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Google launches webpage acceleration tool-page speed (Firefox plug-in)

Google targets developersCommunityLaunched the webpage acceleration tool page speed. Page speed was previously used internally by Google and is an important tool for Google to speed up search engines.

Can tool bar help the webpage be indexed by Google?

Yesterday, the Point Stone Forum has the Netizen question: "Installs the Google toolbar to be possible to enable the Google to collect the webpage better?" While Matt Cutts, who specializes in SEO, explained that he couldn't, and he also introduced the thought that friends had lost a bet with him. But for the vast number of netizens, think of which test is not wo

Google browser debugging webpage

page. (Note: Do you see the last option "review element" in the context menu above? Does this mean that the webpage of this developer tool is also HTML? You can click it. Oh, hey) You can also listen to an element. When JS modifies an element's attributes or HTML, it directly triggers a breakpoint and jumps to the JS Code that modifies the element: On the right side of the elements tab, you can view and e

Webpage code test tool set

WebpageCodeTest Tool Without a webmaster, you can ensure that your webpage code is completely correct without any errors, especially if it complies with W3C standards. You can use the following test to check whether the website code is correct, you can use either ASP or PHP. 1. wdg html validatorA good tool that can locate and mark the website with incorrect

A Google Docs client tool we made by ourselves. welcome to use it.

it. By using web pages, files can only be uploaded due to browser security sandbox restrictions, and folders cannot be uploaded. This disadvantage actually greatly limits Google cloud storage applications. For example, most individual users generally want to directly back up files or photos of a folder to the cloud. This folder may contain several levels of subfolders. If you upload files through a webpage

Google expert: JavaScript is a critical tool for website performance

BKJIA quick translation: today, even general internet users know how to make websites run faster when designing websites: Reduce the number of requests sent to servers and reduce the JPEG size, and get services from content delivery network providers such as Akamai Technologies or Limelight Networks. The problem is that, according to a senior performance optimization engineer, these methods to optimize Web servers have little effect. This engineer is Steve Souders, And now

How to solve the capture error in the Google administrator tool

I believe that many webmasters who have used the Google administrator tool have encountered the capture error prompt, because some content may have been deleted and cannot be opened now. How can this problem be solved? The answer is to customize the 404 error page. Network capture Error Report Show URL: HTTP (0)-limited by robots.txt (0)-In Sitemap (42)-Not found (6,085)-inaccessible (249)-not tracked (0) -

Google's code highlighting tool syntaxhighlighter

Yesterday, I went to the PHP enthusiast website and saw a good calendar code. I thought it had a good learning value and I went to my website. However, I found that the highlight of my code is not as nice as it is. I have been using Google-syntax-highlighter 1.5.1. Released on August 5, 2007. Is a tool released in. When the class is Php, the Code display is not so intelligent, such as keywords and data stru

A good tool for sharing urls: Google bookmarks

Google bookmarks has long been there: However, this website does not have the sharing function. Must use this URL:! Access a custom lists and provide a good tool: That is to say, drag "add to list" to the favorites folder (equivalent to adding a favorite URL ). When you see a webpage

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