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Google Analytics (Google Analytics) tips for using

Google Analytics (Google Analytics) is Google's free web analytics service, which has been well-received since its inception. Google Analytics is very powerful, as long as you add a pie

Google public test of analytics API: desktop version of Google Analytics will soon become a reality

After a year-long non-public test, Google finally published the beta version of Google Analytics API. Since last OctoberGoogle once revealed that they are about to launch the Service's API. Google Analytics API allows developers to access GoogleAnalytics data, design your ow

Web analytics and SEO combined with Google analytics tips

Many do SEO friends around the use of web analytics tools, such as GA, CNZZ, Baidu statistics and so on, but it seems very few people mentioned the combination of the two, mostly or in order to see a traffic and user behavior, SEO aspects, and not much in-depth research, Today I am here to share a I think a bit useful seo + Google analytics tips. SEO for keywords

Use Google Analytics to track Google Adsense

I have been working on Google Adsense for some time and have been tracking click effects through channels. Today I saw Google Analytics recommended by Google, so I quickly added it to my website.Code. Let's take a look at what Google Ana

How to use Google Analytics to track and analyze customer calls

visitor's behavior, for example, you can know which search and search key words or through which referral source has entered your site before the caller.    Because the number of calls is related to the amount of virtual browsing, and virtual browsing is based on the visitor ID, you can filter the data repeatedly accessed using the unique browsing metrics, and the virtual browsing volume, which is the action of the phone call, becomes part of the conversation process. The speci

Google Analytics statistics Google adsense trial

I have previously reported that Google will be launched through Google analytics Google AdSense features, today, I login AdSense backstage has seen the invitation to this feature, I set up after the initial trial of it, feeling very good, Strongly recommended for use. Before using the AdSense account and

Use Google Analytics to count traffic in your garden

name can be set according to your preferences. The website is your blog address. For example, I set Then, the registration is successful. Note:During the registration process, Google will provide a code snippet for us to place in every page of our website, but we can modify this code. It will be mentioned later. A Google

Google Analytics Thermal Diagram: Page details analysis

What is Google's Analytics hot-try? Google Analytics Hot Try is a new version of the Web page click Volume Visualization tool, called the page Details Analysis report, she through the intuitive way to show the visitor in the page of the click Behavior, and can tell you different locations, different styles of the popularity of links. You can find her in the conte

Google Analytics-10 useful tutorials

Almost every website collects statistics on its browsing status: daily IP address, PV, bounce rate, conversion rate, and viewer attributes. Understanding this data helpsIt is helpful to better understand the attributes of the browser and where the website is defective, so as to provide better services and increase website revenue. For most websites, Google Analytics is the most widely used solution, because

Google Analytics e-commerce (Universal Edition)

Google Analytics is a new method used to measure and analyze website traffic and browsing behaviors. Recently, I just came into contact and found that its functions are really powerful. I recorded the e-commerce configuration method. (For Beginners, Do not spray on old birds) Google Analytics has a very convenient API

Google Analytics Common problems in use (V)

Google Analytics FAQ Series continues to update, this week mainly to solve the use of some of the details of the problem. For example: Some keywords of the number of visits is 0, which in most reports the amount of data is not large, even if the neglect will not affect the trend. In the report, for example, use a report-level filter to filter information by stay time. These are very detailed questions, but

Adding Google Analytics to your Zen Cart store

Google Analytics, a free web Analytics tool, can provide-a range of statistics on your website traffic and market ing effectiveness. One of the more useful features of Google Analytics are the ability to flag certain pages as "goals." This is specifically beneficial to e-com

Google Analytics access to Google's real site data index

% float between different data centers change people's instantaneous attention, or give people a viable insight into behavioral opportunities as a business metric? Well, unfortunately, that's true. But the lucky luck is that we can get more and more informative data than the search engine provides through the "" syntax. So next, we'll show you step-by-step how to get real data metrics. Step one: Check the source of traffic from your web analyt

Java calls Google Analytics API for website statistics

The following code is a piece of code that I modified and commented out according to the official Google Documents to collect statistics on access traffic and other information.[Java]Package KFC. bean;Import com. google. gdata. client. analytics. AnalyticsService;Import com. google. gdata. client.

Use Google Analytics to identify false traffic

False flow refers to those in order to cheat advertising costs generated by artificial operation of the flow, (artificial operation may be to click on your ads, visit the landingpage, or to complete a simple task.) The specific situation also depends on different forms of advertising to judge. This type of traffic usually does not produce any transformational behavior on the site. The false flow may be generated by the procedure, or it may be human flesh. The latter will cost more. Behave more i

Google Analytics: a free statistical analysis tool for Website access

For users who do not have the server operation permission, if the website hosting provider does not provide the corresponding support, using website analysis software such as AWStats and Webalizer becomes a luxury. At this time, you may have to consider Google Analytics. Google Analytics's predecessor, urchin, was a commercial Web analysis software that jumped fr

Common problems with Google Analytics in use (Iv.)

After summarizing 5 common questions, the fourth article in this series comes out. When I wrote this article, I was thinking that until now we had so many problems when we used Google Analytics, what kind of way do we usually use this tool? What would our analysis look like if the tools were so coarse? But fortunately we are constantly finding problems and constantly solving problems. We grow up in mistakes

[Chinese] extended introduction to joomla1.7: bigshot Google Analytics (site analysis statistics)

Bigshot Google Analytics Plugin category:Site Management => site analytics Supported versions:1.5/1.6/1.7 Degree of attention: [most popular] Type: plug-in This plugin will add the Google Analytics tracker code to your site automagically. This plug-in will be

Java calls Google Analytics API for website statistics

First, apply for a Google account and Google Analytics service, and put the statistics code into the website you want to count for a period of time to ensure that your Google Analytics has data. In Google

[New Technology Learning] Google Analytics vs. piwik

body { }h1 { font-size: xx-large; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px solid black; }div.note { position: relative; display: block; padding: 5pt; margin: 5pt; white-space: -moz-pre-wrap; /* Mozilla */ white-space: -pre-wrap; /* Opera 4 - 6 */ white-space: -o-pre-wrap; /* Opera 7 */ white-space: pre-wrap; /* CSS3 */ word-wrap: break-word; /* IE 5.5+ */ }--> Piwik Project Description Piwik is an o

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