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Major search engine website logon portals | common search engine website logon Portals

Major search engine website logon portals | common search engine website logon Portals Google website logon PortalBaidu website logon Porta

PHP: how to record the website footprint of a search engine spider, search engine footprint _ PHP Tutorial

PHP records the search engine spider's website footprint and search engine footprint. PHP: how to record the website footprint of a search engine

View search engine ASP service from chinaren website-search engine technology

The search engine is the second largest Internet application after email, according to China Internet Information Center's sixth report on China's Internet development status. 55.91 of the Internet users in our country use search engines to provide search services. An excellent sea

Search engine website indexing check program implemented by Asp. Net and asp, Search Engine

Search engine website indexing check program implemented by Asp. Net and asp, Search Engine Use or asp to check whether an article is indexed by search engines such as Baidu, Google, and sogou. Implementation princ

Website promotion-Search engine registration skills-search engine technology

You can read about other people's advice on this issue from many places, but many of the suggestions are just passing theories, and for a long time few people have really done tests, what works and what doesn't. I have done a serious comparison of this, below, you will be reading all the suggestions have been through my own experiments, and eventually set up a very successful website, the adoption of my experience and suggestions, I believe that you c

PHP Method for recording the website footprint of search engine spider access, search engine footprint

PHP Method for recording the website footprint of search engine spider access, search engine footprint This example describes how to record the website footprint of a search

How to introduce Baidu search engine and Baidu search engine on your website

How to introduce Baidu search engine and Baidu search engine on your website It must be cool to call powerful search engines such as google and Baidu on your own pages. There are actually some searched engines. Below is a code seg

Do a website search engine Optimization Project Considerations _ Website operation

1. Web site Optimization Project list, When we receive a list of search engine optimization items on a website, there are two kinds of situations: First, the customer to optimize the site SEO more understanding, want to do a search engine and users are more friendly site. An

Long Jun: Analysis website with search command of search engine

Hi, I'm Long Jun. A lot of webmaster Read me this article title, may think I in the fuss, these instructions are stationmaster every day use, familiar can not in familiar with, nothing but "site:" and "Domain" instruction. In fact, these advanced search instructions there are more specific usage, many webmasters do not know it, most only know the query under their own site is Baidu included in the number of all pages, and all of the pages included in

To build a reasonable optimization website structure to assist the website to get search engine Pro Lai

No matter what type of site are fastidious about the structure of the site, good site structure and framework to help the site to get the search engine of the pro-Lai, previously built in the station I used are Z-blog blog system, I feel that this mature system can make the site less detours, often a website online can be included in Baidu, Let me talk about how

Essential differences between website optimization and search engine ranking Seo

The essential difference between website optimization and search engine ranking Seo is that website optimization guides the professional design of the basic elements of a website using the network marketing-oriented website constr

Research on enterprise website search Engine optimization strategy

the age of the opponent's domain name, record, all information and so on, and sometimes through this information to see the main market scope of the enterprise, in order to better compete with the preparation. 3, website index data: Through the query tool to view the site's PR value, Alexa site rankings, snapshots and other site indicators data, because the site's PR value, ranking, snapshots and other indicators will affect the ranking of the site

Website becomes the advantage of search engine news source

For many sites, can be indexed by the search engine more pages are every webmaster doing the work every day, every day the search engine spiders are constantly crawling on the Internet, and some web spiders will often patronize, and some web spiders even more than 10 days a day, the latter's impact on the site is the

Think about the website construction from the cognitive search engine start

Many people are looking forward to their own site, can be in search engines to get an ideal ranking, but the same keyword below, the home page's core position on a few, the final smile is only a few, for most stationmaster, priority ranking may be just a desire but can not reach the dream. Site production and site optimization of the core method has long been refined by the good people, that is now being regarded as the golden rule of the "content of

Use the thinking of search engine to think how to build excellent website

Some people may ask: Is there any mistake, the search engine also has the thought? Yes, the so-called search engine thinking, in fact, is the search engine in the examination of a site often used by various indicators and factors.

Search Engine marketing Strategy Enterprise website How to optimize the promotion

With the development of the Times, the Internet has become a necessary product of life, especially young people, you can not eat or drink a day, but certainly not a day does not surf the Internet. The emergence and development of search engines has created a new era of network, the acquisition of young people's knowledge is mostly derived from the Internet search engine

Causes the website to be the search engine K reason

Most of the webmaster in the process of building the site will encounter difficulties and setbacks, for the webmaster, the site is the equivalent of K to do a nightmare, so hard to establish a site in an instant by K, it is really a big blow. No one wants this to happen on their own website, some novice webmaster encountered by K feel very disappointed, the old webmaster will be different, will carefully analyze the various reasons of the site, in fac

Excellent website evaluation Standard search engine can't do nothing.

What if a website insists on running for more than 10 years? Of course, SEO optimization means to operate the site, no matter how the outside changes, has been to adhere to, perhaps, the final site on the search engine dependence is not very strong, the highest level of SEO is not the heart of SEO, if your own site as a life-body, The earliest child stage, need s

Improve website friendliness is with search engine help each other

There are many examples in reality, including me, if my girlfriend is good to me, then I will find ways to her good, I also have a website, I feel that the site and search engine is the same truth, if the site of search engine friendly, then the

The search engine cognition degree also has the promotion function to the website optimization

At this stage netizens use the most is the search engine, for myself, the number of open Baidu every day is not less than 50 times, Google's number of times not less than 10 times (this also fits the habits of the people, Baidu's market share reached 76.8%, and Google since the withdrawal of the mainland, its market share sharply down to today's 10% I have reason to believe that there is a very big part of

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