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The history of Photoshop software, and explains its pros and cons.

Photoshop, referred to as PS. As a picture editing software, widely favored by designers and enthusiasts. A good software is not overnight, are in constant modification and additions and deletions gradually matured, the following on Photoshop explain its development process .  In the fall of 1987, Thomes Knoll, a gradu

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v5.4 macosx Professional photographer image processing software

, quality assurance!! Long-term effectiveness:* * Telephone tel:13963782271 customer service qq:16264558 Mail (email): [Email protected]-------------------Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v5.4 macosx Professional photographer image processing softwareTama Software Pepakura Designer 3.1.3aScooter Pro4.0.3.0BMB Software Lottra MP3 Downloader music downl

Photoshop picture software History How to quickly clear

Photoshop is a more commonly used picture PS modification software, with the usual use of PS software, in Photoshop software will also store a large number of data, which will affect the software operation and system operation, so

TIPS: Google's support for Photoshop and other software running in Linux

TIPS: Google notes grants support for running Photoshop and other software under Linux-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Recently, some messages about Linux are really a pleasure. The Linux system is getting better and better, and the following software is becoming richer and richer.

Photoshop design technology-rich APP software APP icon-PS tutorial

This tutorial is intended to introduce my friends to the APP icon method of Photoshop design technology. the icons designed in this tutorial are very cool. the tutorials are very detailed and recommended, let's take a look at it. this tutorial introduces the APP icon method of Photoshop design technology-rich APP software to my friends at the foot of the house. T

How does the XP system uninstall Photoshop software?

How does the XP system uninstall Photoshop software? 1, on the boot, with the mouse to open the lower left corner of the desktop menu, the Start menu in the right column to find Control Panel this option. 2, click the left mouse button to open the Control Panel window, in the window and find: Add or Remove program options, as shown in the Red Arrows indicated: 3, click on the left mouse but

Google funded technical team to help Photoshop and other software run under LinuxWine

Google funded the technical team to help Photoshop and other software run under LinuxWine-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Google's staff recently confirmed in their blog that it has provided CodeWeavers with funds to help develop more Wine applications. Various programs, including Photosh

Photoshop creates a dark green software APP icon for three-dimensional fashion-PS tutorial

This tutorial introduces how to use Photoshop to create a dark green software APP icon for three-dimensional fashion. it has a very beautiful production effect and a lot of content, but it is very detailed, I hope you will like this tutorial to introduce the pale green software APP icons created by Photoshop in three-d

Photoshop design a software APP icon consisting of a realistic and textured swimming ring-PS tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use Photoshop to design a software APP icon consisting of a realistic and textured swimming ring. the icon texture produced by this tutorial is very good and recommended to PHP, this tutorial introduces the software APP icon method that uses Photoshop to design a realistic and textured sw

Image processing software Photoshop ajax+php The five-picture processing of the learning side

'];Uploading Files via Move_uploaded_fileif (!move_uploaded_file ($_files[' myfile ' [' tmp_name '], $thefile)) {echo "There is an error uploading the file.";}else{?>"Http://" > "/> }}}}?> The Doneloading function in the last part of the code above is used to display the image and modify the size of the image. Which will be used to thumb.php, it will be in the images directory to generate the source image of the large, medium and small three

Photoshop software app Chettu and tagging tutorials sharing

Share the app Chettu and tagging tutorials for users of Photoshop software. Tutorial Sharing: First, briefly introduce several PS frequently used shortcut keys: Slicing tool: Click c into slice mode Free browsing Pictures: Press and hold the space, drag the mouse Free zoom Picture: Hold ALT + Wheel Click on the screen to select a layer: ALT + right mou

How to use the Font awesome fonts icon in image editing software such as Photoshop

1, first to download font awesome fonts, extract the Fonts folder found in the Fontawesome.otf file, double-click the installation font. Such as: 2. Restart your Photoshop or other image editing software to ensure that the fonts are loaded by the software. 3. In the font Awesome4.2.0 All Fonts icon Reference page find the icon you want, (note: Is the ic

PhotoShop CS6 drawing software CD-ROM product packaging effect tutorial

Tutorial teaches you to Adobe PhotoShop CS6 software to create a concise CD product packaging effect, the overall use of gray tone, concise and classic, like students can learn! Final effect: Production steps: 1, with the elliptical marquee tool to draw a positive circle, and fill the gray (RGB are 235), as follows: 2, use the same method to draw a small positive circle, and delete

Download Photoshop software with PHP implementation of the code to download the image in the CSS file

(basename ($imagesURL), file_get_contents ($imagesURL));} The above is reproduced in the original text, the following is a revised version, reproduced the words please leave a link. Copy the Code code as follows: !--? php set_time_limit (0); $styleFileContent = file_get_contents (' '); Preg_match_all ("/url\ (. *) \)/", $styleFileContent, $imagesURLArray); $imagesURLArray = Array_unique ($imagesURLArray [1]); foreach ($imag

Photoshop Software Mask role sharing

To the users of Photoshop software to share a detailed version of the role of the mask. Role sharing: A mask is a piece of baffle floating on top of a layer, it does not contain image data, it only blocks some data of the layer, and when the layer is manipulated, the blocked data will not be affected. The mask is actually a layer in PS, the most common is a monochrome layer or a patterned layer, stacked

How to install Photoshop software in win7 system

How to install Photoshop software in win7 system 1, first download the package, put to any letter, and then decompression; 2, need to use the registration code, fill out their own: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended CS4 activation serial number/registration code (SN); 1330-1779-4488-2103-6954-0916 1330-1170-1002-7856-5023-0777 1330-1795-2880-5375-9721-

2016.5.15 essay ———— Web graphic design software Illustrator (Ai) and Photoshop (Ps) Introduction

individual squares that make up the entire image.The effect of enlarging the bitmap size is to increase the individual pixels, so the sharpness is reduced.2. Ai and PsAI is suitable for vector diagrams such as mobile apps, layout layouts for Web design, buttons, icons and other vector elementsNot suitable for images with complex color representationPS is suitable for graphic advertising design, illustration or post-processing.The following URLs are very detailedHttp://

Photoshop software icon for colorful lattice style app

Using Photoshop to create a color lattice icon, this tutorial uses smart objects and smart filters that you'll learn about the power of smart filters. OK, let's learn it, hope you like it. 1th Step: Open Photoshop,ctrl+n Create a new document, the document size can be customized. 2nd Step: Alt-click the background layer to convert it to a normal layer. Then double-click again, op

Preliminary discussion on developing a simple version of similar Photoshop software using VB6.0

the secret door of the trail----analog pointer, because it is analog, so the efficiency of a little lower than c a little bit, But not 50% or even less, so I don't think it's a problem. 3, the complexity of the problem. Image editing software is very complex, VB can handle such a complex process, this thing at a certain level, with other languages can be achieved, I think VB will not have any problems. 4, optimization problems. In fact, in many cas

Photoshop makes exquisite software box three-dimensional effect picture

1. The tutorial first runs Photoshop to create a new 500*500 pixel file with a white background color, as shown in the picture 2. Use the Rectangle Marquee tool to create a rectangular selection, and then create a new layer, in which we use the gradient tool to pull out a A linear gradient effect, the color is #013a55 to #005f82, as shown in the figure 3, now make a side of the box. Press the ALT key and then press the left

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