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Marketing Solution for Enterprise websites

Part 1 online network promotion1) content: the most interesting and attractive content for usersWhat we need to do is to integrate the content to form a distinctive and attractive topic that is displayed on the homepage and promotion page of the

Some good websites collected [Continuous updates]

Nice page background Http:// notepad Http:// Good

System Architecture of large, high-concurrency and high-load websites

Reprinted please keep Source: junlin Michael's blog ( P = 71)Trackback URL: P = 71 I have set up a dial-up access platform in CERNET, and I have worked in front-end

Improve the ranking of websites in search engines

In the ocean of the Internet, interconnection is the most important thing. websites that are not referenced by other websites are "information islands ". "Wine is good and you are afraid of alley depth", maybe it is a bit like Spam advertisement,

Test B2B industry websites to help your websites succeed

B2B industry websites need to be tested during the design and development process, before the product is finally launched, after the product is launched, during daily operation, and after the website is revised, the test is accompanied by all the

10 tips for PHP Web websites to adapt to mobile devices

[Editor's note] compared with the desktop end, users are increasingly accessing webpages from mobile devices, which is nothing new. However, developers still need to work hard to make the website better adapt to the current mobile devices. At the

Security concerns of group buying websites

During the Golden Week of the 11 S, the group buying market was once again on fire. Group Buying promotions such as "smashing golden eggs" and "receiving red packets" were in full swing. However, according to the China Group Buying website security

To "system architecture of large, high-concurrency and high-load websites"

This article from:   I have set up a dial-up access platform in CERNET, developed it on the front-end platform of the load search engine in yahoo3721, and upgraded the architecture of

Experts tell you how to design Useful Websites

Author: Steve outing What's wrong with your website? There may be many. Despite the network fever in the past few years, and the growth of online media, there are still many people in this industry to learn, and it is still a period of time. For

System Architecture of large, high-concurrency and high-load websites

I set up a dial-up access platform in CERNET, and then set up the front-end platform of the load search engine in yahoo3721. Development And has processed large data volumes at the maopu. Community The architecture upgrade and other work of the

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