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How to register Google Earth Pro (Google Globe Professional Edition)

Update: Now Google Earth Professional version without application, using Gmail and serial number Gepfree can log in. Tip: There is no Gmail mailbox can refer to Gmail Mail Register graphics and text tutorials. Children's shoes that do not receive mail or do not want to be registered can download the free registration of Google Earth Professional version of the Chinese special

The Java code calculates the number of slices in WGS84 and Google Global Mercator and the pixel size of the stitching image based on the latitude and longitude range

Code written according to the requirements of the project.Applicable scenario: On the network map, such as the day map and Google Maps, the user with the mouse on the map to pull a rectangle, want to download the rectangle in a certain level of tile data, and all tiles into a complete, including geographical coordinates of the TIF image.Before downloading tiles and tiled tiles, the user would like to see the number of tiles to be downloaded and the

Developer guide for Google map API Professional Edition

Developer guide for Google map API Professional Edition Google map API allows you to add easy-to-use interactive maps to your public websites to improve customer experience by helping customers find what they really need from your organization. This is why this API has become the world's most popular map creation API. When G

Google Maps API Third Edition released

I'm so excited that Google Map API has released a new version, and I don't need the API Key anymore. I'm going to have a good time playing with this. The following is the specific report: According to the Google Geo Developers Blog, about 0.15 million active websites are using this API since the JavaScript-based Google Maps API was released three years ago,

Google-drive-ocamlfuse on Linux mount "verbose edition"

//Specify label. This name can be random, the system defaults to the first default tag, created in the current user home directory to create a folder to error related configuration.Mountpoint//mount point-O nonempty//non-empty directory mount when the parameter must be mounted after the original directory file cannot be accessed, only the mounted file can be accessed.Perform:# Google-drive-ocamlfuse-label Testgoogle ~/

Add Norton Security Scan and Spyware Doctor Starter Edition to Google pack

Google pack is a service launched by Google. It pack software they think is essential and provides free download. These software are automatically updated by a unified Google Updater, it saves users the trouble of downloading and installing one by one. Today, Google pack has three more members, one of which is produce

Google Analytics e-commerce (Universal Edition)

currencies for transactions can use e-commerce plug-ins to specify the local currency of transactions and individual products. The local currency must beISO 4217Standard. For a complete list of supported conversion currencies, see the reference documentation for the currency code. Specify the currency method: ga(‘ecommerce:addTransaction‘, { ‘id‘: ‘1234‘, ‘affiliation‘: ‘Acme Clothing‘, ‘revenue‘: ‘11.99‘, ‘shipping‘: ‘5‘, ‘tax‘: ‘1.29‘, ‘currency‘: ‘EUR‘ // local currency code.}); Fina

How to set up a deployment V2ex community/forum (Google App Engine Edition)

people in to participate in the discussion, Register (using Xu Ming modified version, you can have Gmail account skip this step, directly click on the top right "Google users please login") Login Forum; Click on the "node" of interest in the bottom or right column; Click "Create Theme" in the upper left corner of the body page. Write down the title and text; Select the appropriate topic type (optional, non-mandatory, if s

Google Earth Professional Edition how to register

1. Click to visit Google Earth Professional version of the registration page 2. Fill in the registration information, can refer to the translation of small series or the use of Google translation tools. (1) Email address (email), Confirm Email (confirmation email address) (2) First name (name), last name (surname) (3) Company Nanme (corporate name), job title (job title) (4) Phone (mobile number) fill

Google Optimization tools for machining workshop task Planning "Python Edition"

solutioncollector.Collector. ADD (all_sequences) collector. Addobjective (Obj_var) forIinchall_machines:sequence=All_sequences[i]; Sequence_count=sequence. Size (); forJinchRange (0, sequence_count): t=sequence. Interval (j) collector. ADD (t.startexpr (). Var ()) collector. ADD (t.endexpr (). Var ())#Solve the problem.Disp_col_width = 10ifSolver. Solve (Main_phase, [Objective_monitor, Collector]):Print("\noptimal Schedule Length:", collector. Objectivevalue (0),"\ n") Sol_line=""Sol_line_t

How to use Google Earth? A brief introduction of Google Earth use method

Google Earth to Google Earth how to use it? Google Planet from the release to now there are some years, but about how Google Earth to use the relevant profile is not much. Today, with you briefly say how Google Earth use, how to use Goog

Google map mobile (Google mobile map) trial (part of latitude trial)

Google's mobile phone map has been heard of for a long time and occasionally used it, but it has never been used carefully, because I am too familiar with maps and have no habit of using the mobile phone network, so they are all casual games. I just got a good mobile phone today, with a super high pixel and a Windows Mobile 6.1 system, so I used it to play with Google Maps, maybe Google's mobile phone maps

Google pack download-Google pack package

What is Google pack? Google packIt is a powerful Google software package for Internet users. Basically concentrated some mainstream Google applications. The Chinese version of Google pack includes the following common software: 1. G

Google Web development best practices (I), google Best Practices

Google Web development best practices (I), google Best Practices This article was first seen on the github blog ( of the Ali communications front-end team, the original address (to overturn the wall ). Now that you want to go to Alibaba, you must first familiarize yourself with the environment. Since it is the best practice, you have t

Get a Summary of the big graph method from Google map Google Earth

Today, it took a long time to save large images on Google map and Google Earth. The following is a brief summary. Google Map I used to connect a monitor to the notebook interface, set it to display up and down, and then printscreen. paste it on the drawing board! The size of the image meets my requirements. Implemented using Firefox software: Bytes.

Google Maps Tile-related operations (Js,google maps v3)

Some time ago, due to work reasons, the study of Google Maps tile-related operations. Know the latitude and longitude of a point and the map level, get the URL of the tile where the point resides; the URL of a tile is known, the upper-left corner of the tile is computed, the latitude and longitude of the tiles are known, and the pixel values on the world map are computed for a point latitude and longitude a

Operations related to google map tiles (js, google Maps v3 ),

Operations related to google map tiles (js, google Maps v3 ), Some time ago, due to work reasons, I studied tile-related operations on Google Maps. The longitude and latitude of a point and the map level are known to obtain the url of the tile where the point is located. the url of a tile is known to calculate the longitude and latitude of the upper left corner o

Google map import AutoCAD CAD map import Google Map

software or right-click the layers on the left and choose import ], for example: 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" 1475151796140421.jpg" alt = "a17.jpg" width = "809" Height = "512" style = "width: 809px; Height: 512px; "/> Open a DXF (AutoCAD) file and select the coordinate system and projection information of the file. The file is the [Xi'an 80] coordinate system, gaussian projection with a central meridian of 99 degre

Google browser Google Chrome to support the Ewebeditor method _ Web Editor

Platform Online HTML editor: Ewebeditor version 2.8.0 final Web browser: Google Chrome 37.0.2062.0 Operating system: Windows7 Professional Edition Service Pack 1 StepsIn Baidu Search "IE tab" and into the domestic site to download the plugin, or into the "" download. If you use the latter method, you cannot install directly (download and ins

Wharton School: Google adjusts algorithm SEO see Recruit and remove recruit

Introduction: The Wednesday edition of the Wharton Knowledge Online, an electronic magazine at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, analyzes Google's behavior to modify algorithms and improve search quality.   The following is the full text of the article:   Adjustment algorithm Google began to take action after a series of criticisms of the quality of search. The search giant has recent

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