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25 Excellent web design with smart typography

Although typesetting is a very important part of web design, most of the sites are not specifically designed and adjusted for typography. In fact, it seems to me that many of the websites we visit on a daily basis have no bright spots in typography,

Typography is the basis of web design

If web design depends on the design of the font, then we need to learn other things?—— all you need is to understand the various elements of the font design. Font design (Wikipedia annotation for typography) of course is more than just

Ten websites that help you improve your font usage and typographical skills

Document directory                       I have always felt that it is difficult to master the font usage and typographical skills. I have shared with you a lot of font resources, including handwritten font, retro font, AD font, LOGO

17 Best Sports websites and app design

In the past few years, because of work reasons, I was fortunate enough to participate in some of the famous sports brand website and app design, in the process, I spent a lot of time and energy to study sports sites and apps, for the whole market

WEBJX Collection of 100 design-class websites for designers ' reference

Whether you are a web designer, graphic designer, programmer, FLASH developer, the following foreign sites are worth searching and retaining, as these sites cover design, web design, graphic design, website development, Flash/flex, design resources,

Web design Experience < six > 10 design myths that make websites look unprofessional

Whether you are a fledgling business leader or not, a professional website can bring you more than you think. 10,000 step back, "considering we are a small factory," the rough site may be understood by users, but not necessarily acceptable. The vast

20 cases of food-related websites that make you happy

Food-related websites are getting better and better. To help those who love food. There is always something new in the recipe of a new restaurant. So today we decided to collect some good examples to inspire you. You will see that food websites

16 Websites with fine fonts

We have shown a lot of nice fonts or a good overall website. But this time, I would like to introduce a slightly different content. Here's a list of 16 very nice websites that happen to have beautiful fonts. So, whether you are looking for a

Some problems that designers should pay attention to in web page typesetting

Typesetting is an art and a skill. We can see typography, beauty, or ugliness in newspapers, books and other media every day. How can the accurate transmission of information at the same time, but also to expel exquisite layout, this is the designer

The most common page usability errors that Web design must pay attention to

High-quality usability has been at the heart of the industry's discussions over the past decade because it is becoming more and more important to users. Good usability can also help build brand awareness, thereby enhancing the user's evaluation of a

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