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Principles and methods of DNS optimization

And the whole wpo is actually to the browser (browser) load and parsing (parse) the process of some of the consumption behavior optimization, and load and parse throughout the browser work in the process of entanglement and interaction. Much of the

Protocol: act as a DNS proxy.

DNS stands for the domain name system. DNS supports TCP and UDP protocols and port 53. It may be because of Chinese textbooks. Many people do not know that DNS can be transmitted over TCP. Of course, most DNS servers in China do not support the TCP

DNS hijacking (solution for website cannot be opened)

DNS hijacking (solution for website cannot be opened) DNS is essential for us to access the Internet. Here we will first introduce the knowledge of DNS. DNS is short for Domain NameSystem. It consists of a parser and a Domain Name Server. A Domain

Application of smart DNS (Bind dlz) in Enterprises

BKJIA exclusive Article] Editor's note: On the public network, intelligent DNS is used on most second-level domain names and some non-public network domain names. It has been operating quite stably for more than a year. Xiaohui summarized the

DNS Hijacking (Web page does not open the workaround)

We are on the Internet, the essential is the DNS, here first introduce the relevant knowledge of the DNS.DNS is the acronym for Domain Namesystem, which consists of a parser and a domain name server. A domain name server is a domain name and

Google Apps registration and resolution of

I only wanted to write about the issue, but I 'd like to briefly talk about Google Apps. Google Apps is a powerful enterprise application suite and service launched by Google. Currently, its main services include email, calendar,

Linux Basics (13) DNS infrastructure and Domain Name System architecture

Domain name IP addresses are often difficult to remember, so we generally use domain names for management The domain name is divided into three parts, with "." (point) segmentation. Strict domain name finally there is a ".", but

DNS Literacy Series 7: Focus on Domain Name Security

DNS Literacy Series 7: paying attention to domain name security and network security should not only be verbally concerned. It turns out that network security risks are everywhere on the Internet. Recently, Twitter and Baidu have the same problems.

CentOS IP and DNS settings method detailed _ server other

This article describes in detail the IP and DNS setting method under CentOS. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1, CentOS Modify DNS To modify the DNS profile of the corresponding network adapter #

High-performance networking in Google chrome (i)

The following is a draft of "the performance of Open source Applications" (POSA) and the successor to the Architecture of open source applications.Posa includes a number of papers on performance optimization and design, as well as performance

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