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Webpage Title Design Principles and Rules

Because the webpage title has an important impact on search engines, many websites pay more attention to the design of the webpage title (especially the homepage title, however, in fact, many websites still have various problems in Webpage title

Developer guide for Google map API Professional Edition

  Developer guide for Google map API Professional Edition Google map API allows you to add easy-to-use interactive maps to your public websites to improve customer experience by helping customers find what they really need from your organization.

Google Search Skills challenge privacy (Google hacker)

Google Hacking originally refers to the technology and behavior that uses Google search engine search information for intrusion. Currently, it refers to the technology and behavior that uses various search engine search information for intrusion.

Android Webkit uses URL to determine whether the webpage is a redirected CODE 3XX

Android Webkit uses URL to determine whether the webpage is a redirected CODE 3XX To solve the problem that redirection causes a browser and goback is still bothering me Finally, the solution is to determine the 3xx Redirection url and maintain a

Use of Google hacker and prevention of Google hacker

This article introduces three Google hacking tools: Gooscan, SiteDigger, and Wikto, as well as simple prevention of Google hacking behavior. Before we prevent google hacker, let's take a look at what google hackers are? Google hackers are a hacker

Google optimizes the Bible

A) prepare and establish the content. Before registering a domain name, you should record your thoughts and prepare enough content for 100 webpages. Note that at least. These 100 Web pages should be real content, not link pages. For our pages,

What is an optimized webpage design?

Because different search engines have different webpage support features, do not just pay attention to the beautiful appearance when designing webpages. Many elements commonly used in designing webpages may cause problems when they arrive at the

Improve Google Anlytics performance by loading ga.js files locally

Google Anlytics Analysis Code is asynchronous loading, generally does not affect the performance of the Web page, but the technical department of the Web performance report is always mentioned ga.js status of aborted, stating that although GA is

Go to Google jsapi to host your JS Library

Nowadays, many people are getting used to writing their own JavaScript based on a variety of JS libraries, especially jquery. Nothing else. With jquery, it makes it easier and quicker for us to control page elements, so we don't need to worry too

IIS server host header configuration

Each host has an IP address. If the Host header is configured but you browse a web site (such as a without displaying your site, this indicates that the website does not point to the IP address of the host. If you want the

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