google analytics most important metrics

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The new secrets of Google analytics--How to define visit

   "Preface" Visit this metric is the cornerstone of web analytics. But even with such a basic metric, Google Analytics's definition of it is not entirely immutable. In order to adapt to new browser changes and people's access to Web site

How to use Google Analytics to track and analyze customer calls

In September, Shenzhen website analysis and sharing activities, a friend asked the customer calls tracking content, at that time I made some simple answer, but the answer is not very systematic. Use this article to make some deep sharing with you.

Google Analytics Report Interpretation

  Google Analytics (analytics) divides all its reports into six categories: consoles, visitors, traffic sources, content, goals, and E-commerce . The console is the summary of the report summary. The goal is the website analyst in order to better

Web Analytics: User access, content browsing, and traffic sources

When we use some web analytics tools, we find that general reports are divided into three main modules: User Access、 Content BrowsingAnd Flow Source。 Each category consists of a variety of analysis metrics that make up a variety of presentation

Why the data in the Web Analytics tool is inconsistent with the PPC reporting data

If you use a pay-per-click Web site, you can generally get reports from each network. These data are often inconsistent with the data in the Web analytics tool, mainly because of the following reasons: 1. Tracking type URLs: Lost PPC clicks

Data collection and processing for Google Analysis

Figure 3-1 describes how Google analysis collects, processes, and displays data. Google analysis uses a common data collection technology-page tag. A page tag is a piece of JavaScriptCode, You have to put it in the website page you want to be

How to use subdivision tools in Web Analytics

All along, analysis and reporting have been on a general level, and it will be difficult to see what has an important or critical impact on your specific business. In fact, different types of visitors come to a Web site, they have the same

Quality of Web design: Measuring the impact and effectiveness of web design

Article Description: How to measure the effectiveness of web design. After considering all the factors, the quality of the website design can only be measured quantitatively by the results it brings to the site. As the saying goes, the

Comparison between AdobeAnalytics and Webtrekk data analysis (I)

Both AdobeAnalytics and Webtrekk are giants in the online data analysis field. one is the first in the U.S. market and the other is the first in Europe. they can provide world-class digital analysis solutions. I am very lucky to have the opportunity

How to perform a comprehensive website analysis

Website analysis ultimately serves Online Marketing (promotion). if it cannot serve online marketing or promotion, website analysis itself cannot be implemented, and it has no practical significance. This article describes how to conduct a

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