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If it's you. Ministry of Railways 12306 website architect, how to design the software architecture and hardware system architecture of the website

Http:// design of new ticket system for Railway Ministry (I.) design of new ticketing system for Railway Ministry (II.) design of new ticket system for Railway Ministry (III.) __________________________________________________________________________________ Http://

Software Design Website Daquan

: Instructional Video ClassesMOOC China: http://www.mooc.cnMu class Net: http://www.imooc.comLove Course: http://www.icourses.cnChinese University mooc:http://www.icourse163.comGood University Online: http://www.cnmooc.orgAcademy Online: http://www.xuetangx.comOn the celestial Sky: http://www.daydays.comMi Goo Academy: http://www.miguxue.comUniversal University: Http://www.wanmen.orgTop You Academy: http://www.topu.com4 Blog CategoriesBlog Par

Design and detection of Software Website Security and Solutions

Design and detection of Software Website Security and Solutions Security Testing mainly involves the following aspects: 1. SQL injection (SQL injection) See the article "preventing SQL Injection solutions ". 2. Cross-Site scritping (XSS): (Cross-Site Scripting) See "XSS cross-site scripting solution" 3. csrf: (cross-site forgery request)4. email header injection

Software Architecture Design Learning Summary (14): Large Web site Technology Architecture (eight) security architecture of the website

only one of the first Apache modules, now has Java, net multiple versions, and support Nginx.The modsecurity employs a schema pattern that separates the processing logic from the set of attack rules. Processing logic (execution engine) load requests and corresponding interception filtering, rule load execution and other functions. The set of attack rules is responsible for describing the rules definition, pattern recognition, defense strategy and other functions of the specific attack. The proc

Olympic Ticketing Website-topic continues (pre-evaluation of software design)

Today suddenly found their own on the Olympic ticket website failure article, unexpectedly ranked first: Of course, this is not showing off, because the top four are all articles about the Olympic ticketing website. This fully embodies the attention of the Olympic Games, and as a technical staff on the emergence of this "international" problem, very embarrassed. I don't do database

How the Software design is made (1)--what is a good design? _ Software Design

ah. This time can help you is the excellent design, the excellent design may let you use the very little work to make, the outstanding design also does not necessarily need you all from the zero development, we may copycat. There are many open source software can basically meet the above requirements, we can directly

[Book recommendation] "Essentials and patterns of software design (version 2nd)"-Zhang Yi-methods to improve the design model and Software Design

The essentials and patterns of software design (version 2nd) is the book on software design and design patterns published by Zhang Yi of garden in April this year. I got it in late May and read a chapter every night, after reading chapter 28 of the book on and off last night

Tongliao website Construction, Tongliao website Development, Tongliao website production, Tongliao software development

Tongliao Yi Unicom Tatsu is a Tongliao network company, the company's core business aspects include the construction of Tongliao website, marketing site construction, website production, web design, website development. Our team is a professional, vibrant, innovative, focused, cohesive team, so as to provide customers

Object-Oriented Analysis Design learning and exploration (6): good design = software flexibility (good design = flexible software)

Changes are inevitable. No matter how much you appreciate your software. It may change tomorrow, and it may be difficult to change. This will be reflected in the customer's demand changes. In this chapter, visit an old friend to improve the existing system, and see how to solve large problems with less changes. Do you still remember the boss of the guitar store? We developed a guitar query system. As the business grows better, he wants to start man

Master the essentials of website design at and the essentials of website design

Master the essentials of website design at and the essentials of website design Master the essentials of website design First, you must solve the website content problem, that is, deter

Object-Oriented Software Design Principles (II)-corruption of Software Design

How do we know the advantages and disadvantages of software design? Below are some symptoms of poor design. when any of the following smells of the software, it indicates that the software is corrupt. Rigidity: it is difficult to make changes to the system, because e

65 principles required by design experts for Website Design

What are the key skills on the website? What are the traps? Here, world-class website design experts let you share their secrets and tell you: tips to make websites interesting, what should be avoided, what tools and software should be used, and websites they love and hate.01 clear content If you want to become a

Website Design: website style and Design

The overall style and creative design of the website are the most desired and difficult for webmasters to learn. The difficulty is that there is no fixed program that can be referenced and imitated. It is impossible for anyone to design a website with the same theme. When we say: "This site is cool and has a personalit

From website design to website operation: six crimes in website construction

website. Every time I hear this, the author is thinking that the customer should have never done any online promotion. Therefore, in many cases, the customer just positions the company's website as: the website can be hung on the Internet to let others know that there is a website and such a thing. This kind of idea l

Software Design: What is software design?

Software Design: What is software design? "Wow, design !" Whenever you talk about this word, will your mind soon pop up with "genius", "inspiration", "creativity "...... In terms of words, some big and round black-rimmed glasses appear simultaneously, while walking up and do

Bentely. mstower.06.2018.1.08 tower design software + mstower v6.0.0 1cd (tower design software)

Bentely. mstowerw.6.2018.1.08 Tower Design SoftwareMicrostran tower V5.0 1cd (tower design software )\Mstower v6.0.0 1cd (tower design software)Tower manufacturing assistant tma2.60.1.1Tower manufacturing assistant tma3.0.2.5 stand-alone versionTower Internal Force Analysis

Website Design Analysis: three major website design principles that the UI should follow

composing, and its effect is wonderful. People have never experienced it before. The solution adopted in this process is to redefine the concept of "joint debugging. By modifying a certain interval, each piano key is slightly deviated from the perfect tone, which produces a sound adjustment system that allows people to play the music in all the keys. Sacrifice a small number of individual qualities to achieve a more perfect overall effect, known as the "average law ". Although this case is irre

Excellent Website Design: Build an attractive website (3rd)

Excellent Website Design: creating attractive websites (3rd of the original book)Basic InformationOriginal Title: WEB style guide, 3rd EditionAuthor: (US) Patrick J. Lynch Sarah HortonTranslator: Li JingSeries name: uidesign SeriesPress: Machinery Industry PressISBN: 9787111399599Mounting time:Published on: February 1, October 2012Start: 16Page number: 1Version: 1-1Category: Computer> Computer Network> Web

Foreign excellent website design: Creative Big navigation single page website design

In foreign excellent design website, began to popular one such web creative design style: Whole station by a single page composition, by setting anchor point of way, use JavaScript technology, realize website content of slide navigation. This creative web design effect, can

Website Design reference: Exquisite vivid Color Website Design example

Color is the basis of all design, for Web page design, color application especially cautious. Usually read some web design materials will see, a lot of people suggest that the single page of color not more than three kinds, otherwise it will feel very messy, then is not gorgeous color and web design is irrelevant? In

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