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Why Google AdSense Advertising unit click Price will drop?? _ Website operation

Advertising unit price or rise or fall is very normal things, especially for Google AdSense publishers. Many people will think that Google AdSense did something or Google to reduce the price of advertising, the fact is not so. From a certain point of view,

Google CEO says YouTube will soon be profitable

"NetEase technology News" July 17, the Thursday, Google announced the second quarter earnings, the company revenue of 5.52 billion U.S. dollars, net profit of 1.48 billion U.S. dollars. Then Google CEO Eric Schmidt, CFO Patrick Pichett (Patrick Pichette) and so on attended the analyst meeting. At an analyst meeting, Google

Analyst: Google's acquisition of YouTube has withdrawn its investment

According to foreign media reports, although Google CEO Eric Schmidt once said that YouTube will do nothing in the short term. But some analysts said Google has withdrawn the investment.In last October, Google announced the acquisition of YouTube with a $1.65 billion stake.

Use Python's Django framework to write applications from Google AdSense to get reports _python

from Oauth2client.django_orm import Storage from. Models import credential, Revenue today = () yesterday = Today-datetime.timedelta (Days=1) class Scraper (object): Def get_report (self, start_date=yesterday, end_date=today ): User = User.objects.get (pk=1) storage = Storage (credential, ' ID ', user, ' credential ') credential = storage. Get () If not credential are None or credential.invalid is false:http = httplib2. HTTP () http = credential.authorize (http) service = bu

Localization of Google adsense

"Google AdSense will be fully localized in China this year," said Zhou Wenbiao, Google's online sales and Operations manager for Greater China, according to a news report today. Google AdSense will work with China's domestic banks, through China's banks directly to the webmaster transfer payment of advertising costs. ”

How to increase your Google Adsense revenue?

1. first, and most importantly, do not use the don't fraudulent click command or try to cheat (don't cheat ), google is always smarter than you (Google is always a lot smarter than you), there are already too many examples of account blocking, don't be lucky, because the AdSense system can record every click (AdSense c

Google Adsense API recommendations ~! Making money without a website!

require account access! The pub code can be directly input for advertisements, which is similar to the mofiel mode. However, they are all in English. You can directly copy the code of YouTube and other foods, but it is not recommended because there is no traffic! 1. will be a little traffic! 2. addition to showing that Google

Google Adsense Seo Selection Skills

Google Adsense Seo Selection Skills Many webmasters make money through Google Adsense. It is important to select a good word for optimization. In Seo selection, it can be described as "a thousand miles away", so they want to make good money, select a word first. I. Keyword locating There are many popular words on the B

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