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Differences between VAT invoices and common invoices

Value-added tax is a type of conversion tax that collects taxes based on the value-added amount produced by the production and circulation of commodities and the provision of labor services. The so-called "value-added" refers to the difference

"Tax Planning Collection" acetic acid production method different tax effect

There are many tax-planning methods for consumption tax, and consumption tax can sometimes be saved by changing the production process .Let's take a look at the following example:A city of a chemical plant, the main production and operation of

Overview of functions of the GSP management system in the sales process

1 Company Profile Xi'an haisiwei software Co., Ltd. was registered and established in February 2009. haisiwei software Co., Ltd. is affiliated to haisiwei group and is located in Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone with convenient

"Collection of tax planning" planning strategy for the transfer of property of individual proprietorship enterprises

In accordance with the provisions of the " individual proprietorship Enterprise Law ", the investors of individual proprietorship enterprises have unlimited liability for the debts of enterprises .Because the individual proprietorship Enterprise

Odoo Tax Processing

Taxes can be set to ' tax included in the price ', or ' taxes are not included in the price '.????During the tax calculation process,Odoo will treat the price / amount separately as total_included/total_exincluded??odoo-8 Code Snippets????Tax-free

Sales distribution Getting Started configuration

Set up sales scope Define Sales Distribution organization Assign sales organization to company code(a sales organization in SAP can only be assigned to one company code, but a company code can have multiple sales organizations.) But the sales

How to Understand the pre-tax deduction rules for business entertainment expenses

According to the Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China, enterprise income tax reporting and settlement should be completed by the enterprise by the end of May of the following year, during tax guidance and tax inspection on

Introduction to retail chain monopoly information solution 3

Next, I introduced the following: Distribution Center Management System Commodity distribution is an important part of chain operation and an important part of customer service. The distribution center management system mainly implements the

Basic concepts of ERP theory development Sales Management

Development of ERP TheoryInventory order pointIn 1930s, material requirements of enterprises were mainly managed by controlling the inventory quantity. Set the target stock and safety stock for each required item, and determine the order point and

A detailed description of the difference between the general taxpayer and the small-scale taxpayer

Whether it is a trade-based company or a service-oriented company, the company first defaults to a small-scale taxpayer when it is registered.  purely service-oriented companies can only be small-scale taxpayers , trade-based companies may be

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