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High-performance networks in Google Chrome (ii)

Predictive feature optimization for Chrome PredictorChrome will become faster as you use it. This feature is implemented by a singleton object predictor. This object is instantiated in the browser kernel process (Browser Kernel processes), and its

[More images early adopters] Google Chrome trial tips

Hi everyone ~ I haven't made any nutritious news for a long time. Today, let's get a try of Google Chrome browser, which is a hot topic recently.   Google Chrome's English name is actually good (although it may be reminiscent of Firefox's chrome

Google Chrome can mute a tab.

Google Chrome can mute a tab. You must have experienced this situation: when you are attending an important meeting, a browser tab on your computer starts to play audio ads. When you want to close this page, you find that too many pages are opened,

Google's Open Source project summary

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. turn from's open source projects are worthy of our use, these projects are meaningful, and even can be used directly in

Common HTTP test Tools Google Chrome Plugin Summary

The most common test of web page development and testing is the HTTP test, which is knows as a former tester. Actually doing web testing work is very cumbersome period, and sometimes even boring repetition, if there is no web testing tools to help,

WEBJX collects a few useful Google Chrome plugins

Article Description: Google Chrome has evolved from a simple browser to a complex browser since its launch, thanks to the very useful and powerful extensions written by browsers. As a developer, we are concerned about the web design and development

Use Google Fonts to add beautiful fonts to your Web page _web

Question: If non-standard fonts are used in the design, how do you implement Two ways: The first use of pictures instead but certainly no text effect is good, not conducive to SEO The second is the use of online fonts Google most networks will be

Web page Production Tips Tutorial: Learn about the browser's own development tools

Article Description: How much do you know about the browser's own development tools? Conventional Find development tools Shortcut: "F12" (Windows) "CMD" ⌘+ "Option" + "I" (MAC) Right-select "Inspect element check elements"

32 Kinds of Google browser plugins, Programmer's Gospel

32 Kinds of Google browser plugins, Programmer's GospelFor web designers or Web site developers, prefer to use such a browser like FF, because it has a powerful auxiliary plug-in, can help improve the efficiency of web authoring and development, but

Create an extension for chrome context menu word selection

When surfing the internet, you often switch between multiple search engines. However, it is troublesome to switch between search engines that come with chrome. You need to configure one configuration for another engine, therefore, I also found

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