeling platform and community.Modeled like a 3d tin, you can create STL files directly using Tinkercad's online interactive tools.TINKERCAD also has a community that can share models.Free Open source 3D model design software

10 best free web design software at a glance

attaching information, this tool is popular with programmers and is also suitable for any novice who has just touched the web design. Its function is suitable for both the Web veteran and the new design. In addition, it also has an active online forum, everyone in the use of actual problems encountered here can be answered.4.CoffeeCup Free HTML EditorIf you want

Talking about the lock-free design of storage software

greatly reduced. In general, lock contention will lead to a reduction in CPU usage efficiency, so that the processor's IPC metrics become very low. So in the software model above, how to improve processor efficiency, give full play to the NVMe ssd performance? This requires consideration of the use of a lock-free design. In the multi-threaded concurrent proce

Graphic design of fonts: methods and techniques for graphic design of fonts

the entire screen to create a kind of upward momentum, so in the design of processing lines become more tilted sharp, strengthen its sense of speed and strength. At the same time, if the design of the page on female products, you may use more curved, slender lines to reflect the characteristics of feminine soft. Tips: Learn from good English fonts. Recommend two excellent English font websites:http://n

Visual Communication design: The difference between graphic design and web design

cause a sense of visual fatigue. We usually in the design process, graphic design of the font to choose more free, do not worry about the later implementation of the problem, all the text will eventually output to the graphics for printing, and web design needs to consider

Differences in visual communication between graphic design and web design

page according to its image mode using RGB color mode. The use of color in graphic design focuses on visual impact and visual flow guidance (similar to the banner design in web design), and web design (product Class) More attention is the information structure of the comb,

How do beginners begin to learn graphic design?

See a lot of friends want to learn graphic design, but do not know where to learn from, touch the mind, can not find the entrance. Let's talk now about where the "gate" of the graphic design is going.   First, understand what graphic de

What does graphic design do?

Graphic design In the end is what, I believe a lot of friends also said is not the specific content of it, the following small series for you to introduce, a look at it!@ The former child mainly at home with the wife and children, the secondary daily work to exercise the body went. Start the topic, the general Friends and family party ask the most is what do you do? From Shenzhen back to the third-tier c

Release a free open source software--pad flowchart Drawing software Padflowchart

, easy to understand characteristics. Support for the use of top-down, stepwise refinement methods is well suited for the detailed design phase of the software.The software realizes the pad diagram of the graphic elements, add some easy to program the auxiliary elements, can be very convenient to express program logic, in line with the development of the

Video tutorial on Web graphic design of the "Preach Intelligence podcast"

, performance and structure separation, CSS syntax, CSS Common Properties, CSS control text and link CSS selector details use, CSS Common Properties, CSS control border, background, CSS box model, Block elements and inline elements floating layout, positioning layout, common div+css layout, project Combat-free public course page production.HTML is currently the most popular web authoring language, and most of the Web pages in the Internet use HTML to

Design sentiment: Methods and techniques of graphic design of fonts

design of processing lines become more tilted sharp, strengthen its sense of speed and strength. At the same time, if the design of the page on female products, you may use more curved, slender lines to reflect the characteristics of feminine soft. Tips: Learn from good English fonts. Recommend two excellent English font websites: (2) Glyph combination

Six major differences between web design and graphic design concepts

1. Design concept is not the same The core of graphic design is brand. It should be the brand as the starting point to design, to the visual 100% embodies the charm of the brand. And the core of Web design is the user. The purpose of the site is to communicate with the user

The art of Linux kernel design: Graphic Design and Implementation of Linux operating system architecture

The art of Linux kernel design: Graphic Design and Implementation of Linux operating system architecture The art of Linux kernel design: graphic design and implementation principles of Linux operating system architecture. The abil

Programming Implementation of the graphic editing software undo and redo (how to program using C ++ builder or Delphi ??)

network cabling auxiliary design system is designed. Ladies and Gentlemen:Can code be provided ?? Thank you !! Yes. Serving members wholeheartedly is our purpose. To sanmaotuo (laifeng)I got a star. Come on! My graphic editing function is like this: you can draw lines, circles, ovans, and various elements on the canvas.Select, move, rotate, and change the shape with the mouse, as well as the entire

Small graphic design knowledge

Every time you open a magazine with bright layout, colorful jumps, and well-designed texts, you have a feeling of relief, even if you are not interested in the text content, some exquisite advertisements can also attract you. This is the charm of graphic design. It can convey a concept and an idea to people who see it through exquisite composition, layout and color. In fact, as long as we master some

Free Open-Source Software (2): 10 large image editing and processing software

Http:// I have already introduced the open-source software for 10 basic network applications. Today, I will introduce 10 free open-source graphic image editing software for those who prefer to design it.Open-source image and photo editing

94 free software better than paid Software

through various charts and text information. Jdiskreport: Http:// Best software set Theopencd contains a lot of free software and open-source software that anyone can use freely, Theopencd: Http:// Best HTML editing

Graphic processing software color film making family portrait tutorial

Now, almost all families have cameras, in the Chinese New Year holidays, unavoidable to take a few photos, that is, a family photo. And such a family portrait of course can not be sloppy. So, how to make synthesis of a warm and beautiful family picture? Today, small make up to share this fool and professional image processing software---Color shadow, its powerful image processing capacity and humanized design

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