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is filled at the rear of an optical lens. When light and image pass through and are projected to the CCD surface from the lens, the CCD will generate current, convert the inductive content into digital data for storage. The larger the number of CCD pixels and the larger the size of a single pixel, the clearer the collected image. Therefore, although the number of CCD is not the only key to determining the image q

How to use a digital camera as a camera)

Preface Many of my friends thought this was okay before they bought a digital camera? You can even watch audio animation. You can use it as a camera. It must be easy to use as a camera! However, when you try to connect the camera with a USB cable, the DC vendor will be scol

Digital Camera Professional terminology solutions

can be the subject of the local amplification, in order to interpolate the way to simulate the effect of optical zoom. It works similar to the way we zoom in on a certain part of the image in the computer, and the difference is that "digital zoom" is done directly on the CCD during the shooting process. To be precise, "digital zoom" is only a cropping tool, because it can cut off part of the image-this par

Digital Camera terminology

photosensitive element must be used as a reference to determine the "black" value, and these pixels are not involved in imaging. Except for those not involved in imaging, the remaining pixels are active pixels; then some pixels are extracted from these pixels for a standard output (such as 2048x1536 ). In this way, we subtract the remaining recommendation record pixels, which we usually call effective pixels.  Resolution:  Resolution is directly related to valid pixels. For example, the maximum

Play with your digital camera

features can help us take excellent photos. Definition: an in-camera mode that provides optimal clarity when recording a screen, similar to the sharpness function added in the computer's image editing program. Use the optional ISO parameter: ISO is a standard metric for film photosensitive speed and light sensitivity. Digital cameras also provide ISO parameters for film imitation. In the case of low lig

Digital camera photography skills

, when you are new, you should first look at the instructions carefully compiled by the manufacturer to familiarize yourself with the basic menu and functions of digital cameras. In the future, you can flip it over when you are not clear about it. 2. Reasonably choose the image format We all know that the quality of digital photos is related to pixels (resolution

Beauty camera picture is not clear how to improve the quality of the beauty camera setting tutorial

Beauty Camera HD Quality setting Tutorial: 1, we open "beauty camera" in the mobile phone and then click the "Settings" icon at the bottom of the page after opening the entry, the effect is shown in the following figure; 2, in the open access to the Settings list page, click "Quality Settings"; 3, choose "HD"

Two methods for taking infrared photos with a Sony 707 or 717 digital camera

be said that this time is rare, unless you take a camera to take a picture of the midday sun! Determine whether your digital camera can take infrared photos Almost all cameras can take infrared photos, but how can you be sure that your camera has the ability to take infrared photos? Here is an effective method. Genera

Best Combination of video quality setting for camera in flex

1152000/8 = 144000 (Kbps ), You must set the playback quality as follows: Camera. setquality (144000,85); // (85 is a conventional video quality, it is best to use this value) The next step is to set the key frame of the video to be transmitted. You can set it based on the actual bandwidth. Remember: the smaller the key frame value, the larger the bandwidth usa

Very practical! 10 tips for purchasing a digital camera

need to be considered during the purchase, even if it is 1/2. 5 or above. You can select a digital camera to purchase more suitable ones2. When the CCD size is the same, you should select a camera with a low pixel. The smaller the pixel size, the larger the photosensitive area of each pixel, and the better the performance. (Editor's note: choosing a

Best Combination of video quality setting for camera in flex

= 144000 (Kbps ),You must set the playback quality as follows: Camera. setquality (144000,85); // (85 is a conventional video quality, it is best to use this value) The next step is to set the key frame of the video to be transmitted. You can set it based on the actual bandwidth. Remember: the smaller the key frame value, the larger the bandwidth usage, and the

How to buy a digital camera that suits you

(The Nikon lens with a AF-S and the HSM snap can focus automatically on the d40) With the price reduction of digital SLR, many friends want to buy digital SLR, but many people do not know how to choose a camera, in addition, many merchants and professional media intentionally say some words as "professional" to raise the threshold for SLR ", many "heroes and

How to take high-quality digital photos

How to take high-quality digital photos Author: badcoffee Blog: October 2004 Last Saturday finally to ding good buy a digital camera, spent my 4000 yuan, good distressed ah. Back home began to take pictures, took a lot of photos, put on the PC to see, to 1

The beauty of the picture to see the digital camera access is very convenient

As a universal look at the tool, the United States to see the picture just released on the display of its characteristics. In the era of SLR is not universal, many people go out with a digital camera. The real fun of playing digital cameras, I'm afraid most people would think is the later application of digital picture

Digital Camera Maintenance

LCD screen, you can prevent the chance of the LCD screen being scratched and scratched! 2. Lens MaintenanceAfter the camera is used, the lens will be more or less dusty, and the dust on the camera will cause the quality of the photo to be developed. Therefore, the lens maintenance is very important. Generally, the dust on the mirror is removed by blowing the bal

High-resolution digital camera Design Based on USB2.0

Abstract:A high-resolution digital camera based on USB2.0 protocol is introduced. The basic hardware circuit and software design method of high-resolution digital camera are presented by using CMOS image sensor ob9620 and USB controller CY7C68013. Keywords: USB2.0; I2C; camera

Digital Camera terminology

maximum focal length is used instead of the magnification. Therefore, there is no comparability between 12, 15, and 18 times of optical zoom. If you want to enlarge the number of BB in the lens parameter AA-BB, the larger the better. If you don't want to take a distant object, you should select smaller ones, so that the imaging quality is better. So you can choose a camera that requires several times of zo

Digital camera card photos mistakenly deleted how to resume the tutorial

Introduction: Many digital camera enthusiasts in the face of accidental deletion of photos, how to recover as soon as possible, usually have no clue, some users will try to find their own files, but in the end can only be returned without work. In fact, Le Isia data Recovery software on the camera memory card file recovery problem, has successfully achieved a foo

Developing image Acquisition application using digital Camera SDK

As a common consumer commodity, digital camera its basic principle is to use CCD optical coupling device to convert the light signal into electrical signals, after a/D conversion, data compression and so on through the serial port or USB port in the PC-side application control of the picture (mostly JPEG format) to the PC's hard drive. The current PC-side applications are provided by the

Canon 5DMarkII camera real-time display to change the picture quality setting tutorial

To the photography enthusiasts for detailed analysis to share the Canon 5DMarkII camera real-time display when shooting change the quality of the Setup tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: When Canon 5D Mark II is photographed, you can change the setting of the picture. 1. Choose "Quality" Press the menu button to select "Picture

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