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Use Google scripts to translate your blog into English

Today I found Google's translation tool is very useful, you go to Hl = en SL = ZH-CN, select the language in which your webpage is used, and the corresponding Code . For example, if you select Chinese Simplified, the following code is generated: Script SRC = " Http:// Url = " > Script > put it in

Google Translate integrates neural networks: machine translation for disruptive breakthroughs

Selected from Google Analytics Author: Quoc v. Le, Mike Schuster The heart of the machine compiles Participation: Wu Yu Yesterday, Google published a paper on "Google's neural machine translation system:bridging the Gap between Human and machine translation" Introducing Google's neural machine translation System (GNMT), the heart of the day machine was translated and recommended to the website (w

How to translate English website into Chinese website

The experience of sharing is to use a browser to translate web pages, and can be the whole page of translation, for our study and life are very helpful, previously can use Google whole page translation, but now do not go to Google, then we use a domestic browser to achieve the same effect. Let's download the browser we need first. 2345 Ace Browser Translation S

How to automatically translate pages into English

How to automatically translate a page into an English website has been built. the customer needs to implement the English version. restructuring is too costly. I don't know that the great god knows plug-ins that are similar to google and 360-speed browsers for English transl

Getting started with python web crawler (2) -- using python to call Google Translate

Getting started with python web crawler (2) -- using python to call Google Translate I have been reading documents outside China recently. I don't know some new words. Google Translate is used for understanding, and F12 is used to view the source code on the next page. It is found that

Google attempts to translate new technologies in real time and translates 100 languages at the same time

Google believes that people will be able to rely on machine logic in the future and not linguists to translate documents into the world's main language immediately. Google's program is called "Statistical machine Translation" (Statistical machine translation), which is different from previous efforts. In the past, people have put grammar rules and dictionaries set up by linguists into computers.

Python calls Google Translate API for translation

Call Google translation API for translation #!/usr/bin/python #coding: UTF-8 import sys reload (SYS) sys.setdefaultencoding (' UTF8 ') from xml.etree import Eleme Nttree as ET #引入解析xml文件的模块 import re import urllib,urllib2 #引入接入网络接口API的模块 from socket import error as SocketError IM Port errno import OS import string #调用google translator API to translate def

[Python] Google Translate applets

A translation function is used in the project, that is, after the translation is submitted to Google, the returned results are obtained. First, find out the context of Google translation:Request Processing After submitting the translation, check what the request and response are: VcHLzOG9u7XEVVJMPC9zdHJvbmc + PC9wPgo8cD48L3A + CjxwcmUgY2xhc3M9 "brush: java;"> url = httl: //

Use Google Translate API to create your own translation script

PHP code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows:#! /Usr/bin/php-q/*** PHP Script For Google Translate* @ Author: Yishan Wang* @ Version: 1.0.0*/Class Google_API_translator{Public $ url = " ";Public $ text = "";Public $ out = "";Public $ ip = '';Function setText ($ text ){$ This-> text = $ text;}Function translate ($ from = 'auto',

Use Google Translate API to make your own translation script _php instance

PHP Code: Copy Code code as follows: #!/usr/bin/php-q /** * PHP Script for Google Translate * @author: Yishan Wang * @version: 1.0.0 */ Class Google_api_translator { Public $url = ""; Public $text = ""; Public $out = ""; Public $ip = '; function SetText ($text) { $this->text = $text; } function translate

Use Google to translate into multi-lingual insights

1. First note that the first word in the English sentence should be capitalized,2. End of sentence, use a full period.3. English words and the preceding punctuation to leave a space, such as: you. is should be you. Is you .....4. In English as the main translation language, translated into other languages, the translation of the results of the translation into Ch

Google Translate using pygtk + glade

Python is very fun .. It took 5 to 6 hours. Based on some examples on the internet, I wrote a Google Translate desktop version. The interface and functions are simple and can only be translated between Chinese and English. Mainly to learn Python It is very convenient to use Glade on the interface. After painting, you only need to link the signal, and glade with

Google Translate cannot afford to hurt!

Open Google Translate ( Input ニマビ、ニマビ、ニシダシャビ。シャンブチヤ、シャンブチ。ヨムヨア、ヨムヨ Select Japanese as the source language! Then click the pronunciation! Sorry! ================================== Input にまびあにまび,さんぶちあさんぶち,さんぶちああああああ,よむよよむよ Select Japanese! Click to pronounce! ====================================== Input หนี่มาบี หนี่มาบี หนี่สื้อด้าส่าบี ซางบู้ฉี่อย่าซางบู้ฉี่ โหย่มู่โหย่อาโหย่มู่โ

How to Use the previous English interface of Google Reader/Google notebook

Google's products have always been easy to use, but we can't see two serious words at the moment. Google Reader's Chinese translation work can only give 0 points and translate the OK buttons into "good ", google Translate is not easy to use. A friend forced to use Chinese can use the

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