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Apple has but not Google: the director of the Design Center

At Apple, "1" is a magical figure. The final design decides that one person is the boss. Rather than a few caucuses. No data analyst. Without the unanimous approval of the Committee. Decisions follow only one person's feelings: Steve Jobs, CEO. In

When the designer encounters HTML5

HTML5, a killer of Flash, is a network technology that is used for Web application development and has a transformative significance. HTML5 provides some new elements and attributes, some of which are technically similar to and tags, but have

Sohu Designer: Talk about my common set of interactive design tools

First contact interaction design is often faced with their own ideas can not find the right way to output, so complete the basic work at the same time also actively looking for, learning and working environment to match their own tools. When working

Review of the development of Web Standards 2005

Web|web Standard Author: Atzie 2006-1-10 11:35:16 In the 2005, "Web Standards" and "website Refactoring" are also popular keywords in China's IT industry. On the one hand, due to the commercial hype web2.0 (Web standards are also received in its

Five serious errors that Web developers are prone to commit

Whether you're a programmer or a technology enthusiast, there's always a variety of mistakes in the web development process.Make a mistake, you can correct it. However, if some mistakes are made, they will cause great loss and regret. Surprisingly,

Design differences between Web app, Hybrid app and native app

Mainstream applications are broadly divided into three categories: Web app, Hybrid app, Native app.First, Web app,Hybrid app,Native app portrait comparison First, let's look at what is Web app,Hybrid app, Native app. 1. Web APPWeb apps are apps

Design resources: About the design of the Web site collation collection

Article Description: sorting out their own favorites, are related to the design, often go shopping, now share it. Sorting out their favorites, are related to the design, often go shopping, now take out to share, hehe. Part of the

A layman's product design ramble on: Design everywhere

This article is purely layman YY's crystallization, if has the low-level question, asks the expert to criticize corrected, if the article in the conclusion and the design discipline classical theory coincides with, then is honored. The purpose of

How to make Web Forms the perfect friendly user interface

Last week we introduced the first part of our survey of Web Forms. The main purpose of the research is to provide some theoretical basis for designers and developers who can judge the effectiveness directly. We also introduced guidelines for how to

Shallow talk about HTML5 mobile web development

Shallow talk about HTML5 mobile Web developmentTo tell the truth, we developed the mobile project, the whole project team is the first time, the initial project is to choose native app and web app also debated, finally comprehensive consideration,

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