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Google Chrome 4.0 bookmarks sync

Google has released chrome 4. in Version X, chrome 4 not only improves the engine and rendering speed, but also adds a lot of the latest HTML 5 technology from this stage, the latest version of chrome 4. in the X developer version, the bookmarks

Chrome OS and Android have different ideas but are not mutually exclusive.

Lead: the US it website CNET wrote today that, unlike Microsoft and Apple, Google's key Chrome OS and Android operating systems have completely different ideas. Although this will obscure Google's development direction, as the fields involved in

How to apply for the Chrome store (Web store) developer

First you need a credit card, if you do not, you can borrow parents or others (more in the student party)If you have a credit card, you also have to see whether the front of the credit card is labeled "VISA", "MasterCard", which is commonly known as

Chrome Web Interface Test Tool _chrome

Web Interface test Tool development background In web development, server-side and client development and testing is essential, but the test work often requires server-side completion, the client can be tested, which undoubtedly delayed the test

Chrome extension Development Four--the implementation of core functions

Directory: 0.0--Overview of the Chrome extension development (Gmail Accessory Management Assistant) series 1.One of the chrome extensions development--chrome Extended file Structure 2.Chrome Extensions development of the--chrome

Chrome Add postman Extensions graphic Introduction

Postman is a powerful Web page debug with a Chrome plugin that sends Web HTTP requests. Whether it's web front-end development or Android, iOS development, postman This type of tool is essential as long as it involves invoking the backend interface.

The mainstream browser developer tools (F12) are superior and inferior in security testing

0x01 scenario Hypothesis0x02 Chrome0x03 Firefox0x04 IE0x05 Conclusion-0x01 scenario HypothesisThree browser developer tool use and page debugging skills, this article does not describe, only said in the security test encountered the

Google Browser 5 use Tips

Google Chrome has always been known for its users with speed, simplicity and security. In addition, Chrome's other features are also very powerful, and to further improve productivity, let's reveal its hidden skills. 1. Use the Chrome

You do not need to use the developer account to "access"

You do not need to use the developer account to "enter" "method. In order not to mislead everyone, first publish the results of this method-you can only skip the logon box to enter the interface shown in, and an error will be reported

Google developer day activity notes

From: (cosine function) First, I met heart and found a late vessial. I met some new friends and agreed that some people need to ignore them during the chat. Er, I don't plan to

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