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How to import 360 browser favorites to Google's Bookmarks Bar

Open the menu "favorites"-"more functions"-"Export favorites" in the 360 browser ......", Export a file similar to "20111117-112826.html. Open Google's browser, click the wrench icon next to the address bar, and select "bookmarks"-"" bookmarks manager "in the pop-up menu ". In the bookmarks list on the left, click "sort"-"import bookmarks from HTML files ......

How to troubleshoot the missing Favorites folder on 360 browsers

for 360 browsers, many of us are using it and dealing with it every day. No matter what, can not be perfect, there are its shortcomings. Win7 users of the system, when using the 360 browser, there are some problems, that is, the collection folder is missing, this can be good? Let's talk about how to solve the problem of Win7 System 360 browser on the missing favorites

360 Browser favorite Bar Hide how to pull out the Favorites bar disappears display method

Use 360 security browser users will often collect some sites and favorites to access, display at the top of the main interface of the collection bar is able to open the Web site, but someone encountered the browser's favorite bar disappeared, 360 browser favorite bar hidden how to pull up? The next small series for eve

IE Favorites Missing Solution

Found IE browser menu bar below the Favorites bar is missing, menu view options, the menu bar inside the favorite folder is gray, can not click, the breakdown is as follows (1) (2) (1) (2) The workaround is as follows: This problem occurs under the Win7 hom

Win7 system to pull Google Browser favorites to the desktop as a shortcut to the method

win7 system to pull Google Browser favorites to the desktop as a shortcut to the method The specific methods are as follows: 1, after the demo, you need to add in the browser is the contents of the collection folder, click on the Address bar to click the Favorites button; 2, you can see the Web page addr

What to do and how to solve the browser's favorite bar missing

What happens when the browser's favorites are gone? When we see a good Web site or Web page in the browser, we will collect it and display it in the browser's Favorites bar, but you have not seen the browser's Favorites bar. The following sharing browser is

"Linux Learning Notes" an effective workaround for the Ubuntu boot menu bar and taskbar missing

(a) Description of the problemUbuntu boot only desktop, no menu bar and task bar, such as:(ii) Problem-solvingJust learn ubuntu, there are always some like me do not toss on the uncomfortable people, today changed the theme, icons, restart the boot after the discovery! Hey! What about my menu bar and task bar? Where ha

Interview with Google's chief Java Architect: choosing a programming language is like choosing a bar

Translated by Peter Seibel/Hao peiqiang This article is an interview with Joshua Bloch, Chief Java architect of Google, by Peter Seibel, expert of commmon lisp, talking about what books programmers should read, how they can quickly get familiar with a new language, and why they choose programming languages is like choosing a bar.      Seibel: How did you start programming? Bloch: I think this is because of

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