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Google's YouTube is the first to achieve a synchronized show of web theaters

"NetEase Science and Technology News" June 4, according to Bloomberg reported that Google's video site YouTube to promote advertising revenue and achieve profits, will be the public release Besson (Luc Besson) of the latest film, which is the network and cinema for the first time to achieve a synchronized film. 5th YouTube will release the movie "Home", this is a Besson produced about the environmental pro

Google CEO says YouTube will soon be profitable

"NetEase technology News" July 17, the Thursday, Google announced the second quarter earnings, the company revenue of 5.52 billion U.S. dollars, net profit of 1.48 billion U.S. dollars. Then Google CEO Eric Schmidt, CFO Patrick Pichett (Patrick Pichette) and so on attended the analyst meeting. At an analyst meeting, Google said

Google agrees to buy YouTube (zz)

YouTube violates copyright laws by allowing users to post music videos and other content. universal Music has considered taking legal action against YouTube over that issue, say people familiar with the matter. The YouTube deal is the largest acquisition in the eight year history of Google,

What Will Google do next after the acquisition of YouTube?

Google's $1.65 billion stake in video-sharing website YouTube is a big proof of social computing power. Google already has the third largest video website, but now it has its own network platform, and the video content will be more viscous and more suitable for advertisers. To make its huge acquisitions worthwhile, Google must quickly complete three tasks:

Google: we still don't know how to make YouTube profitable

Google said they are still not sure how to make YouTube profitable, but they hope it will be implemented soon. Google CEO Eric Schmidt claims that it is obvious that Google has earned a lot of revenue from YouTube, but the specific operation is still unknown. He also denied

Google launches enterprise YouTube video service

Today, Google released a new enterprise service, Google commercial video service, which is part of the Google office suite. Enterprise Users can upload and share videos within the company or organization. Google positions the service as an internal enterprise communication, product training, travel reports, and other a

Analyst: Google's acquisition of YouTube has withdrawn its investment

According to foreign media reports, although Google CEO Eric Schmidt once said that YouTube will do nothing in the short term. But some analysts said Google has withdrawn the investment.In last October, Google announced the acquisition of YouTube with a $1.65 billion stake.

Android modification of hosts solves SDK update timeout and prevents access to foreign websites such as google, facebook, and youtube

Android modification of hosts solves SDK update timeout and prevents access to foreign websites such as google, facebook, and youtube How many people are struggling with problems with SDK updates, opening Android developers' websites for half a day, and failing to access google, facebook, youtube, and other foreign web

Google Python class video download tutorial on YouTube with subtitles [tested successfully !]

Sometimes, if you want to watch teaching videos outside China, you have to go over the wall. This is a small problem (if not, Google). In addition, the video on YouTube has been accompanied by subtitles, as shown in, so I tried to download it! Premise: if the wall has been turned over successfullyStep 1: Download The shuomu YouTube download tool and all

[Acquisition] Google announced the acquisition of YouTube for $1.65 billion

Today, Google confirmed that it will acquire YouTube Inc in the form of a stock exchange worth $1.65 billion .. YouTube currently occupies nearly half of the online video search market, with 0.1 billion million video hits each day. After the acquisition, Google will also be responsible for numerous litigation cases

The acquisition of Photobucket by MySpace challenged Google-YouTube

Murdoch helplessly watched Google bring YouTube to its command, but he would not miss the Photobucket. Social networking site MySpace has reached an agreement to buy the first big photo-sharing service, according to a person familiar with the matter, Photobucket said. This Monday, the person who asked not to be named, confirmed the deal on the Valleywag blog. The person said the two sides need to finalize s

Google develops new tools to quickly remove infringing content from YouTube

Search engine giant Google said in Thursday that it would launch a tool for TV and movie video content to quickly remove copyright content on YouTube, its super video sharing site. Next to the video uploaded by the user, there is a "claim your content (Claim Your)" option, the owner of the pirated content can quickly report, so that its copyright content from the YouTub

Google will get a blood transfusion of $0.47 billion for YouTube this year

On the morning of July 15, April 4, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, the video sharing website YouTube has not yet brought any profit to the "Dongjia" Google. Credit Suisse believes that this year Google will "get a blood transfusion" of $0.47 billion for YouTube.Credit Suisse analysts Spencer Wang and Kenth Sena predict that,

Google-related website SSL error resolution when GoAgent accesses Youtube in Ubuntu

Introduction: In Ubuntu, access to Youtube always reports that the certificate cannot be identified. Because it is based on the SSL protocol, it is unable to access normally and finally finds a solution similar to that of netizens. This method is found on the Internet. The specific solution is as follows: googleplus, twitter and other websites encounter such error prompts as ldquo; thesite's ssecuritycertificateisnottrusted *** rdquo. In fact, this

Modify the hosts file to access facebook, Google +, and youtube

0. How do I access facebook, Google +, and youtube? Modify the hosts file1. hosts file location Windows: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts Linux:/etc/hosts2. hosts file Download the file, replace it with or add it to hosts. (Note that it can only be opened using https encryption) Portal: self-built xwaybills 7-15.zip3 .: » Reprinted copyright:» "Modify hosts file access facebook,

Solve problems with browsers that don't have access to Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other overseas websites

0. Download plugin:: Click here1, add plug-in to the browser (here to Chrome Google Browser for example)1, first the need to install the third-party plug-in, suffix. CRX to. rar, then unzip, get a folder2. Open Chrome (Google browser), open the extension in turn:3, confirm the new extension, click Add4, the effect is as follows:Solve problems with browsers that don't have access to

Inspired by the slim progress bar of Google & amp; YouTube

NProgress. js is a nano-level progress bar plug-in. It has a realistic animated effect to tell your users that something is happening. It is inspired by Google, YouTube, and the app. This slim progress bar is perfect for Turbolinks, Pjax, and other Ajax-intensive applications.Articles you may be interested in We recommend 10 JavaScript development frameworks with rich UI components. JQuery Wheel Menu:

Lao Zhang's Moving Company (outside a) Google's wild look

are a heavy user of Google, you know what you have, you know what you want, and the rest of it is left to Google. When I introduced these products to a friend of Baidu, the Baidu friend was shocked, because some of the products they can think of, but only a brainstorming phase, and Google's products in North America has been put into operation. Look at this, o

Look at the world with Google, use the engine "Index of"

"Index of/" MPEG The following is Baidu search rankings 1. Index of MPEG4 3. Index of MP3 4. Index of Cnki 5. Index of RMVB 6. Index of RM 7. Index of movie 8. Index of SWF 9. Index of JPG Ten. Index of admin Index of PDF Index of Doc Index of WMV . Index of MDB . Index of MPG Index of MTV Index of software . Index of MOV Index of ASF . Index of Lib . Index of VOD Index of RAR . Index of EXE Index of ISO Index of video Index of book Index of soft Index of CHM . Ind

Look at Google search quality decline to talk about the search engine user experience

results related to the problem September 6 technology enthusiasts recently in Google (Weibo) did a very interesting experiment, but found that Google and 2000 compared to the significant changes. Google has increasingly focused on advertising, and has lowered the size and relevance of its search results. On Google's search engine to test a number of key phrase

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